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Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

For any mother, the happiness and well-being of her child comes first. So laid by nature that girls are weaker and more in need of maternal love.

Of course, a mother will not be able to stay close to her daughter at any moment, but the Orthodox prayer for her daughter will help protect and support her native child in all her endeavors — a mother prayer, uttered from the heart, with the strongest love in the world.

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

A Prayer for a Daughter: Her Strength and Varieties

The maternal prayer for the daughter has a special miraculous power capable of supporting the future woman at all stages of her life — from birth to the time when she herself knows the joy of motherhood. The mother’s sincere prayer raises an invisible shield of divine protection and care over her daughter, which any arrows of evil can’t pierce.

A prayer for a daughter must become the daily obligatory ritual of every Orthodox mother. She will help the girl in all her girlish difficulties.

Orthodox maternal prayer for a daughter is often read for a specific purpose. Depending on this, several varieties of it are distinguished:

  • universal prayers for a daughter;
  • prayers for the health of the daughter;
  • prayers, charms (protective);
  • prayers for help in learning;
  • prayers for the marriage of a daughter;
  • prayers for pregnancy and childbirth.

There is a very close psycho-emotional connection between mother and child, it is especially deep in relationships with her daughter. Praying to the higher forces for her beloved and precious girl, her mother blesses her for happiness, health, success and well-being in all spheres of life.

Orthodox mother prayers for daughter

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

With a prayer request for their daughters, Orthodox mothers turn to various representatives of higher powers. Mother prayers to the Lord God, to the Most Holy Mother of God, to the Guardian Angel are common and demanded. Depending on the particular area of ​​life the mother wants to protect the heavens for her child, the prayers can be addressed to various saints (Blessed Matron of Moscow, Saint Nicholas the Miracle-worker, Rev. Seraphim of Sarov, Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, etc.)

Universal Mother Prayers for Daughter

Universal mother prayers are prayers with the help of which mothers ask the Lord and His saints for the vital well-being of their children. They often do not contain an indication of the sex of the child, that is, they can be read both for the daughter and for the son.

There are a lot of similar prayer texts, if desired, they can be found in the Orthodox Prayer Book. I will give 2 examples of common prayer.

  • Prayer first. A short maternal prayer for a daughter addressed to the Most High. It is recommended to read it in the complex of Orthodox prayers for the next dream, preferably immediately after “Our Father”. The number of repetitions — 3 times. The text of the maternal prayer for his daughter:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

  • The second prayer. Universal mother prayer, which lists all the main aspects of life well-being. It can be used both as a prayer for a daughter, and as a prayer for a son, and as a common prayer for children (if there are several of them in a family). Mothers can refer to this text daily, at any time, without a specific reason. If desired, you can make the necessary changes to it: the word «children» replace with words «daughter» or «a son» , instead of the plural, use the singular. Prayer such:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

Mother’s Prayer for Daughter’s Health

Various diseases — serious and not so — can trap any child: a girl and a boy. At such moments, the mother is sick with her child, but she has a heart and soul.

The maternal prayer addressed to the Most Holy Mother of God will help to alleviate the condition of the sick child.

Mother’s calls to the Virgin Mary are very powerful, since the Mother of God, being the Mother herself, understands the feelings and aspirations of the parent better than anyone else and readily responds to the request for help. About the health of your child (daughter, son), the Mother of God can be asked as follows:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

Mother prayer charm for the daughter

Mom’s prayer appeal is the most powerful amulet for the child. The popular prayer for the daughter and the protection above her can be pronounced by the mother to the personal Guardian Angel of her blood.

This text protects the girl from any troubles and troubles, from the influence of evil witchcraft spells. Words of Protective Prayer:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

I propose to get acquainted with the heartfelt maternal prayer for the daughter in verse on this video:

Mother’s Prayer for Daughter — for help in learning

Education (first, first in school, then in secondary or higher education) is an important period in the life of any child. It is during their studies that many children discover their talents and choose a further life purpose.

In this long, difficult, but memorable time, the maternal prayer and the divine blessing and support it gives are simply necessary for any daughter.

To help her child, daughter or son, during the period of study, a mother can pray regularly to the Theotokos in front of her image “Addition of Mind” (“Giver of the Mind”). A prayer in front of the named icon reads this:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

Mother’s Prayer for Daughter: For Marriage

Marriage is the next important stage in the life of a daughter who has already grown up. This is the stage when she herself reveals all her femininity, is preparing to become the keeper of the hearth and mother.

The maternal prayer for the marriage of a daughter, given below, allows the parent to ask for her growing girl a successful marriage and family well-being. It is addressed to the Lord:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

Maternal prayer for a daughter: for help in childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby

The bearing and birth of a child is a responsible task entrusted by nature to a woman. This is not an easy time when the expectant mother should be extremely careful, because she is responsible not only for herself, but also for her baby, who will soon illuminate the white light with her appearance.

Sincere prayer for the daughter, coming from the lips of the future grandmother, is capable of giving tremendous support to a young pregnant woman, protecting her from possible dangers and risks.

In the process of the birth of her grandson or granddaughter, the grandmother who was almost held already is recommended to say a prayer for help in childbirth. This petition to the Most Holy Theotokos will help relieve a pregnant daughter the pain arising at delivery, will give strength for the birth of a new man:

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

How to pray for your daughter?

Prayer for Daughter: Orthodox Mother Prayers

A daughter is a continuation of a mother, a fragile and tender creature that most needs maternal love and care. The mother acts as a reliable support for her daughter throughout her life: she consults her in everyday matters, gives her her life experience. An additional task of an Orthodox mother is to serve as the spiritual mentor of her daughter, to take care of her spiritual well-being.

And the prayer for the daughter helps to embody this goal.

A true mother will express her love for her daughter with a tender heart and kind word, and not all sorts of prohibitions and reproaches. A true mother understands her child like no other, and helps to reveal the whole feminine essence to her.

A prayer for a daughter must be read with all the love that overflows the mother’s heart. Speaking the sacred text, the mother should keep in mind the image of his beloved girl. It is necessary to pray by the light of lit church candles and in front of the corresponding icons.

The thoughts of the praying mother must remain clear and pure, even outside of prayer. Also, a woman should definitely go to the temple and provide all possible assistance to those in need.

Mother’s prayers are encouraged to teach and their daughter — from her childhood. These spiritual lessons will prepare her for the fulfillment of her main life purpose — motherhood.

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