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Passionate Icon of the Mother of God

What helps the Passionate Icon of the Mother of God

The passionate icon of the Mother of God is one of the most powerful images in the Orthodox world. I myself often turn to her with prayers when I want to receive healing, to fill with hope, or to calm my heart.

In this article I will tell you about the meaning of the holy face, about how it helps, and what words should be addressed to it.

Icon history

Why is the Passionate Icon so named? The fact is that the canvas depicts not only the holy face of the Mother of God, but also angels, who hold objects that symbolize the passions of God — spears, crosses and sponges.

The icon has its own legend, which describes the origin of the holy image. In ancient times, a woman named Ekaterina lived in a village in the Nizhny Novgorod region. She suffered and suffered from being possessed by demons.

Her body and spirit plagued bouts of terrible seizures, during which she lost her ability to think and did not know what she was doing and what was going on around her.

Passionate Icon of the Mother of God

Exhausted woman was looking for all sorts of ways to cope with this scourge. In her prayers, she appealed to the Mother of God with a request to save her from a painful affliction.

In exchange for healing, she promised to be a nun. Her prayers were heard, and Catherine was healed.

But the woman did not fulfill her promise, and did not want to go to the monastery after performing a miracle. The Virgin Mary had a dream to Catherine, and in a dream she sprinkled reproaches on her.

Virgin Mary commanded to appeal to people with a story about what happened and a request to refrain from a sinful life.

And this time, Catherine ignored the order of the Virgin, for which she was punished. Her body broke paralysis, and she was immobilized.

And again the woman began to pray, literally at her last gasp asking for healing.

Virgin Mary again bestowed healing in exchange for a request. Catherine was ordered to find the icon painter, who depicted the holy face of the Virgin, and turn to the image with prayers.

Catherine fulfilled the will of the Virgin and was finally healed.

From that moment on, the icon was called Passion and was considered miraculous.

Translated from Old Slavic, “passion” is suffering. Therefore, this icon is filled with a special meaning and personifies one of the highest spiritual tasks. It is also a reminder of everything that happened during the Holy Week.

The angels depicted on the icons seem to foretell the fate prepared for Jesus, while the baby himself looks around in fright, clinging to his mother, wanting to receive protection and help from her.

Passionate Icon of the Mother of God

The Mother of God herself is full of humility, she calmly holds her son in her arms and brings him to the face of trials and destructive death, which fulfills God’s will. By this she personifies complete humility and readiness to submit to the Higher will.

Conclusion: The passionate icon is a symbol of human suffering, but not destructive, but healing the soul, giving forgiveness. And a reminder of the great sacrifice made by Jesus to people on earth.

The value of the Passion Icon: how does it help

From those very times and up to our days, the holy face of the Virgin on a passionate icon is considered miraculous. He grants healing and help to all those who suffer, who turn to the image of the Virgin Mary with sincere prayers.

What helps icon:

  1. Heals from all sorts of diseases affecting both the physical body of a person and his psyche.
  2. Gives consolation to a person who is filled with grief and suffering.
  3. It gives people confidence in themselves, in God. Gives hope for a better life, strengthens the strength of the human spirit.
  4. Helps to drive out demons, heals obsession, eliminates negative thoughts, including suicidal ones.
  5. Gives energy for a peaceful, righteous, and sinless life while keeping God’s commandments.

People turn to the icon during natural disasters, they pray to protect themselves, their loved ones and their homes from fire, flooding, theft and all other domestic disasters.

An interesting fact: after the fire that occurred during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, only the room in which the miraculous icon was located remained untouched and intact from the fire.

What prayer is addressed to the icon:

Passionate Icon of the Mother of God

It is very important to address the image with your requests, opening your heart, as sincerely as possible. It is not so important to say a prayer literally and accurately, how to feel its meaning.

You can even speak in your own words. The main thing that you are full of faith and sincerity.

Watch the video about the miraculous icon of the Virgin:

Effective prayer

Very often people pray to God and icons, wanting to get something. But many hours of prayers are futile, and a person may be completely disappointed, which is wrong.

In Orthodoxy there are certain rules about which very few people know:

  1. Prayer must come from the heart and soul, and not from the mind. Listen only to the inner voice, not trying to reflect and analyze. It is better to say two sentences from “myself”, but sincerely, than to mechanically repeat the memorized text of the prayer.
  2. If you ask for something from God, promise and give something in return. The law of equilibrium has not been canceled. For example, if you ask for healing, engage in charity, help someone who needs it. And the power of your prayer will increase tenfold.
  3. Do not shift the responsibility to God for everything that happens in your life. Do not expect that what you are asking for will fall from the sky. Act, take responsibility for everything that happens on yourself, and believe that everything will work out in the best possible way. Then you will get much more than you ask for and with less effort.

Do not forget about repentance, following the commandments, strive to live righteously, abide by the laws of the Higher Forces, and then your life will become completely different.

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