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Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

“Look, your girlfriend has got pink cheeks today,” with these words my mother met me in the middle of a huge square near the Sergius Lavra, whose name I didn’t even know. Pilgrims — thousands!

But some people are remembered for a long time. So I remember her face.

Later I learned that they had come with the priest to the rank of a reporter from Siberia.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

Sergiev Posad

It so happened … We had to attend the rank of reprimand in Sergiev Posad. That was a long time ago.

The children were still small then. In order not to scare them, we settled on the balcony.

There were many children … Why?

When they began to read the prayers, the children became quiet. The eldest began to draw, she always drew something.

But what were these pictures? Birds, birds that beat in cages.

Maybe the same thing happens with the human soul when it is cornered?

Read this

The rank of the tolchitka is a special rank of prayers, which ONLY the priest says. Moreover, not every cleric.

These prayers are recited only from a profound blessing and require considerable preparation. Otchitka — this is the order of exorcism of demons, that is, an evil spirit that actually exists and has mastered its art for more than 8 thousand years, that is, it uses it quite skillfully.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

When troubles begin in life, and everything seems to be falling apart, we frantically search for the answer to our question «why.» The first thought (the most incorrect one) is that damage has been imposed on us.

It may, of course, be true, since the invisible world really exists and anything is possible. But it does not act on any damage, although it flies in the air. And we can oppose each.

How? Purification of your soul, repentance.

Wild Swans

Remember Andersen’s fairy tale “Wild Swans” when frogs in a pond turned into poppies? To this was an explanation: «if they had not been kissed by a witch, they would have turned into roses.»

The same with a person: if you are clean, then the dirt does not stick to you.

Easy to say — “clean”

Unfortunately, we are not all clean, so everyone is subject to any attack. Indeed, until awareness comes, so much bitterness will have to be drunk.

And if a person is an unbeliever? Will require and treatment.

It can take years or all of life.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

Exceptional case

Each rule has its exceptions. In some cases, reading is required. When there is a drama with an adult person, his first actions are completely obvious: the sacrament of repentance and, of course, the sacrament.

The Lord cleanses, heals, restores, etc.

But if the trouble occurred with a child who is still simply not able to sin consciously, or with an adult who is not able to take any action on his own, then the rank of reprimand may be required.

Often children bear the sins of their fathers, therefore the repentance of parents is required. And always — the blessing of the priest.

Demon bes strokes

It is very important not to seek healing «on the side.» With obvious signs of damage, neither doctors, nor fortune-tellers will help. Although many turn to them.

Moreover, they are assured that they have been assisted.

Of course! One demon was driven away …, but he quietly returned, bringing with him seven, the strongest himself.

Well, if the suffering is understood, and if not? So, if you are going to go to the «grandmother», then you have already trampled on Christ in yourself.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

We are just people. Often we simply do not have enough strength, more often we do not have enough faith to endure to the end.

We are looking for, looking for a long time someone who could help us and do not find. And time goes … Tired, we are ready to go to the «grandmothers», sorcerers, to anyone!

But it does not save. The main thing is to harm the soul.

A Christian can seek healing only from Christ, having passed all temptations.

After Christ came into the world, demons lost their former power over man. In the Gospel, stories about casting out demons from a man are repeated more than once. Not only Christ cast them out, but the apostles in His Name.

They did not always succeed. In what cases failed?

If faith weakened, the forces were running out. When Christ was asked: why?

He replied: «This kind of race is banished only by fasting and prayer.»

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage to the church

God’s allowance

Everything that happens to a person happens by the will of God. «Whom I love, I will punish him.» Much depends on how the person takes the test.

If with a murmur, then the soul will not benefit. If in humility, then a person gains a great favor, an orphan and pure soul. Misfortune has happened according to permission, for admonition.

Maybe a punishment, but that’s another story.

Special cases

Good in man is connected with evil. It is a human being, which is why repentance is required. This is from the field of ascetic experiences.

Every person can be obsessed to a certain extent, unaware of it. Especially considered the case when the signs of obsession become apparent.

They usually appear when building damage or for other reasons. Staying in this condition is dangerous. But!

Deciding on a reprimand, you need to take a blessing. And not any priest, but his confessor.

If there is none, then such a cleric who fully understood the situation.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

Exorcism in other religions

The rank of reprimand is not only among Christians, but also among Muslims, where he also has power, although the rank itself is different. In Christianity itself, not all denominations practice reprimand.

In Catholics, these are isolated cases; Protestants do not practice reprimand.

Who to contact

Formerly, the reading was carried out exclusively for one suffering person; now this practice has become almost impossible due to the impoverishment of eldership. Nevertheless, the reporters conduct: in the Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, in Abkhazia (the village of Ilori), in the Donetsk region.

If you wish, you can always find a temple in which the replies are being made. If there is an opportunity to appeal to such a priest who reads incantation prayers in large quantities, then this will be best.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

Any road should lead to the Temple. But often this road is very long. Yes, there are cases of immediate healing, but they are rare.

With the suffering of a loved one, it is not enough to find a temple or a priest; careful work is needed on his dispensation. Fasting and prayer — not otherwise.

Orthodox prayers

With ailments, with obvious signs of damage, etc., clerics bless to read special prayers and houses. These are other prayers, but they help:

  • Mch Cyprianus and Justinia,
  • Archangel Michael,
  • St. Tikhon of Zadonsk,
  • Holy Martyr Trifon,
  • St. George the Victorious, etc.

Otchitka Orthodox prayers of damage in the church

While waiting for healing, you need to make an effort. But the healing itself does not depend on the person; it is possible only by the will of God.

Follow life with work and prayer, since «the kingdom of God is nudged.»

Snow-white flower in the mountains

Having gone a long way to healing, a person acquires a humble heart or does not acquire it. In the first case, he becomes brave and strong (not by his strength). But not only that.

The dirt does not stick to the cleared soul any more.

High in the mountains you can find a small white flower that grows among black stones, covering all around with black dust. And everyone who looks at a white flower is surprised: everything is black, and the flower is always white … Your deeds are wonderful, my God!

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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