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Prayer for husband about health and work

Marital prayer for a husband for health and successful work

During the creation of a family, all couples really want to be happy in it. They hope to find peace, comfort, reliability. It is traditionally considered that a spouse should earn a living from his household, and his wife is entrusted with a family hearth.

However, such an idyll is not always embodied in reality, especially if repeated quarrels and conflicts suddenly flare up.

Prayer for husband about health and work

Often the reason is that a man does not cope and does not meet the expectations of his half. The reasons may be many. In any case, a prayer for the husband about health and work on the part of the wife will have a beneficial effect and help the spouse to cope with the problems.

The above prayer is read in the evenings. Asking the Higher Forces for help can be addressed not only to the Lord, but also to Nicholas the Hailor and other saints.

Strong Orthodox prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for the health of her husband

Prayer for husband about health and work

We must not forget that the prayer to the saint is not an instant miracle that will immediately solve all difficulties. No, but this is help in difficult times.

The whole man surrenders into the hands of the Lord. A woman praying should neither be angry, nor grumble at God.

It is important to believe in the power of the holy, and conjugal love.

By the effects of the prayer of his wife for her husband is equal to the maternal petition. The real union of spouses in the eyes of the Almighty is a great power, capable of overcoming the countless strength of the crowd in its energy.

In Orthodoxy, a married woman is perceived not as something separate, but as a half of the conjugal tandem.

Recommendations how to pray to the priest

  1. The text is best known by heart or read from a church source. If this is not possible, it is allowed to appeal in your own words. The main thing is that they come from the heart.
  2. The spouse must be loved.
  3. Appeal to God must be read regularly.
  4. Do not equate the holy text of the prayer petition to any conspiracy.
  5. You can ask not only for the health of her husband, but also to assist in the preservation of the family, the granting of understanding.

Know that Orthodox prayer is harmless. This is primarily a protection to whom it is directed.

Wife’s Prayer for Wife Old Mate Matronushka

Prayer for husband about health and work

With strong feelings for the health of her husband, knowledgeable people advise you to turn to Saint Matrona. The Moscow Defender received her fame by having healed many seriously ill Christians.

Simple actions before the ritual will help make the prayer stronger. Before you begin to pray, you must visit the temple.

There is a special note with the name of the spouse and a request for health. If there is an icon in the church Matronushka, then she put 3 candles. For yourself to make a prayer at home will require

  • the image itself
  • church candles (12 pieces),
  • holy water

Then the woman retires, it is desirable that no one comes into her room, lights the candles. By the light of the flame, she needs to mentally immerse herself in a picture where a happy family appears and all its members are healthy.

Then the prayer is read before the acquired image that the spouse be healed.

Petition for a husband about the work of Matrona of Moscow

Prayer for husband about health and work

There is a prayer that helps a person get a new job or improve the situation on the old, solve problems and create favorable conditions for earnings. It happens that the spouse loses his job, it is impossible to find something worthy.

Because of this, difficulties of every kind begin, including monetary ones. To cope with all this, people turn to the Moscow Pokrovsky Monastery.

It is there that the relics of Matronushka rest. Here comes a large number of Orthodox.

They tearfully ask the saint for assistance.

You can go to the old girl lightly, but better with flowers, even if the bouquet will be inexpensive and modest. Bringing this gift to the grave, asking for a good job for her husband or another family member.

It happens that the trip can not afford, then write to the monastery with this request. He must be put on the grave of the saint.

In order to please Matron, you need to help the poor and homeless, as she did in life. Of course, there is no physical ability to deal with beggars and homeless people all the time, but you can visit the homepage at least once. In a pinch, just pass the gifts there.

Such bright deeds will not be overlooked blissful. Just do not do everything just with the thought to please their actions saint.

Any good deed is done disinterestedly.

Who is addressed with a prayer for the health and work of her husband for help

Prayer for husband about health and work

First of all, you can ask for help of the Mother of God and God himself. Prayers and other Orthodox saints are not excluded. These include St. Basil and the Blessed.

Having entered into a marriage union, people become like united flesh. For this reason, the power of the praying spouse is very great.

It is wonderful when she asks the Almighty not only in difficult times, but also in ordinary times, when there are no particular difficulties in life, and all of her family members are in perfect health. These actions will help to protect the welfare of the evil eye and unkind people.

Sometimes labor activity is associated with long and not very business trips, and there all happens. In order to accompany work and luck, you can turn to God or the Virgin with these words:

Prayer for husband about health and work

There are quite a few among married men who remember the prayer service only in the hour of trouble or grief. It is not right.

A woman must always worry about family peace and read prayers regularly.

Saints prayer for the spouse

There are many sacred texts distributed and not very much asking that the husband should recover or have a good job. Below are a few of them that will help reach out to God.

Prayer for husband about health and work

Since drunkenness is also considered a disease, then it is necessary to pray for the alcoholic’s husband and ask St.. Boniface:

Prayer for husband about health and work


Every loving woman is obliged to ask the Lord for her husband. In the old days, young girls received special instructions from their mothers about this.

Have spoken. that with the first rays of the sun, when you send a man to work, you need to admonish him with a kind word and ask for help from the saints. Women’s prayers for the health and work of her husband can be sent

  • in his house before the images and with the candle;
  • in a local temple in front of an icon of the Lord or a saint, to whom prayer is addressed;
  • in a holy place at the tomb of the martyr or before the relics.

Devotion to a loving wife and pure faith in Christ will help create or restore life together and give people happiness.

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