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Prayer before a court for a good outcome

Appeal to God for a successful outcome in court

I am often approached by relatives of those people who came to court. I recommend that such people immediately seek the help of the Lord.

Today I will tell you how to pray for a successful outcome of the case in court.

Prayer help

As they say, a person should not renounce the bag and the prison. But only a few remember this truth.

People who follow the letter of the law believe that they are safe. However, there are many examples of how sometimes law enforcement officials are cruel.

Facing pressure from higher ranks, simple investigators often juggle evidence.

And at the same time a completely innocent person can become their victim. Now on the Internet there are a lot of stories about how innocent people were convicted of a crime that they did not commit.

And only some of them managed later to prove their innocence, to be released and return to a life that will never be the same.

Prayer before a court for a good outcome

When a person falls into the hands of law enforcement and feels that he is trying to incriminate a terrible crime, he immediately loses hope. In particular, if he does not have money for a good lawyer or influential friends.

But is it really necessary to give up in such a situation if there is an opportunity to ask the Creator for intercession?

It is he who can help the innocent avoid punishment, and the sinner to get a softer sentence. Of course, if the sinner repented of the crime he committed. Therefore, the priests recommend before the court to read one prayer that can help get the mercy of the Lord.

Such a prayer before the court can drastically change the course of affairs.

What is in the soul, so in life

Some Christians naively believe that such prayer, which can be read before the judgment, is absolute. That is, they believe that, after reading it, they will certainly be able to avoid suffering.

But this position is initially wrong. Moreover, by taking this position, the person himself deprives himself of the mercy of the Lord.

You cannot read a prayer and at the same time think that God must fulfill the request that was addressed to him. No, this does not mean that hope itself is sinful. Each person, offering prayers, hopes that the Lord will help.

And this is quite normal. But at the same time it is important not to confuse hope and self-confidence.

Addressing the Lord, a person, first of all, must be a pure soul. If his hands are covered in blood, then the soul must be cleansed of it. Only after repentance will a Christian be worthy to turn to the Creator.

But this concerns not only the sinner who is really guilty and committed a crime.

Before an ascension of a prayer, an innocent person should also think carefully about the particular path he has chosen in his life. Perhaps it is in this crime that he is not at fault.

But this does not guarantee that a person is truly completely clean before God.

In addition, it is very important to remember two things that play a significant role in whether a plea will be heard or not:

  • faith — they say that there are no atheists in the trenches. Each person, having got into an unpleasant life situation, begins to think, willy-nilly, to ask for intercession from heaven. Indeed, in certain situations only the Almighty can assist. However, a person must sincerely believe that the Lord will be gracious to him. You cannot offer a prayer and at the same time show your soul a distrust of the power of heaven;
  • sincerity — when asking for something, a Christian should always remember that his thoughts are known to the Lord. And if he really is the one who should be behind bars, one cannot deny this. For example, if a person deliberately broke into a house to commit a robbery and at the same time killed the owner, you need to confess. And at the same time pray for the Lord to soften the punishment. But some pray to win the case in court, although they are guilty.

It is noteworthy that some people who were actually forced to try on the role of victims, consider sinners unworthy of mercy. On the one hand, these people can be understood. Seeing how the mother of the murdered child suffers, very few people will be able to speak with her about mercy for the killer.

But on the other hand, the judge alone is the Lord. And only he can decide who to help and who to leave in the dark darkness, from which there is no salvation.

Little about forgiveness

Once in a situation where law enforcement agencies are struggling to juggle evidence, a person begins to pray earnestly to the Lord. At the trial, noticing that the judge begins to gradually take exactly the side of the victim, the person feels a desire to play on him, to punish him.

He prays and asks God to punish those who slander him. And this is the main mistake that can be costly in the future.

Prayer before a court for a good outcome

It must be clearly understood that pride, which in this case is manifested, cannot help a person find a way to the Lord. Some may argue that this is not pride at all, but only a desire to help justice triumph.

However, having become thoughtful, it becomes clear that the one who is praying simply dreams to try on the role of a judge and accuse those who build a slander on him. And this is wrong.

In such a situation, you need to ask for something completely different. For example, that the heavens should bestow enlightenment on the judge, and he could understand that there is an innocent citizen in front of him who they are trying to slander.

Clergy believe that only such behavior can help a person. You should never cultivate anger in your heart, anger. As the seeds of these feelings grow, they become the embodiment of sinfulness.

After all, a person who has cultivated these feelings in himself begins to hate all those around him. Even the thought of punishing offenders is sinful.

But many people forget about it. Now for some reason it is considered that a person may offend the one who caused him pain.

That is revenge.

Thinking about revenge, you do not need to hope for a successful outcome of the case. It should recall the words of Confucius.

He said that a person who is going to take revenge must necessarily dig two graves: one for himself and one for the offender.

And the priests fully agree with this expression. After all, the desire to revenge — this is the fall.

A true Christian should never ponder over who will take revenge on his abuser. There is a High Court.

And on the day that will be chosen by the Creator, this judgment will take place. Then every sinner will receive the punishment he deserves.

Up to this point, thoughts of revenge are sinful, because a person tries on himself the role of a judge who is allowed to decide destinies.

Who to pray?

Modern people with religion face very rarely. Of course, this is bad.

After all, this is why it is so difficult for them to live as the Lord ordered his creatures. But most importantly, this circumstance interferes with their spiritual enlightenment. Once under investigation, a person begins to think about who exactly to offer a prayer.

After all, there is a sufficiently large number of saints who are worshiped by Christians. And so the question arises in my head.

Any priest can answer it.

Prayer before a court for a good outcome

No need to hesitate to ask questions. God said that the temple is not just a building to which people come to pray.

This is a union of souls. And if a person has found the spiritual strength to turn to faith, no one will say a bad word to him.

Moreover, in this matter there is nothing bad. Just the opposite. The man after all became interested in religion.

And at the same time it doesn’t matter for what reason he does it.

However, if it so happened that a person could not find out the answer to his question, he can do otherwise. Not always in the matter of choosing a patron, the help of outsiders is needed.

Going to the temple, a person can understand for himself who exactly needs to pray. For example, if, standing in front of the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, a person feels the desire to pray to him, this is what should be done.

This means that the Lord himself tells you from whom to ask for intercession. Well, the clergy themselves remind you that you can pray:

  • The Virgin Mary — it is necessary to offer prayers to the Virgin Mary if a truly innocent person suffers;
  • Nicholas the saint — this saint should offer prayers in the event that the one who committed the crime was accused.

Please note that Nicholas the Wonderworker can offer prayers and relatives of the convict. Therefore, if he himself does not have the opportunity to attend the church, his relatives can also represent him before the patron.

But this does not negate the fact that the offender must independently offer prayer to Nicholas in his cell.


  1. If a person who has been innocently convicted has no money for a lawyer, he can ask for intercession from heaven.
  2. Even wealthy people who could hire a lawyer, it is better not to refuse the grace of the Lord.
  3. Both perpetrators and those who have been convicted unfairly can ask for intercession.
  4. You can pray not only to the Lord, but also to the Virgin or Nicholas. It is important to remember that criminals should offer prayers to Nicholas.

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