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Prayer before surgery

Prayer before surgery

Health problems can meet on the path of life to each of us. Faced with such a disaster, we all seek support from loved ones or from Heaven. Often, only doctors can help improve their health by intervening promptly.

To enlist the help from above, you need to pray correctly before surgery.

How to prepare the soul for the operation

Doctors will take care of your physical well-being. By carefully following their recommendations, you can simultaneously prepare for medical intervention morally. First of all, do not be alarmed in vain and believe in a successful outcome of events.

Hell and suffering the heavenly intercessors will not leave in the lurch.

Before a complex operation, it is recommended to confess, so as not to pursue the fear of death. In general, you should not talk about death and about an adverse outcome, and even think about it. Adjust only to the good, so as not to attract the attention of evil forces.

Do not blame Heaven for the weakness of your health. Remember that the Lord sends only those tests that are within our strength and that make us stronger. Resist the temptation and sin of despondency.

With faith in the best and in God, the operation will succeed.

What prayers to read before the operation

If you do not very well know the texts of canonical prayers, speak to God in your own words. He will hear the pleas from the heart. You can learn “Our Father” and read this first text for all believers in the morning.

Pray to your guardian angel, do not forget to turn to the Virgin Mary. Nicholas the Wonderworker will become a loyal assistant and protector in the fight against a serious illness. Ask for healing and do not forget to repent of possible sins.

The main condition for prayer is strong faith and pure thoughts of the soul. Promise yourself to do a lot of good things after recovery, make a donation, however small, feasible to you. Such promises must be fulfilled, moreover, not as a duty before God, namely, eagerly wanting to thank Heaven and make someone’s life better now.

Pray to the patron saints, and if the operation is before your loved one. Go to the temple, order a health service, pray to Saint Nicholas. Such a prayer, which can be read in times of anxiety for a dear person, will help:

Lord of the Almighty, Holy King, do not punish and do not kill, claiming to fall and erect the overthrowing, corporeal people of sorrow correct, we pray to You, O God, your servant Lord, medical power from heaven came down, manage the mind and hand of Your servant’s servant, and create the necessary surgery safely, as the physical ailment of Your sick servant (name) is completely healed, and to any hostile hostile distant being removed from him. Elevate him from the bed of the sickly, and grant him with the health of your soul and body of your church, benevolent and creative of your will.


Before the operation, the faith must be unshakable, and the soul — cleansed from bad thoughts. Prayers also help in this. Refer to Heaven so that they endowed with steadfast spirit, pray for a successful outcome and for the healing skills of doctors. We wish you good health, never be ill and and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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