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Prayer for healing

Prayer for healing

Illness is always great sorrow. Ailments greatly affect life and spoil plans for the future. Find out what prayers you need to read for your own healing, as well as to help close and dear people, if their health has failed.

Self prayer

If you find a strong ailment, and you do not even have the opportunity to visit the temple, ask your loved ones to put a candle for your health. And pray yourself, staying at home. Bring icons to the bed — there must be an image of Christ and the Mother of God — and read a sincere prayer about your own health:

Heavenly Father!
Forgive me for all the sins, voluntarily and involuntarily perpetrated in consciousness and unawareness, committed in this and other life activities.
Break through my heart with love for Christ and every creature in the world you created, and sting with repentance until the last days.
Do not forsake, do not reject, do not disdain me, but forgive, forgive, Father, bless, cleanse, heal and free Your Eternal Glory and out of love for me, unworthy.

The prayer of the sick will always be heard in Heaven, if you turn to them, not venturing sin and thinking only of good deeds. When asking for strength and health from holy images, remember that you can communicate for help several times during the day. Each test is sent by the Lord to make us think about our own actions, so in prayers, first of all ask you to forgive you for all the evil actions you have ever done.

Prayer for the healing of a loved one

If a person dear to you is seriously ill, first go to church and ask for health before the image of the Queen of Heaven or the Holy, whom the Lord has bestowed with the gift of healing. Then get a home for the house icon Panteleimon the Healer, which must be placed next to the patient. They themselves, kneeling in front of home icons, regularly read the text of the prayer:

O Most Gracious God, Father, Son, and Holy Soul, in the undivided Trinity worshiped and glorified, priestly discern on Thy servant (name), an obsessive disease; let him have all his sins; give him healing from the disease; return to him the health and strength of the body; give him a long-term and prosperous living, your peaceful and premium benefits, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Glorified God and my Creator.
Most Holy Mother of God, by Your omnipotent intercession, help me to pray to Your Son, my God, for the healing of God’s servant (name). Amen.

Sincere requests for other people are always fulfilled by the Lord first. Help the dear one with the help of the strongest prayer for healing to the Most High and all the Saints. Parental prayer is considered to be especially heartfelt, because every parent is ready to give his own life for an expensive child.

Sometimes a disease can be eliminated only thanks to strong faith and sincere prayer. Help yourself and your loved ones with a strong prayer message about health and healing. take care of yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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