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Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

Strong prayer before and after surgery for success and good luck

The development of medicine today has made surgery during treatment a routine matter, which few people are surprised at. However, this always worries the patient and sometimes leads to very different, sometimes even dark thoughts.

The prayer before the operation, the appeal to God and the intercession of the saints, who many centuries ago were called by suffering Christians, will help to cope with anxiety, to strengthen one’s spirit.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

Is prayer necessary before surgery?

Often, even doctors warn that they are not omnipotent and cannot give a guarantee for the 100% success of the upcoming event. Many people say this openly to their patient’s relatives and advise not only to fulfill all their prescriptions, but also to pray.

Hope gained at the time of the message to the Lord gives peace, which not only benefits the soul, but also strengthens the body.

It happens that a person turns to saints for the first time, praying that the opeation will be successful, believes that the upcoming anesthesia is almost death. The saints do not help him themselves, but with their petitions for the sake of their own holiness for the sick to God.

A believer prayer before the operation is a must.

How to pray before surgery so that everything goes well

Before you give yourself in the hands of the surgeon, you must go to God’s temple. Be sure to wear a cross.

Ask the father blessing, and before that go through confession and communion.

  • Do not think about evil.
  • Sincerely forgive all the insults.
  • Reconcile with all who have been offended by you.

Most often they turn to Archbishop Luka, Our Lady of Saint. Panteleimon.

They read the canons.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

Holy Prayer Books for Health

About whom they pray before the operation mentioned above. And now briefly about the martyrs themselves and the wonderful stories of healing.

St. Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon

Healer’s help is known from antiquity. Living on land in the 4th c. He was famous as a doctor.

In the difficult time of persecution of Christians, St. Panteleimon, before giving aid, always sent his prayers to Christ, which was always severely punished by the pagans. However, the Lord, seeing such zeal, increased his talent for healing people.

They say that the young man even managed to resurrect the dead.

It is necessary to step back before the operation, not to worry, but to read the akathist to the Healer Panteleimon.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

Known case in a hospital in Krasnodar. An elderly man already managed to break the collarbone, and under anesthesia he was greatly feared to inject him, he could not bear it. And now the patient who has fallen asleep on the preoperative night sees a certain young man dressed in some antique things.

He gave the old man some medicine and encouraged him, saying that everything would be fine. All this was surprising for the whole operating room.

Already leaving the hospital, the pensioner suddenly saw on one of the walls an icon of the Healer and recognized him as a person from a dream.

St. Luke of Crimea — patron of all suffering from ailments

Almost in every hospital, especially in the surgical department, you can find the icon of St. Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky. He is glorified relatively recently, only in 1996. This is a real person. who gave his whole life in order to heal others. It is also known as a scientist who has left the work in demand until now.

Modern surgeons also use his experience. At maturity, Luke did not stop practicing medicine, although he was already a bishop.

God glorified him for unfading faith, which the saint did not cease to confess even during the years of the formation of Soviet power.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

Healed Luke after his death. From his relics, people returned to full-fledged life.

Sometimes they did not even need surgical intervention, but only through the prayers of the saint, the patients who were preparing for the operation were suddenly healed. They prayed to Luka Krymsky and before the operation of a loved one, with their whole heart believing in a happy outcome.

Holy Vmuch Barbara

In the most critical cases, refer to St. Barbara, there are famous stories of her help.

There are quite a few cases that eyewitnesses say about the miraculous healing that occurred after the Orthodox prayer addressed to the Great Martyr.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

If you look at the icon, you can see that the Holy Communion Chalice. During the operation, anesthesia is likely to die, not to wake up, and Christians are very frightened by sudden death without participle.

To prevent this from happening, they pray to St. Barbara.

Prayers for loved ones

Known words of Christ, given in the Gospel: «Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am among them.» They have several meanings, including the fact that all relatives should gather to pray for the patient when he is in a hospital bed.

It is believed that such an appeal will soon reach the Lord.

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

In the church, the prayer service “Before a surgical operation” is always ordered and served if relatives ask for help from the priest. If there is no Serbian priest in the temple, where a special Serbian prayer is written, it will be a good sign to bring him as a gift to the temple. If possible, it is useful to order sorokousta in 40 churches.

They are effective when the patient and his family also pray.

Prayers after surgery

Prayer before surgery so that it goes well

When the operated patient is brought into intensive care, and it would seem that the most difficult trials are over, there is no need to relax. As soon as he moves away from anesthesia, it is necessary to create the first prayer with gratitude to the Almighty, or to say the Theotokos word.

After not forget to mention the rest of the saints, which had to be addressed in the last days.

Going prayer of sv. John of Kronstadt and the icon of the «Threefold».


If it happened that surgical intervention is inevitable, then it is desirable to pray for the patient heartily. He can do it himself, but it is much better if his relatives and friends ask God for his health and a happy outcome of the operation.

This should occur both during the operation, and before and after it. In such cases, refer to

  • Luka Crimean;
  • Holy Great Martyr Varvara;
  • your guardian angel;
  • To John of Kronstadt;
  • Healer Panteleimon.

For success, the patient goes to church before going to the operating room, and his relatives pray during the operation itself.

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