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Prayer for all things starting

Prayer to the Lord for good luck and good deeds

Every day I offer prayers to the Lord, because I know how powerful they are. Many people ask me whether to pray before starting a new business. I believe that this must be done.

Today I will tell you what prayers are best to offer to God.

Prayer at the start of a new business

Every person in his life strives for success and harmony in all spheres of life, be it health, career, creating a family or reproduction. Starting any new business, the person is guided by the desire to achieve the best result, which in the end will make his life much better.

This is due to the fact that only by presenting the final result, a person has the strength and desire to act and move towards his goal.

Prayer for all things starting

However, our human nature is characterized by such pernicious emotions as fear and insecurity. In order to overcome these evil feelings, one can turn to the higher forces for help and guidance. Prayer for any business you start will help instill in you unshakable self-confidence and a favorable outcome of events.

This is the indispensable tool for fighting fears and feelings that every Christian can use.

When a person begins to realize that in all his actions mysterious omnipotent patrons contribute to him, then apathy and laziness are replaced by energy for development, creativity, or simply a new desire to do your favorite work. You should pray for success only for a good cause, since asking for help from the heavenly forces in an ungodly and unjust cause is a great sin that an Orthodox person should not under any circumstances allow.

How often and in what new matters do you need heavenly help?

Orthodoxy tells us that every day we must resort to communication with the Almighty, including we need to enlist his invisible mysterious support in all our even the most insignificant deeds.

When waking up in the morning, it is favorable to start a new day with the plea that all our plans come true, so that everyone is happy. Do not forget to ask for help in matters for your own people (husband, children, parents, close friends).

At the end of the day, do not forget to thank heaven for all the good events of the past day and ask for help from the angels in the coming day.

If you soon have something important to do, then you can begin to communicate with the Lord in advance about the successful outcome of the plan. You can read prayers as often as you need them.

If during the day you are overcome by fears and unpleasant thoughts, then you can stop these unpleasant thoughts by reading or pronouncing sacred texts to yourself.

You can enlist the support of such initiatives:

  1. When searching for a new job, you need to turn to God as often as possible and firmly believe that in any case you will find the very ideal workplace that suits you in all respects. In case of failures and failures instead of plunging into the abyss of negativity and discontent, it is better to turn all your thoughts to the Lord, then you will show your power of faith, determination and determination to change your life for the better.
  2. If you have received a new position, you can also thank the Almighty and ask for further success in your career. This will help you quickly adapt to new responsibilities and responsibilities.
  3. Before a long journey, ask the angels for the best outcome of this journey.
  4. If you want to start a romantic relationship with someone, ask God for help in creating a strong family. At the same time, express a genuine intention to truly love your chosen one and give him only the best thoughts and emotions. This can be a strong foundation of love relationships.
  5. Schoolchildren, students and all students in general can be blessed before exams, tests and other important events.
  6. Before public speaking, set yourself up for the best, pray and remember that God and the Saints will not leave you in the lurch. Try to overcome your experiences, because you are being watched by powerful invisible forces.

How to apply to celestials in order to secure success in the undertaking

Appeal to God can not give an absolute guarantee that the plan will be fulfilled exactly as you imagined. Sometimes the higher providence plans differ from yours, but this does not mean that the future brings you trouble or grief.

Any situation will be a lesson that is needed at this very moment. Having correctly drawn conclusions, you will receive a powerful impetus for development and, having shown mercy, approach the Lord Almighty.

Prayer for all things starting

Things to remember when reading sacred texts for success and good luck in business:

  • It is not necessary to use texts from prayer books and other holy writings. You can turn to the Almighty in your own words, the most important thing is that they be as sincere as possible and clearly reflect what you want to convey.
  • Perform spiritual practices regularly, so you show your determination and consistency.
  • Reinforce words with actions. Start to control your emotions and actions. Always think about whether your aspirations are consistent with the spiritual commandments. Begin to show more kindness, compassion and compassion for relatives and even strangers. It is great if you are engaged in charity, financially helping people in need. If you are not able to provide monetary assistance, you can always go to work on a volunteer basis. Ask in homes for the elderly or disabled if helpers or workers may be required. Do your job with a sincere desire to help, and not for the sake of self-interest.
  • Before you start working, mentally or aloud, say: “Lord, bless!”. So you remind yourself that the basis of all actions, deeds and thoughts should be a sincere love for God and the world around. Such a simple rule that takes only a second of time from you, gives you confidence and, of course, places angels with you, whose favor creates truly great miracles.
  • It is good when a praying person makes his appeal to the Saints in a quiet, calm atmosphere. Not bad, if you have the time and opportunity to visit places of spiritual power (temples, churches, monasteries, sacred burials).
  • Pray in front of the icon of the Saint to which your message is directed. This will strengthen the mood and create the right atmosphere of spirituality. Do not forget to wear a body cross or an amulet depicting the faces of the Saints.

To whom from spiritual patrons can be turn for help in a new business

For patronage and guardianship, you can contact any Saints. But it is best to turn to Saint Nicholas the Pleasurer and the Matrona of Moscow.

Also do not forget about your guardian angel, who is always with you and sincerely worried about your happiness and success. In his speeches, you can refer immediately to the Almighty or Jesus Christ.

What must be remembered when referring to the Most High and the Holy

When communicating with God or other Saints, one should always remember such a great and fundamental feeling as gratitude. This emotion is considered one of the most powerful and inspiring and allows you to adjust the soul to harmony and connection with God.

Say thank you need sincerely, even if until you see the results of the petition.

You can express gratitude immediately after reading prayer speeches. It may sound something like this: “I thank for the help and participation in all my affairs, I trust in the will of God and have unshakable faith in the good outcome of my undertakings”.

Prayer for all things starting

It is imperative that you address the Lord with sincere speeches in the event that the cause for which you prayed received a good outcome and justified all the best wishes. This will show that prayers for you are not just one of the tools for managing reality and pressing affairs, but really the moment of reunion with God and the process of development of the spiritual envelope.


  • Address the heavens as often as possible, ask the blessing of God as often as possible, even in minor matters.
  • You can ask, only on the basis of good, good intentions. If you are not sure whether the requests comply with God’s laws, then once again, think carefully about whether you are on the right path in life. You can not defile prayer with evil words or wishes that can harm other people.
  • During the prayer, spend time in silence, alone with God, with your thoughts and emotions.
  • You can refer to any Saints and angels, the main thing in this is the sincerity and purity of the messages.
  • Engage in noble deeds, help the poor and the weak. Give some of your time and money to serving God and others.
  • Do not forget to ask about the favor of angels in the affairs of your relatives and friends. This will give them a lot of support, which will contribute to their success. Sincere supplication for other people will also heal your soul.
  • With the right message coming from the heart, you can hope for good luck and incredible luck in all your plans and deeds.

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