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Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

A good Christian should always remember that his life on earth is completely in the hands of the Creator. Even if a person does not believe in God, he must understand that people cannot control everything around them. And if you are sure that you are the master of your destiny, you are just immersed in illusion.

Your mind is deceived for the sake of comfort.

In Orthodoxy, the worshipers turn in their prayers to the Holy Spirit. And the words of conversion can be memorized from the prayer book.

Learn the prayers and repeat to yourself or repeat softly to the ear.

A brief prayer: “Lord, bless!” A brief way of prayer. However, we do not advise you to be lazy, it is better to harden the words of the prayer, because the slowly readable prayer calms the body and mind.

Inner calm is a very important moment to start any business.

Who to turn to in prayers?

Appeal to the Saints before a new undertaking is an ancient Orthodox tradition. Prayers were read, as a rule, in the Old Slavonic language.

But no one will forbid you to read prayers in your dialect. After all, the Creator understands all adverbs and languages.

Plan and do with a calm heart and soul. If you are in doubt whether everything will turn out and work out as you like, contact our Creator.

He will direct you in the right direction and will not leave you throughout the whole business. Here are the words of the message, memorize them and start each day with their reading:

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Before starting any work or important work, you can also refer to different Revs:

  • St. Nicholas;
  • Tryphon the Martyr;
  • Guardian angel;
  • Patron saint (by your name);
  • Holy Mother Mother of God.

Prayers to the Holy Martyrs

Why do we turn in our prayers to them?

Nikolai worked hard all his life. He did not leave without the help of anyone from his entourage, despite the fact that he himself was sometimes difficult.

Refer to Saint Nicholas with his fervent prayer and he will definitely help you.

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Devout Trifon helps those who pray to find a cause in life and perform their duties well. Memorize the call to him:

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Your guardian angel and protector is designed to protect our body and spirit from bad diseases and vicious impulses. Do not litter your mind with bad and decadent thoughts, because they can ward off the Angel and you will remain without protection.

The name of the patron, whose name was given to you at baptism also helps throughout the life of a person. Learn the short chant (troparion) that is usually performed on the days of the saints in churches.

Sing this verse before starting any work.

Your custodian can help not only in everyday affairs, but also in making important decisions with regards to business. Let the uncertainty not scare you, turn to him and your strength will increase, dark thoughts will go away from your head:

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Finally, the Mother of God, the mother of Jesus, is the patron of all people on earth. She was not afraid of any work: family care and housework. She traveled enormous distances and worked hard, but she never grumbled.

She understands all the aspirations and needs of a person, address her with sincere prayer, and the Mother of God will help you.

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

If your work involves dangerous production or other risks to life and health, please give a prayer to Matron. She helped all those who ask during her life, and now she will protect your life and health.

Upon completion of the dangerous business, warmly thank Mother.

And this is the way the prayer goes to the martyr Matrona:

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Prayer in the initiation of every work

Read a prayer diligently and sincerely before any undertaking. As far as you read an appeal to the Saints, do all the work and your duties so fully.

Holy martyrs do nothing for you. They can only morally support you with their power.

Litany is designed to add you strength during work. It should be remembered that those to whom you are addressing, lived on Earth, suffered need, cold and hunger.

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

End of prayer

Why is it so important to thank the Creator and the Saints? At the end of all your work, at the end of the day, thank God and all the Holy Martyrs to whom you addressed with prayer. Otherwise, you may have a delusion, pride, and the thought that all success is solely your merit.

Wrong, you can gradually move away from the Lord God, and this will not lead to anything good.

Got help — read the words of thanks. Let everything not work out exactly as you wanted.

Accept every passing day with gratitude, and the next day, with God’s help, you will achieve more.

Prayer before and at the end of every case in Russian

Why do we need prayers and do they act?

You might ask, why do we need all these various prayers and addresses? Isn’t it enough to know “Our Father” by heart and read it every day?

Faith in people is scanty, this process is inevitable, and you will be greatly mistaken if you think that this process began in the industrial age. Even the apostle Paul mentioned the decline of faith, which is why he bequeathed all subsequent generations of Christians to pray earnestly.

How much time should be given to prayers? For the Companions of Christ, it takes a lot of time, but ordinary laypeople, under the yoke of sins and greed, spend less and less time on prayers.

But it is she who should save the morality of man from the final fall. Wealth, power, gluttony and adultery, in the end, leave a person empty.

The body is only the shell of the soul and it must be subordinated to it. But the soul itself to obey the spirit, it is he who has in common with God and does not allow the lower thoughts to completely take over us.

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