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Prayer before the beginning of the case

Prayer before the beginning of the case

Each person wants his plans to be embodied and any business can be done well. Choosing the right prayer will help everyone who needs support.

The disinterested help in the modern world, unfortunately, became luxury. Everyone lives for himself and only a few are able to support their neighbor. Envious people can also cause a lot of trouble. But the higher forces will always help those who turn to them in difficult times.

Believers should remember that a good cause will always find a response and sincere prayer will not be left unanswered.

The texts of the prayers do not have to be memorized or read from paper. It is enough to sincerely believe and open the soul to appeal to the higher forces. By uttering prayer words that come from your heart, you are sincere not only before the Lord, but also before yourself.

Prayer before the beginning of the case

One should pray and ask for good for oneself and loved ones only with pure thoughts and without self-interest. Do not pray before each case. Just say «God bless». In case you do not decide on an important step, you need a catalyst and God’s blessing, pray.

A sincere request for help, guidance and support will always be heard.

“The King of Heaven, Lord Almighty, hear me, Thy servant (name), do not refuse to help and help accomplish a good deed for Your glory. Amen».

It is possible to pray not only to the Lord, but also to the Holy Hosts. So, the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker will save you from rash actions and take away the evil eye.

“Nikolai Ugodnik, our Defender on sinful earth, the savior of our souls. Send me your goodness, protect my good work for the glory of our Lord. Show the right path, get rid of doubts, but do not forget me, the sinful slave (name), in your prayers.


For help, Matrona is addressed before a long road, during construction and any cases involving risks of breakdowns, accidents, physical injuries.

“Matushka Matrona-healer. Pray for me, slave (name), ask for me, for my good cause, for good undertakings. Do not leave in disgrace.

Protect my body from injury, my soul from evil thoughts. Thy grace be with me from beginning to end. Amen».

Prayer at the end of the case

Having completed important matters (be it construction, expensive purchase, change of workplace, long-distance trip), be sure to offer a prayer to the Lord or Holy Satgers of God with gratitude for not leaving you at a difficult moment, saving and giving you the opportunity with a pure heart and good thoughts complete the job.

“Thank you, Lord, for not leaving the request of your servant (name) unanswered. The case went well and ended successfully. Amen».

“Nikolai Ugodnik, our protector, I thank meekly for the help and success in my righteous deeds. Amen».

“Matushka Matrona, thank you for a quick and controversial completion of the case. For not leaving me and distracting from me. Amen».

Do not forget that the presence of prayer in your life will provide you peace and peace of mind. Teach yourself to pray and ask for help when you really need it. Sincerity and faith will help you in all your endeavors.

Raise your souls in piety and justice. We wish you a successful outcome of all our plans, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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