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Panteleimon the Healer’s Prayer for Health

Panteleimon the Healer’s Prayer for Health

On August 9, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Great Martyr Panteleimon, revered as a powerful saint-healer, patron of doctors and sick Christians. A prayer for health, addressed to Panteleimon the Healer, is able to heal physical and mental ailments, relieve pain.

The Orthodox pray to him not only for their own health, but also for the health of their loved ones.

Panteleimon the Healer's Prayer for Health

Texts of the strongest prayers to Panteleimon the Healer for health

Panteleimon the Healer patronizes everyone who suffers from any disease, and remains, at times, the only hope of believers who have lost their health. People pray to him in moments of suffering from physical and mental illness, before the upcoming major operation, asking for a miracle in hopeless cases.

Prayer to the holy healer will help in cases where the patient is already extremely exhausted by the disease and has lost all hope of recovery. Also, with the help of the prayer words below, Panteleimon the Healer can turn to people who are concerned for the health and health of their loved ones.

Panteleimon the Healer’s Prayer for Health

This is one of the strongest prayers, with the help of which believers ask the Saint Panteleimon the Healer to bestow health in the days of torment from illness. Her text:

Panteleimon the Healer's Prayer for Health

Prayer to the Great Martyr Panteleimon for the healing of the sick

Another popular health prayer addressed to the holy healer:

Panteleimon the Healer's Prayer for Health

How to ask the St. Panteleimon the Healer for health?

Strong prayers to Panteleimon the Healer, cited above, help in the healing of any diseases and contribute to the rapid recovery and recovery, including — for severe ailments. Even if the illness does not recede completely, the state of the suffering person becomes noticeably stabilized, his pain, sufferings and sufferings will recede a little.

How to ask intercession from the Healer Panteleimon? A few recommendations:

  1. Read the prayer words should be in front of the image of St. Panteleimon, while the icon must be consecrated must be in the temple. At home, it should be put in a prominent place. Also, it is not forbidden to place the face of the saint next to the patient’s bed — even at home, even in the hospital room.
  2. Before going to prayer, it is very desirable to order in the temple of Sorokokou about the health of a sick person — this responsibility may be assumed by relatives, friends or simply acquaintances.
  3. Praying to St. Panteleimon should be until the patient recovers.
  4. It will also be useful, with prayer to the Healer Panteleimon, to use the holy water from the church: to give it as a drink to the suffering, to wash it, to sprinkle it on its bed.
  5. Prayer must come from a pure heart. It should be read with sincere faith in healing, with the hope of recovering the patient, or at least improving his well-being and alleviating his suffering.

Only a sincerely praying person will wait for the necessary help from Panteleimon the Healer. A compulsory condition before a prayer request is repentance of one’s past sins. The Orthodox Church is convinced that diseases are sent to a person as a sign of punishment for apostasy.

Moreover, higher powers do not always directly make it clear that a person has gone astray from the spiritual path.

Quite often, the ailments overwhelm his near and dear people. A person will receive noticeable relief and apostasy of the disease only after a sincere repentance and confession, confession of his sins.

This is due to the fact that Panteleimon the Healer, when believers turn to him with prayer, acts as a link between the Lord and the mortal man who calls for help. The Great Martyr gives to God the prayer’s requests and asks Him to bestow on the suffering person health and strength.

The Healer is allowed to turn to Saint Panteleimon not only with a request for healing from this or that ailment, but also with a preventive purpose — so that his health is strong and his illnesses are avoided. The Great Martyr Panteleimon is especially supportive of the prayers of his mother, who asks for her precious child.

Panteleimon the Healer's Prayer for Health

Thankful prayer to Panteleimon the Healer

In addition to the prayers of Panteleimon the Healer, containing a request for health and healing, there is another very important prayer text. He allows the saint to express his gratitude for healing and alleviating suffering. The text of the prayer:

Panteleimon the Healer's Prayer for Health

From the life of the Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon

The birthplace of the Healer Panteleimon is Nicomedia (located on the territory of modern Turkey). Here, in the family of a noble pagan and secret Christian in the 4th century AD, a boy was born who was named Pantoleon.

Pantoleon’s mother wanted to grow him in the Christian faith, but her life path broke off early, so the boy was raised in a pagan environment. Pantoleon graduated from a pagan grammar school, after which he received medical training from the famous doctor Nicomedia, Efrosin.

Even there, he showed his wonderful talent, thanks to which he began to work at the court of Emperor Maximian.

The turning point of Pantoleon’s life was an acquaintance with the martyr Hermolaus, who instilled in him an interest in the Christian faith and Jesus Christ. Once on the street, a young man saw a child who died from the bite of a poisonous snake (the echidna was still near the victim).

And then Pantoleon turned to Christ with prayer to heal and resurrect the lost child, promising to convert to Christianity if his prayer was heard. A miracle happened — the child came to life, and the viper scattered into pieces.

Pantoleon fulfilled the promise: he was baptized and became known as Panteleimon (meaning “All-merciful”). Having believed in Christ, the young healer learned to heal with medicine and prayers.

He devoted his whole life to helping the suffering, the sick, the needy and the needy, and he did it completely free of charge. He also visited prisoners in prisons, helped them, healed their wounds.

The people visited Panteleimon in droves, and this was not liked by other healers who carried out their work for a fee. They slandered him before Emperor Maximian.

At first, Panteleimon was subjected to cruel and painful torture, but nothing could break his will. Then the torturers threw him in a cage to the beasts — to be torn apart.

However, the animals did not touch him. Then, on the part of Maximian, there was an order to behead the future saint.

All the while the torture continued, Panteleimon prayed furiously to the Lord. When the executioner was going to cut off his head, the blade of the sword suddenly turned into wax, the heavens opened, everyone heard the voice of God, who called the martyr to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The guards, having seen this, refused to carry out the order of Maximian, but Panteleimon himself asked them to complete what they had begun.

When his head was cut off, milk flowed from the wound instead of blood. The decapitated body of Panteleimon was thrown into the fire, but it did not burn.

Later, Christian believers buried him in the ground.

Since that time, the Great Martyr Panteleimon has been the intercessor of doctors and the sick. The sincere prayer addressed to him strengthens the body and spirit, gives strength and contributes to the retreat of the disease.

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