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Prayer before and after meals

Prayer before and after meals

Why do people pray before eating? Previously, it seemed to me that there was something wrong in this, an assumed one.

The man prayed in the morning and in the evening, talked with God, and that was good. What does the food, especially household thing?

In fact, this prayer appeal is of paramount importance.

I myself understood this by my example. He began to pray because there were problems with digestion, and a familiar believer advised him to turn to God before dinner.

I first explained this to myself: I will read to calm down, tune in to eating.

But life turned out differently. This habit gave me a very large understanding of the Christian faith, I changed my attitude to life.

And I want to share with you information about how to read the prayers before lunch and after the meal, and why it should be done.

Prayer before and after meals

Prayer before a meal — thanks to God for his gifts

Prayer treatment before dinner makes us think: what does it mean to be a Christian? You go to the temple on weekends, and that’s good.

Perhaps many read the morning and evening rule. But do you feel connected with God?

Being a Christian means internally changing and changing your life.

It is very important to perform each of your actions, inwardly communicating with God, as a sign that you fully trust the Higher Powers. In this sense, eating food is one of the most important actions in our life.

This is the action through which we continue our lives.

In addition, we taste something material created by the Creator. And the Orthodox prayer before a meal helps us understand this deep thought.

When we pray at the dinner table, we thank God for life, for the opportunity to breathe, live, eat food, enjoy every moment of our life.

Prayer treatment sanctifies our dinner, makes it not just a certain nutrient mass, but a sacred food through which God’s grace comes into our lives.

There is a prayer appeal to God before a meal and a practical meaning — indeed, we calm down, we are adjusted to talk with God, and this helps us to be protected from overeating.

Prayer before and after meals

A prayer of thanksgiving is the basis of faith

Today we live in a very intense rhythm, we have no time to stop, think about God, feel his presence next to us. Food for us is, first of all, a kind of entertainment, a “tasty treat,” with which we seize our stress.

Food becomes a sport or the process of «charging batteries», that is, something purely utilitarian. We sometimes do not notice the taste of food, we are in a hurry to swallow our portions and run about their business.

Prayer corrects this sad situation. By the way, those people who have a good habit of praying before eating, rarely have digestive problems, they have no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

After eating food, it is also advisable to pray, thank the Creator for the gifts he has created, for the continuation of life.

  • tune in a calm way
  • improve digestion
  • realize your gratitude to God
  • Express love to the Creator.

Prayer before and after meals

How to read a prayer before eating

Let’s remember how our ancestors lived. For them, prayer was the basis of life.

They did everything with prayer, and first of all they did not forget to pray before dinner. Their families were friendly, large, and even in lean years there was enough food for everyone.

The oldest woman cooked dinner, the young ones helped her. Cooked often with prayer, blessed cooked dishes.

Now this tradition is leaving. Many of us buy ready-made meals in the store.

And it is not known what benefit such a lunch can bring?

The situation can correct your own prayer before the start of the meal. Even if you have not prepared your dinner yourself, a sincere appeal to God will help sanctify him, make him more useful.

If you think about what food is, then it becomes clear: food is a manifestation of God’s care for people. Everything in the world is created by God, and the food that we use for our life activity, for raising the level of energy, for continuing our life as a whole, is also created by God for us.

We need to appreciate this fact and thank God that we have food.

Therefore, at the beginning of the meal, remember this again, mentally (or out loud, if appropriate), thank God for your lunch or dinner, and also read the canonical prayer. This may be a special text for eating.

But if you can not remember it, then read «Our Father» or «Our Lady the Virgin, rejoice.» This blessing prayer, having read it, you thereby sanctify the dinner.

In Orthodoxy, such a blessing has the right to make not only priests, but also all believers. After reading the prayer, cross the dishes and with peace of mind begin to dinner.

Prayer before and after meals

Educational value

It is very important that you not only prayed before eating, but also teach this to children. Our children live in a completely different world, they enter the race for money, for the blessings of life from a very young age.

Therefore, you should, as parents, explain to the children that the most important thing in the world is the soul. It can not be bought for any money. The soul is cleansed only through communion with God.

Your example will be the best lesson for your children: pray yourself and they will repeat the words of the sacred texts after you.

Only in a family, a child can be inoculated with a kind attitude to other people, explaining the great power of prayer. If your son or daughter sees how you pray earnestly before eating and after eating, they will do the same.

Their perception of life will be different: there will be more love, respect, understanding. And also there will be a different attitude to food — as to something sacred.

What to do if you are visiting or in a cafe? No problem, you can pray to yourself.

And you can say the text of the prayer in a low voice, that you will not disturb anyone.

Prayer before and after meals

As a prayer before a meal, you can use:

  • canonical prayers (“Our Father”),
  • prayers of thanks expressed in your own words
  • a special prayer (“The eyes of all …”).

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