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Prayer for a good study of the child in school and college

Prayer for a good study of the child in school and college

My daughter’s performance in the first half fell sharply. I didn’t know how to react: my daughter always studied well.

I did not understand why this was happening. Many parents are faced with the fact that the child begins to learn poorly.

And it does not matter at school or at college. Poor performance at the institute approximates student expelling.

If a child does not study well at school, he can fail the exams.

I understood that if my girl’s academic performance remained at the same level, we would not be able to change anything in a few years. Admission to the university in this case will remain a distant dream. Before parents often the question arises: how to improve the performance of the child.

In the second half of the year, my daughter’s studies improved. In this article, I would like to talk about how we achieved this and what role the prayers of study played in this process.

First of all, I would like to touch upon the topic of faith. Mom plays a huge role in the life of a child. Everyone knows that.

Mom is a guide through which the child comes to this sinful world. Spiritual interrelationship goes through life.

The lines of the Holy Quran say: «Paradise is under the feet of your mothers.» The Most Holy Theotokos played a huge role in the life of the Savior. This is emphasized many times in the Bible.

The image of the mother plays a huge role in Buddhism. Buddha teaches that a person should reunite with Mother (nature).

The image of the mother is respected by representatives of all religions.

A mother acts on her child at the level of thoughts. No wonder people say that the curse of the mother is the worst. Your faith in him will influence your child’s learning success.

With all your heart you have to believe that your child will cope. Your faith is born inside.

Without it, prayers for good study will remain empty.

When I believed in my child, her studies began to improve.

Prayer St. Tatiana

Prayer for a good study of the child in school and college

Any student at the institute, technical school, college knows that the righteous will help in difficult studies. Why did her image become meaningful to students?

Tatiana lived in ancient times in Rome. Her parents brought up the best Christian traditions. Since childhood, Tatiana differed from her peers in religiosity and modesty.

Throughout her life, the martyr wanted to devote herself to the service of the Most High. However, those times were not the best for Christians.

Many were subjected to cruel torture and persecution. Saint Tatiana, unfortunately, was no exception.

The torturers wanted Tatiana to pray to pagan idols. However, she remained adamant and did not betray her faith.

Then the torturers did not spare the girl and brutally cut off her head.

Moscow State University Lomonosov was founded on January 25th.

On the same date, Christians remember Tatiana. That is why she is considered the patron saint of students.

A parent can read a prayer for student assistance. But this prayer can be read not only to improve students’ studies, but also schoolchildren.

When people read these words with faith in their hearts, a miracle really happens in the lives of their children.

Words addressed to the Matron

Matronushka was addressed with all the difficulties, including difficulties related to educational activities. One day a girl who was doomed to failure in school turned to the righteous. But Matronushka did not refuse her help.

The girl was able to avoid failure thanks to the recommendations of Matrona, which improved the situation.

You can go to the holy relics in the temple. This will strengthen the effect of prayer.

But not everyone can do it. Fortunately, Matronushka can be addressed without a trip to the temple. Prayer to the righteous:

“Holy Righteous Mother Matrona! You are a helper to all people, help my child too (which needs help).

Do not leave your help and intercession, pray to the Lord for God’s servant (name). In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.»

Words of support

Any child needs words of support. “I know you can handle it.” You’re doing fine. You will succeed, ”say these words to your child.

These words can inspire a good school. It is important to know that someone believes in you.

Become a friend to your child, even if he has no fear of coming to you if he has any questions about his studies. The child must understand that the parents are his allies, who will not be convicted if he gets into a difficult situation or asks a stupid question.

Many people believe that the manifestation of love for children is a sign of «weakness» because the distance between them and the children is reduced. Consequently, this can lead to loss of respect. Children must feel parental love, otherwise in adulthood they will have problems with low self-esteem and the opposite sex.

If you are open to your children, you will not lose their respect.

Be sincere with your children, pray for them and learn to answer their questions, then school performance will be better at school or college. All of these prayers, which we covered in the article, can be read both before school and during your child’s learning activities.

The curriculum is getting harder every year. The child must quickly absorb the information.

Performance at school or at the institute due to such loads may fall. I am familiar with this. Only when I believed in my daughter’s abilities, prayed for her and supported her, did our performance improve.

Your child can do better. Do not doubt.

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