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Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

Effective prayers for the sale of apartments, houses, land

If the sale of real estate has been delayed for a long time, when there are few responses or buyers are looking at the object, but business does not reach the deal, you can resort to the help of prayers. Appeal to the Lord, the miraculous images of the Virgin and selected saints.

The most effective prayers for the sale of an apartment are addressed to Spiridon Trimifuntsky, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Mother Matrona, Prince Daniel of Moscow. There are also Muslim duas and suras that help with the sale.

Turning to heaven for help, you can ask the Lord’s mercy for a deal to come to pass quickly and safely. Diligent and sincere prayers for the sale of apartments and other real estate will help speed up the deal, protect them from fraudsters, strengthen the spirit and give peace and confidence.

What prayer is asked for:

  • quick sale of any real estate;
  • about the successful and profitable sale of land, villas, houses in the village;
  • on the exchange of apartments, houses.

Before you make a decision on the sale and put up an offer, it is recommended to order a special prayer in the church before starting a good deed. The priest can be informed of the reason for his conversion and ask for his blessings.

Any work begun with God’s blessing will surely be done for the benefit of the worshipers.

If it is not possible to order a prayer service, you can read the prayers at home by yourself at the icons.

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

As in all other cases, all prayers begin with petitions to the Lord God. You can read the prayer «Our Father» or a special appeal:

“Prizri, humanely, by your gracious eye on your slaves (slave), name and name, to your grace, by faith, and hearing their prayers (his), good intentions and their blessings (his), and start safely and hastily except for any praise in glory commit yours, like the omnipotent king pray, hear and have mercy.

In everything, help everyone in good, Lord, mercifully and your servant (slave), name and name, travel, save, and in the safe fulfillment of their (his) work, hastily be done, bless, pray, all-powerful Lord, hear and have mercy.

Bring an angel of your guardian to the cause of this, benevolently Lord, and every other day wrestle all the teachings of visible and invisible enemies, hurry in everything to the successful accomplishment of doing holy prayer, hear and have mercy.

For your glory, all your creation, commanding, O Lord, your servant (slave), a name, to your glory you will begin your work, blessing with your prosperous prosperity, with pleasure to commit to support, give them health and prosperity, pray, hear and have mercy .

O Lord Jesus Christ, O our God, receive our earnest prayer and bless the good intention and work of your slaves (slave), a name, you can safely begin, and without your choice to do all your glory. By the doer of goodwill and of the work of the hands, correct, and in the fulfillment of the power of the most holy of your Spirit, hastily make create!

Thou art there, he is sweet and saved, O our God, and we give glory to you, with your beginningless Father, and most holy and good and your life-giving Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen»

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a zealous petitioner for the human race. She helps in all everyday needs. There are miraculous images of the Virgin, which help in solving financial issues.

So, the icon of the Virgin «Ekonomis», or the curator will help in moments of economic crisis.

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

The image of the Virgin «Economis»

Through the prayers of this image, the Most Holy Virgin will help speed up the sale of an apartment, a land plot at a bargain price, save you from poverty and deception.

Prayer to the Virgin: “O Most Pure Lady of the Blessed Virgin, Our Most Most Most Honorable Mati Negomenia of all Orthodox holy monasteries of foreign life, in Holy Mount Afonstya and in all universe existence! Accept our humble prayers and bring me to our all-glorified God, may our souls be saved by My grace.

Look upon us with Thy merciful eye and make our salvation in the Lord, without the mercy of our Savior and Your holy intercession of Our Lord, we cannot make your salvation by accusation, as if living our lives in the bustle of the world, for the time is near the harvest of Christ and the day of the Terrible Judgment .

We, the acanies, perish in the abyss of sinful negligence for our sake, according to what was said by the holy fathers, the chiefs of the angel in the flesh of living, like the last monastic by the negligence of our lives, like a worldly man, he will come true today, because our last non-Russian lives in our lives , in the midst of great storms and bad weather, for our holy abode in prasa abides, the sins of the righteous for our sake the all-righteous Judge our Lord Jesus Christ favored us, but unworthy, not imams, where the heads are inclined.

O our sweetest Mati Igoumenia! Collect us, the scattered flock of Christ, together and save the Orthodox monasticism of the last century, and all Orthodox Christians give heavenly life with angels and all saints in the Kingdom of Christ our God, to Him, honor and glory, with the Primordial Father and the Most Holy, Good and Life-Giving His Spirit forever and ever.


After the words of the Orthodox prayer book, the Priest of the Virgin is asked to sell, stated in their own words.

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

St. Spyridon of Trimifunts is reputed to be a wonderworker. This name was given to the saints, whose created wonders have lost count.

And it is not necessary to attach to the relics of the saint or to search for which temple has a shoe from his vestments. It is enough to pray fervently, and the miracle-worker’s help will come.

“O great and supreme saint to the Hierarch of Christ and miraculous Spiridon, Kerkir praise, all of the universe is lit up with a brighter prayer book warm to God and everyone who comes to you and with faith prays a quick intercessor! You have faith Orthodox Church of Nicaistam among the fathers gloriously explained to you, you showed the unity of the Holy Trinity with miraculous power that you showed, and heretics utterly disgraced the whole thing.

Hearing us, sinners, to the Holy Hierarch of Christ, praying to you, and by your strong intercession with the Lord, deliver us from all the evil of the circumstances: from iron, flood, fire, and deadly ulcers. You in your temporary life saved your people from all these calamities: you saved the country from the invasion of the agrians and the kingdom, the king saved you from the incurable disease, and many sinners returned to repentance for your saints, for the saints invisibly in the church singing and co-serving you have hast.

Sitsu ubo glorify you, His true slave, Lord Christ, supposedly all the secret human deeds are given to you to discern and expose the unjustly living. You diligently helped the many in poverty and inadequacy of the living, thou hast sated the people of misery during the worm and thou hast created many things with the power of the living Spirit of God in you.

Sitz and did not forsake us, saint of Christ, commemorate us, our children, at the Throne of the Almighty and beg the Lord, may forgive many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life and grant us, the death of the abdomen is not shameful and peaceful and blissful eternal in the future. let us send out the glory and thanksgiving to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen».

For the prayers you will need an icon of a saint, a lighted lamp or a candle. Read the petition to Spiridon after turning to the Lord.

Before the beginning of prayers, it is necessary to examine your own conscience on the subject of committed sins, the presence of good deeds and mercy to the poor. If the soul is unclean, then you need to confess, give alms to the temple, help the needy.

In this case, the request to the saint will be quickly fulfilled.

“On all-blessed to St. Spyridon, the great saint of Christ and most glorious, miraculous! Coming up in Heaven to the Throne of God with the Angel, look on the people with your eyes and ask for your help.

Plead the grace of the Man-lover of God, that he may not condemn us because of our lawlessness, but that he will do it with us by His mercy!

Ask us from Christ and our God a peaceful and serene living, mental and physical health, decency of the earth and all abundance and prosperity in everything, and let us not turn to the good, not to evil, but to the glory of His intercession. ! Deliver all by faith, unintelligible to God, of spiritual and physical coming from all troubles. from all languor and devilish slander!

Be a sad comforter, an unwilling doctor, an assistant assistant, a naked patron, a widower intercessor, a syrym protector, a baby feeder, an old fortifier, a wandering guide, a floating helmsman and try out all the good help of yours that require everything, even to salvation, useful! Yako, with your prayers, will be instructed and observed, we will attain to eternal rest and we will glorify God with you, in the Trinity, Slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and forever.


If the transaction has been delayed for a long time and despite the low price, a good place and conditions are not made at all, it is necessary to order a reading of the moleben and akathist from the icon of the saint in the church. It is recommended to be there in person.

If this is not possible, many churches in Moscow and other major cities offer to order the requirements online.

“O blessed saint Spyridon! Plead the mercy of the God-loving God, that he may not condemn us by our iniquity, but that he may do it with us according to His mercy. Ask us, the servants of God (names), with Christ and our God, to have a peaceful and serene living, mental and physical health.

Deliver us from all misfortunes of soul and body, from all yearning and devilish slanders.

Remember us at the throne of the Almighty and plead with the Lord, may forgive many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life, grant us, after the death of the belly, indecent and peaceful and blissful in the future, the vet will reward us, and incessantly return the glory and thanks to the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen».

The prayers to St. Spyridon for the sale of an apartment are the fastest. Therefore, if you plan to show or negotiate, you need to contact the saint for help. A short request to the wonderworker to speed up the deal: “To Father St. Spyridon, pray to God for us! «

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is praying in order to successfully and profitably sell a house, apartment, piece of land. The saint soon helps, protects from fraudsters and unscrupulous buyers.

“O our kind shepherd and God-wise mentor, the prelate of Christ Nicholas! Hearing us sinners, praying to you and calling for your speedy intercession; See us weak, from everywhere caught, from all the good of the destitute, and with the mind of the faint-heartedness of the darkened; Try to please God, do not leave us in sinful captivity to be, let us not be our enemy in joy and not die in our evil deeds.

Pray for us unworthy of our Co-deverend and the Vladyka, to him you are with unprepared faces: mercy to us will create our God in this present life and in the future Wetz, may he not repay us in our deeds and uncleanness of our hearts, but in his goodness he will repay us .

We hope for your petition with confidence, we praise with your intercession, we call upon your intercession for help, and we ask for your most holy image, help: save us, please Christ, from the evils that are upon us, and tame the waves of passions and misfortunes that rise against us, but for the sake of your holy prayers do not embrace us to attack and do not wallow in the depths of sin and in the mud of our passions.

Pray to the Saint Nicholas of Christ, Christ our God, give us a peaceful living and abandonment of sins, as well as salvation and great mercy to our souls, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen»

“O great intercessor, hierarch of God, Nicholas blessed, like the sunflower, shone miracles, calling upon the same quickest hearer to appear, and precede and save you, and deliver you from the misfortunes of all kinds, from God to these wonders and gifts to God! Hearing me unworthy, in faith, the person calling and prayerful brings singing to you; I offer you more of the petitioner to plead for Christ.

O notorious in miracles, high priest! Yako boldness, soon the Lord of Presence, and Reverend his Rule of prayer to Him, make a sin of me, and from Him bless the bounty of goodness, and receive me in your intercession, and from the onslaught of enemies visible and invisible freeing, and destroying all those slanders and evil deeds, and reflecting on me in all my life.

By forgiving me with my forgiveness, and saved me to Christ, and present the Kingdom of Heaven to improve for so much humanity, to Him all the glory, honor and worship befitting, with His beginningless Father, and with the Most Holy and Good and Life-Creating Spirit, now and for ever and ever centuries. Amen».

In order to urgently sell housing or land, they add to the prayers the reading of the Akathist to the Pleasant.

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

Staritsa Matrona of Moscow, before her death, bequeathed to contact her in all everyday needs. Mother promised to hear everyone from heaven and clap for the Lord about their need.

“Oh blessed mother Matrono, hear and receive us now, sinners, praying to you, skill in all of your living and accepting and hearing all those who suffer and grieving, with faith and hope to your intercession and help of those who resort, quick help and miraculous healing to all who suffer.

May your mercy not be depleted now for us, unworthy, restless in the multitude of this world and nowhere else find solace and compassion in the mourn of the mind and help in bodily diseases: heal our diseases, get rid of the temptations and torments of the devil, passionately fighting, help. The cross, to tear down the whole life and not to lose the image of God in it, to save the Orthodox faith until the end of our days, to preserve hope and hope in God for a strong image and for the love of others.

Help us, after leaving this life, to reach the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who please God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Father of Heaven, in the Trinity slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen».

They pray to Matronushka for the resolution of any difficulties associated with the sale of housing, for a successful deal in the near future. Many prayers testify that all problems were miraculously solved.

“About the blessed mother of Matrono, the forthcoming soul in heaven before the Throne of God, rested with his body on earth, and given forth from above the grace of various miracles exuding. Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrows, sicknesses and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the ills of our lyutya, let us from our troubles and circumstances save us from our sins.

Beseech our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive us all our transgressions, lawlessness and sin, we are from our youth even up to the present day and hour of sinning, and with your prayers we will receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of the One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy One The spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen».

Saint Matrona is so kind and close to people, that they address her in a simple way: “Mother Matronushka, hear and help! «.

Prayer for a quick and successful sale of an apartment, house or land

Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow is considered to be a petition for real estate transactions. Requests to him help speed up the transaction, sell at a better price.

Prayer: “The Church of Christ is commended for high, the city of Moscow is unbreakable, the powers of the Russian Divine Assertion, Reverend Prince Daniel, to the stream of your relics flowing, we earnestly pray: Look upon us, your memory of those who celebrate, pour all your warm petition to the Savior, like yes By the world, he will establish our country, hail and weight her and her abode with this goodness, preserve, spreading piety and love in your people, and repeating evil from you, internecine strife and morals; to all of us, grant us all the good to the temporary belly and eternal salvation by your prayers, so that we may glorify our Christ, wondrous in our saints, for ever and ever. Amen».

According to Islam, reading some surahs and ayahs can help not only in preparing for eternal life, but also in everyday matters. The success of the transaction depends on the diligence of the person (including in the reading of prayers, the Koran), and on the will of the Almighty, who knows what is best for His slave at the moment.

When resorting to surahs and duas, a Muslim should remember that it is not the texts themselves that help, but Allah, who sends His mercy. Thus, the reading of the suras «Yasin» and «Al-Bakar» help in transactions and bless all the affairs of the current day.

For success in trade, they read Sura “Hijr”, and for solving financial issues, “Maryam” and “At-Tauba”.

Surah 2. Al-Baqarah (The Cow): “O Sons of Israel! Remember the good that I bestowed on you, and be faithful to the contract with Me, and I will be faithful to the contract with you. And, (observing it), only (punishment) of My fear.

And believe in what I (the Qur’an) sent down — confirming (truthfulness) of what you have, and do not be the first to reject it. And do not sell My signs for a small price, (hiding signs of the truth of the Qur’an in your Scriptures), and only (anger) My Beware! «(2: 40-41).

Surah 9. At-Taub (Repentance), 111th verse: “And who is more faithful in his covenant than Allah? Rejoice in your deal that you made with Him! And this is it (and is) a great salvation! «(9: 111)

Namaz Istihara reads for the blessing and guidance of the Most High in making decisions, in case of an important choice. Namaz consists of two rakatov.

In the first rakaat, Surah “Kafirun” (“Unbelievers”) is read after “Fatiha”, and in the second — “Ikhlas” (“Sincerity”).

After performing namaz, they read the dua: “O Allah, I ask You to help me with Your knowledge and Your power, and I ask You to give me great mercy, for You can, but I cannot, You know, but I do not know, and You know everything about the hidden! O Allah, if you know that this business (and a person should be told what he intends to do) will be a blessing for my religion, for my life and for the outcome of my affairs (or: … sooner or later), then predetermine it to me, make it easier for me, and then give me your blessing on it.

If you know that this business will be harmful to my religion, for my life and for the outcome of my affairs, then take him away from me, and take me away from him and judge me for good, wherever it may be, and then bring me to satisfaction with them. «

Prayer Hajjat is done when the need arises for the help of the Most High. It is read in two or four rakaat.

You can pray at any time, but best after the fifth obligatory prayer (isha). In the first rakaat, after the surah Fatiha, it is read thrice ayat al-Kursi.

In the second rakaat it is necessary to read Surah Ikhlas, in the third — “Falyak”, in the fourth — “Us”.

Khajat: “There is no god except Allah. He is giving and patient.

Allah, the owner of a higher throne, is far from all flaws. Praise be to Allah, the owner of the worlds! Oh, Allah!

I ask you, grant me Your mercy, forgiveness, from His kindness, protect me from all sins. Do not leave me unsolicited sins.

Do not send me difficulties that you will not ease. Do not send me a need that does not contribute to your contentment. O most generous of all the most generous! «.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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