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Prayer for good luck — the 3 strongest prayers

Prayers for good luck: 3 strongest prayers

Luck is a capricious person, nevertheless, it is necessary for every person. People by all means try to keep it close to themselves, and if it does not work out — they resort to all sorts of tricks like conspiracies or prayers. Many people treat conspiracies with distrust and caution, but they do not believe in the miraculous power of prayers, except perhaps atheists.

Prayers for good luck (the 3 strongest prayers will be given below) — a great way to make luck and success a constant companion.

Prayer for good luck - the 3 strongest prayers

A strong prayer for good luck to the Lord God

Who needs to ask about luck in the first place? Of course, the very Lord God. Prayers addressed to our Creator have tremendous power.

True, the Almighty helps a person only when his prayers and intentions are deprived of mercenary motives, when they are directed to the good, when no living soul will suffer from them. Only in this case, the Lord will hear the prayer, give him his blessing and illuminate his life with luck and luck.

You need to pray to God for good luck in front of his image — in front of the icon in the church or, if you cannot visit the temple, at home. Before you turn to the Almighty with your cherished request, you must light a candle and cross yourself with the flag of the cross, and then, bowing, say the words of the prayer in a whisper. They sound like this:

Prayer for good luck - the 3 strongest prayers

This prayer is recommended to be read before each important life event or work on which your future depends. All your initiatives and steps will receive God’s blessing, if they do not mean anything bad and do not carry evil intent in themselves.

Strong prayer to your Guardian Angel — for good luck

Guardian Angel is attached to each person. This is an invisible defender, designed to protect his ward from all evil and misfortune, from human wiles, from evil forces, from negative magical effects (damage and the evil eye).

This is the patron whose task is to guide the person along the righteous path.

In order to secure the patronage of the Guardian Angel, a person must lead a pious life: do not use foul language, do not become a slave to bad habits, do not get caught up in sins. Otherwise, you can lose the guarantee of your divine protector and turn him away from himself.

The prayer for good fortune, addressed to the Guardian Angel, is a powerful amulet that can radically change the life of the person who is praying (for the better, of course). In order to enlist the support of your invisible defender and draw luck into your life, you must utter your inner words every day before you go to bed. The text of the prayer is as follows:

Prayer for good luck - the 3 strongest prayers

The Guardian Angel constantly prays for his ward in heaven, begging forgiveness from the Lord for all his earthly sins. And this prayer will surely attract good luck in all things.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker: strong prayer for good luck

Nicholas the Benefactor never refuses to help those who address him with holy prayer. This is a strong patron who helps all those in need.

If you don’t have enough luck in your life, ask Nicholas the Wonderworker about her using the prayer given below. It is better to read it in the walls of a liturgical establishment — in this case it will have more power.

For the utterance at home, be sure to buy an icon depicting the holy elder, say the words in the light of a lit church candle. The text of the prayer:

Prayer for good luck - the 3 strongest prayers

Thanks to this prayer, you will always be under the protection of St. Nicholas the Delighted, he will protect you from all evil and negativity.

Recommendations for working with prayers

In general, there are quite a few Orthodox prayers designed to attract good luck. The above are the three most powerful of them.

Which of the prayers (Lord, Guardian Angel, Nicholas the Wonderworker) to choose for oneself is up to you. Listen to your heart, trust your intuition, your soul — these three most reliable prompts will help you make the right choice.

And your life will certainly be filled with luck and divine blessing.

Whatever prayer you prefer, remember that when you say any of them you need to create a certain attitude. The power of prayer is directly dependent on faith.

The desire, power of thought and energy of the person praying are important. Appeal to the higher forces with prayer gives the suffering person confidence, confidence in himself, gives hope and strengthens his consciousness.

God and his holy helpers will be heard only sincere prayer, coming from the heart of the prayer. At the same time, his intentions should also be pure, devoid of selfishness, self-interest or malice.

Turning to God for bad reasons, a person risks turning the wrath of the Creator onto himself. And this means that luck will not only turn away from him, but also leave him for a long time — until he manages to atone for his sins and beg forgiveness from higher powers.

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