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Panteleimon the Healer and His Icon: How to Pray, What Helps

Panteleimon the Healer and His Icon: How to Pray, What Helps

Icons are a distinctive feature of Orthodoxy. They are guides to the world of God, helpers in earthly afflictions and ailments.

Panteleimon the Healer is one of the revered saints in the Christian world, to whose icon believers fall in the hope of recovering from various diseases. Consider the biography of St. Panteleimon, prayer appeal to the icons, the days of worship.

Panteleimon the Healer and His Icon: How to Pray, What Helps

Life of the saint

Saint Panteleimon the Healer, whose biography describes the martyr’s path, was born in Nicodemus and was named by the pagan name Pantoleon. After finishing school, the young man decided to study medicine.

Having shown the ability to heal, the young doctor was admitted to the Emperor Maximilian.

Once Pantoleona was invited to the conversation by the presbyter of the Christian community Ermolai and told him about God. After this, Pantoleon began to frequent the community and participate in worship services. After he was baptized and received the name of the cross Panteleimon (the all-merciful).

The future saint managed to reach the heart of his pagan father and convert him to the true faith.

Throughout his short life, the holy Panteleimon the healer dedicated to helping the suffering, healed everyone who addressed him from ailments. He healed Christian prisoners, the poor and the disadvantaged. Rumor reached the city doctors, and they told the emperor about his new faith.

Maximilian called Panteleimon and began to force him to sacrifice to idols.

After refusing to serve the idols, Panteleimon was subjected to cruel torture and torment. However, the saint did not renounce the faith and died Orthodox. After the execution, the emperor ordered the body of the martyr burned, but the fire did not absorb his remains.

The saint was buried by believers according to Christian traditions. Many witnesses of his execution believed in Christ and found the salvation of the soul.

The relics of the saint are located on the altar of Athos monastery in Greece. For 16 centuries they have not been corrupted.

Part of the relics is located in Russia in the church of the great martyr Nikita (Moscow, Chistye Prudy), and the blood of Panteleimon is saved in Spain — in the Monastery of the Incarnation of the Lord.

Even after his martyr’s demise, St. Panteleimon continues to perform miracles and heal all believers by asking for their prayers, and his miraculous icon resides in every home of Orthodox believers.

Panteleimon the Healer and His Icon: How to Pray, What Helps

Icon of saint

In Orthodox churches, we are accustomed to see the icon of St. Panteleimon, where he is depicted in the image of a doctor. The icon painter tried to portray the appearance of the saint as faithfully as possible in order to perpetuate his memory for all times. We see a young man, not marked by traces of age-related changes.

It was at this age that the saint and was martyred for the glory of faith.

On the icon of the saint is depicted with a casket in his hand — there are medicines in it. In the other hand, you can see different items:

These are symbols denoting one of the sides of the life of the saint. Measuring spoon denotes the vocation of healing, the cross symbolizes martyrdom for the faith, and the pen is a symbol of wisdom. The young youth was able to show wisdom beyond his years, choosing the right path.

Though he died, his soul found eternal salvation.

Help icons

What helps the icon of St. Panteleimon the healer? First of all, the icon helps those who chose the rescue of people as their specialty.

The saint is the spiritual mentor and patron of all doctors and nursing staff. Rescue workers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, firefighters and the military also resort to his defense.

These people are most often injured and risk their lives.

Any person who needs to be cured of diseases can offer a prayer petition to the icon of Panteleimon the healer. If you pray with faith in your heart, you can recover from even the most incurable and terrible disease.

The invisible hand of the heavenly healer helped many Orthodox to avoid death and to gain full health.

The miracles of healing are given to us to strengthen the faith and gain hope for the help of God.

The icon of Panteleimon the Healer helps not only Orthodox Christians, but also Jews and Muslims. The main thing is for a person to apply with a plea in heart purity of thoughts.

It is faith that works all wonders — this should be remembered.

The icon of Panteleimon helps to get rid not only of physical, but also of mental ailments. Care for the purity of the soul helps to avoid dangerous physical ailments.

If a person keeps his thoughts clean, physical illnesses will not comprehend him. Therefore, the prayer life of the believer saves from serious diseases.

Many Christians do not understand why God permits disease. The Orthodox Church explains that during trials a person rethinks his life and stops sinning.

This is the time of spiritual purification necessary for the formation of the soul. Sometimes it is only through suffering that the greatness of the spiritual can be realized, because in a state of health a person does not even think about his sinful existence.

When a person in healing bodily weakness receives healing, he feels the grace of God and is strengthened in faith. Therefore, we must understand that the disease is our helper in cleansing from sinful thoughts, and not a punishment from above.

The treatment must begin in the purification of the soul, in order to recover faster.

Panteleimon the Healer and His Icon: How to Pray, What Helps

Panteleimon the Healer and His Icon: How to Pray, What Helps

How to pray

To receive healing, you can ask about this from the icon of St. Panteleimon the healer in the church. But seriously ill people are allowed to pray even lying in bed, but with an icon in their hands.

Most Orthodox believers have an icon in the house of Panteleimon, which can be accessed at any time.

Panteleimon the healer — in what helps:

  • asking for help before the operation;
  • in the breakdown of strength and infirmity of the body;
  • help relatives and friends with illnesses;
  • in case of oncological diseases;
  • help with alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • in case of a deadly craze;
  • with mental ailments.

Also, the icon can be accessed by doctors if there is difficulty in making a diagnosis. The saint helps to determine the cause of the disease.

How often should prayers be offered to a saint? This can be done at any time when the soul needs help. After prayer it is advisable to drink holy water.

If the patient recovered, you need to put candles in the temple in front of the icon of the saint.

You can also order a prayer for the health of the sick in a church or monastery. To order a service, you must fill out a special form and pay for the prayer at the church shop.

The name of the patient should be recorded in the genitive case, for example, “Sergey” or “Lyudmila”. If you know the names of the cross, you need to write them down.

Forthe health, which can also be ordered in a monastery or a church, has great healing power. The ministers will pray for 40 days for the health of the sick, tirelessly asking for recovery and petitioning for the forgiveness of sins.

Honoring day

Every year, on the day of veneration of the saint, which takes place on August 9, believers can contemplate a miracle. The holy blood of the great martyr, collected on the day of his execution, becomes liquid.

This miracle takes place in the monastery of the Incarnation of the Lord in the city of Madrid. No one can give a rational explanation for what is happening.

Such miracles with shrines are given so that believers will strengthen their faith and not indulge in the sin of despondency.

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