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Plots and prayers during sowing: how to attract a good harvest

Plots and prayers during sowing: how to attract a good harvest

Before each sowing, our ancestors resorted to the help of higher powers. And all because the harvest was then more abundant, and the work went into the hands.

Here you can find the answer to any question in the section on gardens and kitchen gardens. For example, the lunar calendars of seedlings suggest the best time for disembarking, and the calendars of the gardener will tell you what business to devote to each lunar day in the garden.

Prayers for successful sowing

O most sacred head, good shepherd of the sheep of Christ, the holy martyr of Christ Haralambiye, great intercession for us in sorrow and misfortune and in all needs! Hearing us, your sinful and unworthy servants, praying to you, and with your omnipotent prayers, All-goodness, the Lord will deliver us from all evil, forgive all sins, voluntary and involuntary, give us another good life and repentance of our commandments. Ask, please God, may the blessing of the King of Heaven over Russia blessed by Him be peace in this place, salvation for the health of the bodies and souls. At your prayer, at you, the holy martyr of Christ of Haralambiye, we hope, receive great mercy from the Lord in an endless age.


For many centuries, this prayer was read before crops and before planting seedlings. These lines ask the holy martyr Harlampy for a blessing. They are able to guide on the true path and help that which is beyond our control.

Here is another short prayer. She was sent to Saint Euthymius, who according to tradition received from God the opportunity to send his grace to the earth to increase the harvest:

In you, Father, it is known that when we saved ourselves in the image of receiving the cross, thou didst follow Christ, and the act that hath taught us to despise the flesh of the flesh, comes to pass. Adjoining the same about the soul, things are immortal. With the same Angels rejoice, prUnlike Euthymia, your spirit.

In addition to these two prayers, you can also read “Our Father.” This is the most important Christian prayer. The text of the prayer “Our Father” can be found on our website.

Plot to harvest

For the well-being of the future harvest, there are ancient plots that came to us from ancient times, but not lost their strength. In these plots, our ancestors turned to nature, which, as was long thought, possessed a fertile, child-bearing force and was able to feed it with every blade. Today, a similar conspiracy sounds like this:

Mother Earth, our grace, help us to do the work on time and receive your gifts. Let the rain feed you with water and the sun gives you warmth. Forever and ever.

You can read this plot both during sowing of seedlings, and during planting in the garden. The main thing is the right attitude and faith in the power of nature. Each plant feels our attitude and care, so it is better not to get down to business in an irritated or depressed state.

You can give it to seedlings, and then they will wither and wither.

I plow with a harrow, I collect it with a mop, the grace of the earth with me. Let it be so.

This is another short plot. It’s worth reading if you notice how something went wrong in your gardening work. If the seeds do not sprout or the shoots die from pests, try this simple conspiracy while caring for the plant.

When you need to plant seedlings on the lunar calendar, read with us. Lunar day calendars will be a good addition to your requests to the Almighty or to the Universe. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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