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Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

The Orthodox Church devotes special days to commemorate the dead. They are called parent Saturdays.

There are five Saturdays for commemoration of deceased relatives and two special universal Sabbaths. Few people imagine what to do at this time: either go to the cemetery, or go to church. What is parent Saturday, I told the church-relative.

I did not know on what days it was necessary to commemorate my relatives, how to do it correctly, what to bring to the temple for service. Many believers do not know this either, so I decided to tell in detail about the tradition in my article.

Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

The meaning of parenting Saturdays

In the ten commandments honoring parents is given a separate place. The Orthodox Church teaches the veneration not only of living parents, but also of the departed.

This is due to the belief that the souls of the deceased need our prayer petition, because only the living can be heard by God and the saints.

What is the difference between parenting Saturdays from universal ones? On parents’ Saturdays, we commemorate our departed relatives, and on the ecumenical ones we pray for the entire Orthodox world.

Funeral prayers

What is the meaning of the funeral prayer for the soul of the departed? After his death, a person cannot influence his destiny, repent of sins and change something. Therefore, the dead need our prayer help, receiving God’s blessing from each candle set in their memory and a read prayer for the dead.

This is not just a tribute to the memory of the deceased, but a feasible help to his soul.

Particularly in need of prayer support are sinners who have not had time to repent while alive. Relatives can beg for mercy from God and condescension for them, prayers and petitions will certainly be taken into account in the final judgment.

Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

Church service

On parenting Saturdays, you must take part in the liturgy in the church. You need to come to the service in advance to have time to leave a little note with the names of the departed, which will be remembered by the priest in prayer. Next, buy candles to put on the eve of the Holy Crucifixion.

The candlestick candlestick is square and costs around the Crucifixion.

If you do not know the words of the prayer of the funeral, you can say the following words:

Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

Prayer for the departed:

Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

On the memorial table leave treat: gingerbread, rice, candy, apples. It is also customary to distribute treats to other people in memory of the deceased.

Many parishioners leave money in churches, making feasible donations. If the parental Saturday falls on the time of Great Lent, then lean products are carried to the memorial table and Cagor is left.

Vodka and other strong alcoholic beverages are not placed on the memorial table, Cahor is a church wine.

On memorial days, they also order a requiem for the dead. After the liturgy, parishioners visit the churchyard to honor the memory of their relatives at the graves.

It is very important not to forget to visit the graves of relatives, regularly clean them from leaves and grass, paint the gate and change flowers in vases.

Parent Saturday: Orthodox traditions

Memorial days

Since the memorial Sabbaths coincide with the transitional Orthodox holidays, they fall at different times. Therefore, you can find out the dates of Saturdays in the Orthodox calendar for the current year. Commemoration days fall on:

  • Meat saturday;
  • Holy Trinity;
  • Dmitriev Saturday;
  • Great post.

These dates are intended to remember all believers, including their relatives. These are six special days (3 memorial Saturdays fall on Lent) when it is necessary to ask God for mercy and to petition for the departed.

Among them, the Trinity and Myasoposta Sabbaths are revered as ecumenical.

The ninth of May is remembered for all those who perished in the Great Patriotic War.

Saturdays for remembering relatives fall on the eve of posts:

At this time, commemorate the deceased relatives, give alms. The Orthodox Church has a negative attitude towards drinking alcohol during the commemoration of the dead, and there is also no need to leave a mention at the graves.

On the eve of Saturday, a Great dirge is held (Parastas) on Friday, the service for the funeral service is served on Saturday, and after it, a general dirge service is served. You should know that the dirge is a vigil service, not a day service.

Trinity commemoration day

This is the time of commemoration of all the departed Orthodox. A special feature of this day is the prayer for unrepentant sinners, whose souls are in hell.

After the service, the faithful visit their graves, carry flowers and birch twigs, arrange a memorial meal (eggs, pancakes, kutya). It is customary to distribute alms and leave donations to the church.

On parenting Saturdays, you cannot remember suicides, except for Trinity.

What bans exist these days? Many believe that it is impossible to work. However, the fathers of the church do not prohibit doing the necessary work on the housework, it is not recommended only to perform heavy, dirty work.

You also can not drink alcohol and indulge in a frank sin (fight, swear, wish others harm).

It is not recommended to appoint weddings for this day, as it is inconvenient to start life with a commemoration day. At Trinity, you can send matchmakers, but the wedding is better to play after it.


The Big Parent Saturday, on the eve of Lent, belongs to universal commemorations. At this time, commemorate all the Orthodox departed.

This is one of the fundamental memorial days, because many Christians could be buried without repentance and the Orthodox funeral rite.

On this day, Orthodox believers can taste meat dishes for the last time. Next Sunday, Lent begins.

The history of Meat Pawns dates back to ancient times, when early Christians recalled brothers and sisters tortured by pagans. Many of the martyrs for their faith were not buried in a dignified manner, so the living offered prayers for them to heaven.

This Saturday, you can petition for those who died a sudden death without repentance. God gives a chance for the attainment of the Kingdom of God and for such souls who did not have time to gain everlasting grace in the days of mortal life.

This parental Saturday falls on the ninth day after the Resurrection of Christ. There is no specific date for Radonitsa, as it is tied to Easter.

Radonitsa in Orthodoxy is considered a special memorial day and is considered the Easter of the dead. The living congratulate the deceased on Easter, because it is on this day that the resurrection of the dead is expected.

Women cook kutyu, bake pancakes and paint eggs red.

Radonitsa is considered a bright holiday, so after it should be a good mood.


This day of commemoration falls on the eve of November 8, it was established by Dmitry Donskoy after the victory on the Kulikovo Field. Every year, Orthodox believers remember those killed in the battlefield, because in those days more than 250,000 Russian soldiers were killed. In due course, the Dmitriyev Saturday became the general commemoration of all believers who suffered for the Orthodox faith.

Dmitriyev’s Saturday ends the annual cycle of memorial days.

Saturdays of Great Lent

In Lent spend three parental Saturdays, falling on the second, third and fourth week. On these commemorative days, Orthodox may take a personal part in the universal prayer for the departed.

How to spend the evening of parental Saturday, is it possible to do household chores? In the evening, a person can do the usual things, the church does not impose any prohibitions.

If someone told you that you can not clean the house or work, then this is superstition.

Fathers of the church do not approve of a strong seal and longing for the departed.

Is it permissible to baptize a baby on parental days? There is no ban on the adoption of the sacrament of baptism on any day of the year, so you can safely baptize a child on the commemoration dates.

How to properly serve the memorial table in the house on Radonitsu? Be sure to put an additional cutlery for the deceased, and put eggs, cookies, sweets on the windowsill. On a plate for the deceased they put on a spoonful of food from all the plates and left this dish until the morning on the table.

Previously, for the deceased, they heated the bath and left a clean towel. It is believed that the deceased can come and wash away their sins with water.

Do I have to visit the cemetery on memorial days? Fathers of the church teach that it is more important to take part in the divine liturgy than to go to the cemetery.

If there is no opportunity to attend the liturgy, you can offer prayers at home.

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