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Prayer before surgery so that it goes well: for yourself or a loved one

Surgeons and other doctors are instruments in the hands of God. During the operation, the hand of each of them is directed by the Lord.

Even under ideal circumstances force majeure can happen and things will not go according to plan.

Prayer before the operation to the Lord and the holy healers relieves stress, helps to tune in to a positive result, gives a sense of calm. In difficult cases where doctors do not give a guarantee of success, you should pray.

Through earnest prayers and the intercession of the saints, a miracle occurs, it is possible to overcome the disease.

Already when making a diagnosis and sending a patient to prepare for an operation, you need to pray. In this case, they pray that the diagnostics give objective results, the specialist was convinced of the need for intervention.

There are cases when a cancer is suspected after diligent prayers, the diagnosis is not confirmed later.

  • Before the operation: so that everything goes well.
  • During it: about the health and well-being of doctors.
  • After surgery: about soon recovery and recovery.

They apply for God’s blessing in case of any intervention: before a surgery on the heart, eyes, womb, while removing a tumor.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well: for yourself or a loved one

The patient needs to wear a pectoral cross, if possible, go to the temple and confess. For bed patients, you can invite a priest to the ward.

After preparation, proceed to the Sacrament of Communion, ask for a blessing for the operation.

You should forgive your offenders and mentally or personally apologize to those who themselves have been harmed. When peace comes in the soul, then the patient internally calms down and better tolerates surgery.

The church serves notes on sorokoust. On the eve of the manipulation they order a prayer service for health, indicating in it the name of not only the patient, but also the doctors.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well: for yourself or a loved one

Before surgery, you need to pray for the blessings of surgeons and other medical professionals involved in the operation. The Most High bestows wisdom to the doctors and healing by their hands.

During the delivery to the operating room you need to pray with short supplications:

  • Jesus christ: «Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.»
  • Mother of God: “Virgin to the Virgin, rejoice, Gracious Mary, the Lord is with You, Blessed are You in women, and blessed is the fruit of Your womb, as the Savior bore our souls”.
  • Guardian angel: “The angel of God, my holy saver, is to be given by God from heaven with me! I earnestly pray to you: you enlighten me today, and from every evil save, instruct you to the good deed, and guide you to the path of salvation. Amen».
  • Saints: “All the saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for His sick servant (name). Amen».

When moving to the operating table you need to cross the hall and yourself. If you can’t leave a pectoral cross on your neck, you can wind it on your wrist or hair, or you can ask to leave it near where it will not interfere with doctors.

During the introduction of anesthesia, you need to repeat the Jesus prayer or refer in your own words to the guardian angel, the holy healers, the Most Holy Virgin, until your consciousness turns off.

After a person regains consciousness, one should thank the Lord and the patron saints for the fact that God has saved life.

In Orthodoxy, you can make any request to the Lord and His saints. But some of the saints of God rather help in healing, since they had such a gift even during their lifetime.

They pray for the health of Matron Moscow, Luka Krymsky, Panteleimon the Healer, Nicholas the Wonderworker. Appeal to the guardian angel and the patron saint, in honor of whom the person was named.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well: for yourself or a loved one

The Most High, in His love for man, desires good for all. It happens that for the benefit of a person it is necessary to transfer the disease as a test and purification.

Sacrifice humble, make the soul more susceptible to spiritual things, open their eyes to sins.

Praying for the sick: “Lord God, Master of my life, You, by Your goodness, said: I do not want the death of a sinner, but that he should turn and live. I know that this sickness with which I suffer is Your punishment for my sins and iniquities; I know that in my work I have deserved the gravest punishment, but, Man-Thrilled, do not act with me out of my wickedness, but in Thy boundless mercy. Do not covet my death, but give me the strength to patiently endure the disease, as a test deserved by me, and after healing from it I turned with my heart, with all my soul and with all my feelings towards You, Lord God, my Creator, and was alive to fulfill Your holy commandments, for the tranquility of my family and for my well-being.


A petition for health can be read for the patient by his relatives, especially if his condition no longer allows him to pray on his own. Parents are asking for the child, for their mother and father — their children.

If the husband is hard to pray for his wife, you can ask about the prayers of other caring people, relatives, friends.

A Christian who prays to God before an operation calls God’s mercy into the hands of doctors, hopes for a happy outcome and completely puts himself in God’s hands, stating it with the words: “Thy will be done, O Lord.”

Pray to the Lord for the sick: “Master of the Almighty, Holy King, punish and not kill, claim falling and building overthrowing, corporeal grieves of man, pray to Thee, O God, your servant (name), infirm, visit Forgive him any sin, voluntary and involuntary.

Heaven, send your medical power from heaven, come down, hedgehog, and the hand of your servant, the doctor (name), and create the necessary surgery safely, as your bodily ailment (name) is completely healed, and any invasion that is hostile is far from being driven away from him . Elevate him from the bed of the painful one, and grant him with sound health to your soul and body, supportive and creative of your will.

Thou is there, he is sweet and save us, O our God, and we give glory to You, to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen».

There are many miraculous icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and each of them has its own characteristics. In case of severe diseases, they apply to the image of the “Healer”.

Cancer patients pray at the image of the All-Czaritsa, which has a special grace in the healing of cancer. In case of eye diseases refer to the Kazan Icon. The circumstances of the appearance of this icon show its power in the healing of eye diseases.

When women’s diseases it is customary to offer prayers to the image «Fadeless color.» This icon is considered feminine, as it helps in all women’s problems.

Whatever the image of the Virgin may be addressed by the patient before the surgical procedure — the prayer can be read the same or read a specific one written to the icon.

Prayer to the Virgin: “O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the Most High, Intercessor and Protection of all who come to You! Prizri from the height of your holy on me, sinner (name), adhering to your most pure image; Hear my warm prayer and offer it before Your Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ; beg him, let my gloomy soul light upon me with the light of his Divine grace, save me from all needs, sorrow and sickness, and send me a quiet and peaceful life, physical and spiritual health, let my suffering heart die and heal my wounds, and teach me In good deeds, my mind will cleanse from the thoughts of vain and cleanse, teach me how to fulfill the commandments, and let me save my heavenly kingdom from eternal torment and not deprive me.

O Holy Mother of God! You, "All grieving Joy", hear and name, mournful; You called "Quenching sorrow"quench my sorrow; You, "Kupino Neopalimaya", save the world and all of us from the malicious fire arrows of the enemy; You, "Recovery of the dead"do not let me perish in the abyss of my sins. On Ty Bo on Bose all my hope and hope.

Be a temporary Intercessor in my life, and about life everlasting before Your Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God. Teach me to serve with faith and love to serve, to you, the Most Holy Mother of God, the Most Blessed Mary, reverently revere to the end of my days.


Saint Luke of Crimea during his lifetime was a gifted surgeon. He combined priestly ministry with medical practice.

Most often, the prayer to the saint is read before the operation itself.

Prayer to the saint: “O all-blessed confessor, our Father Luko, the great saint of Christ! With tenderness we bowed down the knee of our hearts, and falling down to the race of honest and multi-purpose relics of yours, like the father’s children, we pray with all our heart: hear us sinners and bring our prayer to the merciful and humane God, now you stand in the joy of the saints and with angels.

We believe Bo, because you love us with the same love, and with it all your neighbor loved you, dwelling on earth.

Ask Christ our God: may the spirit of right faith and piety establish in the holies of its Orthodox Church, let her shepherds give holy jealousy and care for the salvation of the people entrusted to them: observe the right of believing, weak and weak in strengthening faith, ignorance of admonition disgusting. Give us all the gift of komemudo demanding, and the whole of life is temporal and eternal salvation is useful.

Grad our statement, the land of fruitfulness, from the mind and destruction of deliverance. To those who are grieving, to consolation, to unsuccessful healing, to those who go astray on the path of truth, to return, to be a parent of blessing, to a child in the Holy Kingdom, to bring up and to learn, to help and protect the poor.

Give us all your archpastoral and holy blessing, make you understand and get rid of the wiles of the cunning and avoid all kinds of hostility and disorder, heresies and schisms.

Grant us a pleasing pledge of temporary life, guide us on the path leading to the villages of the righteous, deliver us of the air ordeals and pray for all-powerful God for us: yes in eternal life with you incessantly praise the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, He also befits all glory, honor and power forevermore. Amen».

The most famous Orthodox healer is Saint Panteleimon. During his lifetime, he showed many miracles of healing, and now he continues to perform them. A strong prayer for healing, delivered by the person going to the operation or by people who love him, is capable of creating a miracle:

“Oh, the great goodness of Christ, the passion-patient and the many-powerful physician, Panteleimone! Have mercy upon me, a sinful slave, hear my moaning and my cry, appease the heavenly, supreme Physician of our souls and our bodies, Christ our God, grant me healing from the oppressive illness. Accept the unworthy prayer of the most sinful people most of all, visit me with a gracious visitation, do not repent of my sinful sores, anoint with your oil of grace and heal me; Yes, with my soul and body, the rest of my day, the grace of God, I am able to spend in repentance and pleasing God, and be honored to perceive the good end of my life.

Hey, please God! Beseech the Christ of God, let me give you health to your body and the salvation of my soul with your intercession.


Mother Matron is ardently loved by mothers, who have first-hand witnessed the ambulance of the aged women when their child fell ill. Believers mothers petition for surgery and an adult son or daughter.

“Oh, the blessed mother of Matrono, the ones who will stand in heaven before the throne of God will rest, rest upon the earth on earth, and will give this grace of different things to the divine. Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our transgressions, iniquities and fall, we themselves from our youth even to the present day and hour of sinning, and with your prayers we will receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever .


Saint Nicholas loved people so much that he was considered a «universal» saint. His love extends to all areas of human life.

He sympathized with all the suffering, the poor, the sick and the innocently accused. They read the prayer to the Wonderworker and before surgical intervention.

It is advisable during the operation to ask relatives to read the akathist to the saint. The help of the God-pleaser will invisibly support the doctors and the sick:

“Oh, all-holy Nicholas, it is most pleasing to the Lord, our warm intercessor, and everywhere in the sorrowful speedy helper! Help me sinful and depressed in this present life, beseech the Lord God for the giving up of all my sins, which have sinned a lot from my youth, in all my life, deed, word, thought, and all my senses; and in my soul’s exodus by prayer to the cursed, beseech the Lord God, all creatures of Sodetel, deliver me of air ordeals and eternal torment: May I always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your gracious intercession, now and forever and ever and ever.


A Christian at baptism receives his personal guardian and intercessor before God. He accompanies him from baptism to the final judgment.

They ask their heavenly patron for the mercy of God, the preservation of life and soon recovery.

Short prayer: “To the angel of God, my holy one, to be the keeper, to me is God-given from heaven! I earnestly pray to you: you enlighten me today, and from every evil save, instruct you to the good deed, and guide you to the path of salvation.


A fuller version: “The Holy Angel of Christ, adhering to you, pray to my holy guardian, given to me for the observance of the soul and body of my sinner from Holy Baptism, but with your own laziness and your evil custom, to your anger’s purest rage and cast off from you all the students deeds: lies, slander, jealousy, condemnation, scorn, disobedience, fraternity, and mischief, avarice, adultery, rage, stinginess, unification without satiety and opivism, multifarious, evil thoughts and crafty, proud and fond Addressing, imy samohotenie to every carnal lust. Yes, how can you look on me, or come to me, like a stinking dog?

Whose eye, Angel of Christ, look upon me, wicked evil in vile delech? But how can I already absolve myself with asking for my bitter and evil and evil deeds, I fall on my head all day and night and every hour? But I pray tending, my guardian saint, have mercy on me a sinner and unworthy servant of yours (name), be my helper and intercessor on the evil of my resistance, your holy prayers, and the Kingdom of God partaker of me and create with all the saints, always and now and prisno and forever and ever.


After a successful operation, the believer brings thanksgiving and praise to the Lord. When consciousness returns, they say: “Glory to Thee, God! «,» Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice! «. After thanking the saints to whom they turned for help.

Thanksgiving to God: “Lord Jesus Christ Our God, God of all mercy and bounty, whose mercy is immeasurable and of humanity — an immeasurable abyss! We, crouching in Your greatness, with fear and trembling, as unworthy slaves, thank You for the mercies shown to us. As the Lord, the Lord and the Benefactor, we praise You, praise, sing and magnify and, dropping, thank you again!

Your inexpressible mercy we humbly pray: as you have now accepted our prayers and fulfilled them, so in the future let us succeed in love for You, for our neighbors and in all virtues — and always reward us to thank and praise You, together with the Primordial Your Father and All-Holy, and Good, and Thy Own One, Your Spirit. Amen».

A full prayer is read in the hospital or at home, in the temple they order the service of thanksgiving prayer. At the prayer service they pray for the patient who underwent the operation, about his relatives and the treating doctors.

Some after the hand out distribute small treats asking for prayers for health.

Another form of expressing gratitude will be reading Akathist «Thank God for everything.» If health already allows, you can go on pilgrimages by making donations in holy places.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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