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Prayer before confession

Prayer before confession

Confession is a Christian sacrament through which every believer must pass, cleansing his soul from sins, and thoughts from all evil and negative. Learn how to prepare and how to pray before confession.

In confession, the Orthodox believer reveals the soul before God, telling about the most sacred. Often, what was said at a confession to the priest is told the most secret, share bad thoughts and terrible sins, misdemeanors, which gnaw, at times, a person for years.

Before coming to the Almighty to repentance, a person is obliged to prepare himself and his soul. After all, he must sincerely repent of all sinful acts and want to become more righteous.

Preparing for confession

Before you confess your own transgressions, you should lead a calm and righteous life. Three days before going to church, be sure to observe the fast and refrain from any entertainment. It is not the idle pastime that should occupy the penitent, but the thought of his immortal soul.

It is worth spending more time in solitude, reflecting on your own actions and reading church literature.

At the very confession one cannot hide from the priest any sin committed. It is not worth waiting for questions, you must confess in all sincerity to all that you have done and ask for forgiveness from the Lord.

Prayers preparing for confession

Before confession, it is imperative to pray and turn to God, asking him to strengthen the spirit and faith. The church says that before confession, prayer-appeal is possible, from the heart in its own words. Sincerely asking for grace and guidance on the true path, you will prepare yourself for the Orthodox sacrament.

After that you can read short prayers, thanks to them your requests will reach the Almighty and will be heard. After reading the church text, you reinforce your request and show your respect for God and faith.

“Come, Holy Ghost, enlighten my mind so that I may better understand my sins; inspire my will to genuine repentance of them, to sincere confession and resolute correction of your life «

«O Mary, Mother of God, the refuge of sinners, intercede for me.»

“The Holy Guardian Angel, my holy patrons, ask for me the grace of God for the true confession of sins from God.”

Also the night before the communion you can read the prayer prayer. In this way you will inform the Lord of your soonest repentance. In the morning you will be able to confess and tell the worst sins without fear of God’s punishment.

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to the greatness of Thy mercy, and according to the multitude of Thy bounty, cleanse my iniquity. Most likely, wash me from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. For I know my iniquity, and I will take out my sin before me. To you, who have sinned against one another, have done unto Thee, as it were justified in Thy words and conquer, always judge Ti.

Behold, in the iniquity I was conceived, and in the grace of the land my mother begotten. Behold, thou hast loved the truth, Thou hast known and secret in Thy wisdom. Scour me with hyssop, and cleanse, wash me, and more than snow let me.

To my hearing dasi joy and gladness, the bones of humility will rejoice. Turn away thy face from my sin, and cleanse my iniquity. Create a pure heart in me, O God, and renew the spirit of rights in my womb.

Do not reject me from the face of yours and your Holy Spirit not from me. May you reward the joy of your salvation, and with the Master’s Spirit establish me. I will teach you lawless in your way, and the ungodly will turn to you. Deliver me from the blood, God, God of my salvation, my tongue will rejoice in Thy righteousness.

O Lord, my lips open, and my mouth will declare Thy Yako if you would have been delighted to sacrifice the sacrifice, give byhe the slaughter: burnt offering is not benevolent. Sacrifice to God — the spirit is crushed, the heart will not be humiliated and God will be humbled. Please, O Lord, with the favor of Zion, and the walls of Jerusalem be built. Then bless the sacrifice of righteousness, the offering and the burnt offering; then they will put it on the altar Your calves. ”

Sincere repentance from the heart, will positively affect your state of mind. Such a “conversation with God” is necessary for every believer to cleanse himself from all that is evil and sinful. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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