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Prayer before the Icon — Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

Prayer for the Orthodox before the icon «Unexpected Joy»: how to read

Desperate and not finding the strength to fight more, not only believing Christians often turn to the Mother of God, but also those who are still on the shaky path of doubt. Those who mourn, whose soul is overwhelmed with bitterness and who does not see a gap in front, pray most fervently.

The prayer to the icon “Unexpected Joy”, which is read in bitter moments, gives healing to the soul.

This image appeared as a demonstration of the Power of Divine Intercession. Prayer gives him hope and that which would seem impossible, helps to embody a person in reality.

Prayer before the Icon - Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

What is being asked from the image «Unexpected Joy»

When sending their petitions to the Mother of God, people should know that they ask a lot for this icon, but to be more precise, this

  • assistance and cover in the affairs of everyday life;
  • sending a child to childless;
  • successful fertilization and mild pregnancy;
  • forgiveness for breaking the law;
  • marital union and reunion,
  • success in finding the missing loved one.

People come to this icon with pleas and requests for protection from malicious people, from their dirty slander and slander. The Orthodox are sure that the Mother of God is on the defense of the unfortunate, and those who are guilty of such offenses and offenses are exposed and punished according to merit.

What contributes to the image of the icon

Often people do not realize that their sores are largely due to the anger boiling in them. Some are overwhelmed by destructive envy, sometimes not for a specific one person, but for almost everyone who has achieved something more than they.

Such envious people have no understanding that their physical ailments are reborn spiritual ones.

Only sincere prayer in front of the icon will help to get rid of the existing ones. She will give new sensations of sparkling joy, will prompt you to choose the right life direction.

Good-natured women who ask a child from God must give birth to a baby and become mothers. There are numerous cases when after long prayers in front of the icon “Unexpected Joy” there was a missing person: husband or relative, even if he had been absent for more than one year.

What helps «Unexpected Joy»

If Christians pray for help not mechanically uttering phrases, but pass them through the heart, then sincere faith can be rewarded and a person will get what they want. So what exactly helps?

  • to barren women who have not lost hope gives happiness to motherhood;
  • returns to the path of the true misguided child, if his parents ardently pray for him;
  • helps chronic losers to believe in themselves and reach a new light level.

Already the name “Unexpected Joy” is an urge to appeal in any, even the most difficult situations. Christians love this icon so strongly and so believe in It that they send various requests, sincerely believing that they will be heard.

Prayer before the Icon - Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

How to pray

Immediately it should be understood that the prayer is praying, that is, asking for something, but does not indicate the Almighty what he needs. Most women on earth in their dreams represent themselves as a worthy wife and a responsible mother.

Sometimes with such a request they turn to the Mother of God.

With serious intentions and correct actions, happiness will not keep you waiting. After finding the desired, the girl should not stop the prayers, on the contrary, it’s good if she praises the Lord for her earthly joys with her prayers.

Where to start the rite?

There is one simple rule that should be followed before asking the Lord. This is a conversation in order to get wise advice from the father. He will give confidence in the correctness of the chosen path.

Blessing, a person acquires the power, able to resist the demonic obstacles, as the latter will try not to miss the sinful soul.

Then you need to think carefully about what could have angered the Lord in actions. Better to confess and take communion. If you carefully examine the icon, you can see that it is not only the Mother of God with the Child, but also a penitent kneeling person.

This is a pardon. Why?

Because sincerely repented.

Prayer before the Icon - Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

Prayer to the image of Our Lady Unexpected Joy for the happiness of motherhood

This text is about the gift of children, read before the face of the Heavenly Queen — a means proven for centuries. However, this should be done constantly, and not occasionally in difficult moments.

Help will come and the goal will be achieved.

To pray to God when faith is weak is very difficult, while still feeling the burden of our own sins. If a person does not repent and does not plead guilty, then prayer to him will come with great difficulty. It is necessary in any case repentance, otherwise despair will cover people more and more.

Orthodox believers consider this state to be demonic. It, if not dealt with, can lead to madness even a very strong person.

If despair increases, the person has protection — the Virgin Mary.

Prayer before the Icon - Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

Akathist «Unexpected Joy»

They read akathists both at home and in church, where it is more convenient. As you know, they are included in the prayer rule. If it is decided to read in the temple, then free time from service is selected.

Do not read too loud, you should think about other worshipers. Some believe that the prayer sent in the temple is much stronger than the single.

In order to take part in mass prayer with the akathist to «Unexpected Joy», many go on a journey to the venerated icons and visit the appropriate temples. They often talk about how she miraculously helped people in different situations.

Sometimes it happens that what happens to the beautiful in life seems to be just a case, not a miracle from prayer. Even a true believer can forget to thank God, considering what is happening as a coincidence.

This cannot be considered a mere coincidence, otherwise after the cessation of prayers and such wonderful things may cease to be performed.

Himself Akathist «Unexpected Joy» — poetic. He praises the Theotokos through the presentation of the parable. Its plot can be seen when considering the icon itself.

There are no specific requests here, the main idea is that the prayer of the Virgin is strong and will help those who believe in It. Reading in Church Slavonic or even listening is difficult.

You can listen to the prayer in Russian. However, regular reading and immersion in the text will help some time later, to comprehend the text.

For yourself, you need to decide how long the prayer will be read, and do it either every day or on Sundays, but in no case do not deviate from your internal obligations.

Prayer of the Mother of God «Unexpected Joy»

Prayer before the Icon - Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

In addition to the Akathist, prayers are read, they can be attached to it. Some Orthodox read them separately, which is allowed. He who prays must imagine himself in the place of the sinner depicted before the Virgin Mary.

Anyone burdened with sins, whatever they may be, must not forget about repentance.

Very often plural pronouns are used in prayers, this is not accidental. Thus, it is indicated that one should ask not only for oneself, but also for one’s neighbors. It should be noted that it is possible to pray for the return of a spouse to a family only if he was faithful.

Otherwise, the church does not accept such requests. Especially if the prodigal husband is with another woman.

The return of the guy must also be cautious, for the selection of a couple is considered to be God’s providence.

There is also a prayer asking the Heavenly Queen for those who died suddenly. In the Christian world, it is believed that death without confession is the divine punishment for the particularly grave sins of a living person.

Turning to the Virgin Mary, they ask Her to forgive the Son’s forgiveness.

Where to go to pray the miraculous icon

Prayer before the Icon - Unexpected Joy: Text in Russian, how to read

Many pilgrims prefer to visit churches, where icons are performed that work miracles. There are several such places in Russia, and they are always open to believers.

The Moscow Church of Elijah the Prophet Obedient has successfully preserved the ancient image of «Unexpected Joy.» He was not destroyed even dashing revolutionary times of the beginning of the last century.

Another Moscow church bears the name of the icon «Unexpected Joy.» He is the keeper of this miraculous image.

It is easy to find it, since it is located in Marina Grove (Moscow) also has a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

If you go to the village of Pushkarka, then there is a temple in the name of the legendary icon. Usually there are pilgrims who go to the monastery (Diveevo).

In Transcarpathia (village Kolochava), a monastery was founded, where one can also pray to this icon. In such God’s houses, which are dedicated to the image of «Unexpected Joy», the icon itself itself, which can be approached with prayer, is located on the right side of the altar.


The icon «Unexpected Joy» since ancient times loved and revered. Prayer and akathist before the image helps in many ways:

  • ask for forgiveness for dying without the sacrament;
  • fight infertility;
  • get rid of a serious illness;
  • return lost;
  • find faith in your own strength and talent.

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