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Prayer-charm dream of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Prayer-charm «the dream of the Blessed Virgin Mary»

«The Dream of the Virgin» is a popular prayer talisman. There is a belief that such a prayer can save trouble, tame trouble and help in any endeavor.

When there are scandals and misunderstandings in the family, when it is necessary to relieve an abusive relative urgently, when the proceedings at the workplace are threatened or an important event is to take place, and you are worried that something might not be broken — in all these cases, the Dream of the Virgin prayer will help you.

These prayers are not canonical, in contrast, for example, to “Mother of God, Virgin, Rejoice,” so many people call them conspiracies. But there is an opinion that conspiracies or prayers are not particularly important, the main condition is to turn to the Virgin Mary with a pure soul and not wish evil. Mechanical repetition of prayer will not save the soul and will not help in trouble.

It is important that your words come from the heart, even being the simplest and most artless.

Prayer «The Dream of the Virgin» appeals for help to the Blessed Virgin. This is the most famous and compassionate intercessor in Heaven. The Virgin Mary is asked for both material well-being, and spiritual cleansing, and family happiness, and she does not deny people anything — if the request does not harm anyone.

It is a sin to pray for someone’s failure, failure or loss. Ask for good, give yourself peace to the good, and it will return to you.

The protective prayer “The Dream of the Virgin Mary” is:

I saw the Mother of the Virgin sleep under the bell chime. Christ the Savior approached her and said: did you rest well, that you saw in a dream? And the Mother of Theotokos in a dream saw the holy cross, says: You were nailed to the cross, your ribs were broken with a spear, the crowd crucified you, and I shed bitter tears. But Christ the Savior approached his mother, woke her from a heavy sleep: My Mother Mary!

I’ll sleep your dream on white paper. Whoever understands this dream and reads it three times, will be saved by the soul and protected from every step. In dangerous places, in state affairs, on land and water, at God’s Court — everywhere will be forgiven and protected by the bedtime of the Virgin Mary.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is believed that the prayer charm «The Dream of the Virgin» will protect against any misfortune. He is read in the difficult moments of his life, during his illness and in the face of unpleasantness that he cannot cope with on his own. But you can read other prayers to the Virgin.

Especially on the eve of Orthodox holidays, about which you can find out everything on our website.

We wish you the help of Heaven in any matters. Do not refuse good deeds, and all good things will return to you according to the boomerang law, because everything around us is interconnected. Remember the prayers of the Theotokos, do not forget to thank her when the bright band in your life began, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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