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Prayer before the sacrament

Prayer before the sacrament

Communion is one of the main sacraments of the church, designed to reunite a person with the Savior, to endow a Christian with spiritual forces. Before communion, a thorough inner preparation is required in order to join the Body and Blood of Christ with a pure soul and an open heart.

Preparing for the Communion

In order to be cleansed with body and soul, several days before the communion must be spent in fasting, repentance, and intensified prayer. It is best to start preparing for the sacrament a week before the event, but if circumstances do not allow it — in three days.

During fasting, it is necessary to abstain from food of animal origin: meat, milk and eggs. If the participle falls during a strict fasting period, then fish and vegetable oil should also be discarded. On the eve of the sacrament, from midnight, one should cook — that is, do not eat the food and water before taking the consecrated bread and wine.

During the period of preparation for the sacrament, not only physical but also spiritual abstinence must be manifested. You should refuse to visit entertainment and active pastime. It is necessary to spend more time in solitude, concentrate on the spiritual life, turn to reading the Holy Scriptures.

Before joining the sacrament, you need to intensely control your actions and thoughts. To purify spiritually, avoid controversy and conflict, do not allow yourself anger and despondency. If you are in a quarrel with someone, be sure to make peace with this person — and do it not for a tick, but from the most sincere motives.

Some time should be spent in the analysis of their behavior and thoughts. Communion is preceded by confession — repentance of sins in the presence of a priest. Before the procedure, properly consider what you will say so that during the confession you will not miss a single important moment and be completely cleansed of transgressions.

On the day before the communion, attend an evening service in the temple. And before going to bed, read a special prayer that will help you tune in to be introduced to the Body and Blood of the Savior.

Prayer before communion

Lord Christ, God, with his sufferings, healed my sufferings and cured my ills with his sores, grant me, a sinner, tears of tenderness; send down my body from the sense of smell of the Life-giving Cross of Yours, and enjoy my soul with Your Honorable Blood from sorrow. Lift up my mind to you, downcast, and lift from the disastrous abyss: for if I have not repentance, then I have no tenderness, I have no comforting tears, raising the child to my heritage. Being saddened by the mind in everyday passions, I cannot turn to you in illness, I cannot warm myself with tears, which are caused by love to You. Lord Lord Jesus Christ, the treasure of the good, grant me complete repentance and a hardworking heart, so that I can come to You, give me Your grace and renew Your image in me.

Do not leave me, come to my request, bring me to your flock and count me among the sheep of your chosen flock, bring me up with them from the grass of your Divine Mysteries through the prayers of the Most Pure Your Mother and all Your saints. Amen.

Do good deeds, often turn to holy forces, and you will be prepared to accept the sacrament of communion. Pray for yourself and loved ones, and do not forget to press buttons and

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