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Prayer for a successful trade

Prayer for a successful trade

For the successful work with finances in the unstable modern world, it is especially important to turn to the help of heaven. To those whose craft is connected with trade, a prayer to heavenly patrons will help resolve the most difficult situations and achieve success.

When there is a difficult period in work, and problems follow one after another — there are no buyers, profits decrease, losses appear — a prayer for a successful trade can help. Appeal to the holy forces will be useful not only for those whose business is associated with sales, but also for people who are soon going to make a major financial transaction: sell a car, apartment, land, items of high value. Prayer will contribute to favorable completion of the business and high profit.

Prayer for Fortune in Trade to the Guardian Angel

Prayer is read at times of difficulty at work, as well as before especially significant cash transactions.

I baptize myself with the sign of the cross, the Lord God I give praise and pray to His holy angel for help. Help me, merciful, in my deeds, for he did not commit (a) the slave (s) of God (s) (your name) to sin before the forces of the saints and the human world, and if he had sinned (a), then through his own lack of understanding and intrigues of the unclean. Pray, Angel, for me before God, and help me to strengthen my work, for the good of those around me, for the glory of the church and the Lord.

Help me, holy angel, to overcome everyday hardships, to fulfill the Lord’s will, and save me from ruin, so as not to deceive me (a) I have no hopes. Amen.

Prayer for a successful trade to John Sochavsky

John Sochavsky is a merchant and seafarer, canonized for his devotion to the bright Christ’s faith even in the face of terrible agony and death. Great martyr John is considered the patron saint of commerce, and people have long since asked him to bestow good luck in business.

Holy saint John! You were glorified by a great feat on earth, and you received in heaven a crown of truth that the Lord prepared for every one who loves Him. I pray to your holy image, praise your glorious end to your life and honor your holy memory.

But you, standing before the throne of God, hear my prayers and bring it to the All-merciful Lord, so that you may forgive me for every sin and help against the temptation of the devil and save me from sorrows, illnesses, misfortunes and all evil. Send me help in the difficult task, to which I myself was involved in my pious life. Guide me on the path of your true hand, give strength to do my work, so that it can serve to help people and for the glory of the Lord. I hope for your help.


Appeal to the higher forces will help to achieve success in business, safely get out of difficult situations and gain confidence in their abilities. We wish you well-being and financial success, and do not forget to press buttons and

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