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Plots and prayers for good luck and money

Plots and prayers for good luck and money

For a full life, a person needs money and luck. In order to quickly get what you want, you should more often turn to the Higher Forces. This will help you effective prayers and conspiracies.

Every person dreams of a prestigious job, career growth and, of course, decent earnings. However, to translate these dreams into reality is not so simple. In today’s world, many people neglect conspiracies and prayers, and, as it turned out, very vain.

Thus, skeptics with their own hands repel luck, and their negative attitude blocks cash flow, which is why the desire to earn money does not bring a positive result. In this article, experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you about how to find what they want and achieve success, with the support of the Higher Forces.

Conspiracy to attract good luck

Most effective conspiracies and rituals are aimed precisely at attracting good luck, and now we will tell you about one of the most simple, but at the same time effective. For it you will need:

Before going to work, mix in a clean bowl, salt and sugar. From the mixture obtained, it is necessary to form a slide, which is then necessary to pierce with a pin. Leave the building until the next morning. After that, take the pin and quietly fasten it to the clothes in which you are going to go to work, but first say:

“As the sun shines from the sky and gives me warmth, so you will give me luck so that all things will work out for me. Give me success, may I be luckier of all. ”

Every day, wear a pin on yourself. After six months, you should repeat the ritual, so that luck never leaves you.

A strong conspiracy for money

Financial instability and lack of money does not allow us to live a full life. To get rid of financial problems and to establish a financial situation, use the strongest conspiracy. The proposed ritual is desirable to carry out during the rising moon.

In this case, the energy of the night star will accelerate its result.

As soon as the moon appears in the sky, go to the windowsill and light a church candle. Try to concentrate on the flame, and then say:

“Let the candle flame burn all my failures and problems. Let me, like a magnet, will attract money. I am ready to receive wealth.

Let it be as I say. ”

Leave the candle burn out. Repeat the ritual during the next phase of moon growth, and soon you will be able to get rid of financial difficulties.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money

At all times, Nicholas the Wonderworker was one of the most revered saints. It is believed that the prayers addressed to him help to achieve success in all spheres of life and to gain wealth. You can say a prayer both in the temple and at home, but it is advisable to do this in front of the icon of St. Nicholas.

“Oh, the kindest and most intelligent tutor of ours, Saint Nicholas! Hear the words of God’s servant (s) (s) (name), come to the aid of me. You see all who need your help, do not deny to sinners and help us.

Send us financial well-being, save us from money problems. Protect us from poverty and hunger, do not let us live below the poverty line. Please, Nikolai the Pleasant, hear my prayer, grant me a calm and rich life.


Say a prayer every day for a week, and soon you will be able forever to get rid of monetary problems and gain financial well-being.

Strong prayer to Matrona of Moscow for good luck

During her lifetime, the Blessed Matrona helped everyone who needed her help. Even now, the incredible power of prayers addressed to the Matrona of Moscow helps believers find what they want, including good luck.

It is desirable to say a prayer before bedtime, looking at the image of the Holy Matron.

“Oh, Holy Matushka Matrona, I pray for your help and I ask you to deliver me, the slave (s) of God’s (th) (name), from failures and problems. May luck never leave me, may it accompany me throughout my life. Oh, Matrona of Moscow, you are helping all believers, so help me too. Hear my prayers.


Try to say a prayer every day, and after that do not talk to anyone and go to sleep.

The experience of ancestors shows that with the help of rituals and rituals, a person can bring into his life everything he needs. If you want to get rid of loneliness and find a soul mate, take advantage of strong conspiracies to attract love. We wish you success and material well-being, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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