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Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft: signs of deadly damage

Orthodox prayers from damage, witchcraft and sorcery

Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft help to get rid of evil libel and eliminate the traces of negative magical interference in your life. If you are a believer and suspect that someone has jinxed you, be sure to use prayers.

Tips and tricks

Before you begin using prayers, you need to know important information. Be sure to read our tips:

  1. If you damage it, it should be removed immediately. Otherwise, your life and health can be caused tremendous harm. There are many ways to eliminate the evil eye: from conspiracies to special magic rituals. But prayers are the most effective, provided that you believe in their power.
  2. Prayer can be addressed to different Saints. We will give examples, and you choose the text that most strongly responds in your soul
  3. You must sincerely believe in the help of God, read the text of the prayer sincerely, with your soul. Only by faith will we manage to neutralize the damage and restore the energy balance.
  4. Any Orthodox prayers should be read standing in front of the icon of the saint to whom you refer. Therefore, in advance, take care of the acquisition of this icon
  5. You need to do the reading alone, so that no one will disturb you. You should only be alone with yourself and God.

Before beginning work with any prayer, you should prepare. First you need to read “Our Father” three times, and only then read the selected text.

The text of the prayer «Our Father»:

Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft: signs of deadly damage

The strongest prayer

We recommend starting the damage report using the following prayers:

  • First, you pronounce the text «Our Father» three times.
  • After this, proceed to the elaboration of the 90th Psalm
  • Then take turns reading the prayer to the Life-giving Cross and Saint Kuprian

“Our Father” is shown in the figure above. Text of the 90th Psalm:

Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft: signs of deadly damage

Text of the prayer to the Life-giving Cross:

Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft: signs of deadly damage

Text of the prayer to St. Kupriyan:

Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft: signs of deadly damage

Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft: signs of deadly damage

This is a very long prayer: you have to spend a lot of time reading it, but it is one of the most effective for getting rid of damage. Be patient: sincerely, slowly and clearly pronounce the holy words.

Icon selection

In order to eliminate the traces of damage and get rid of the effects of magic with the help of prayers, it is imperative to choose an icon suitable for this purpose. It is best to buy in the churches images of the saints to whom you will turn.

Recommendations and brief description of icons:

  • Buy icons only in monasteries or churches. This is a guarantee that the image of the saint will be consecrated, that is, charged with positive energy. Do not buy icons from hands or on the street
  • The icon of the Guardian Angel is a universal option. Choose an icon depicting a saint under whose name you were baptized.
  • The image of the Mother of God is also suitable in most cases.
  • The Semistrelnaya icon is the strongest protective image protecting a person from evil libel
  • The image of the Saint Matron is suitable for people who suffer from serious health problems. And if there are suspicions that diseases are the result of damage or the evil eye
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker — a very powerful in its energy image that helps a person in almost all areas of his life
  • The icon of the Great Martyr Artemii is used in cases when as a result of damage you have problems with your heart and blood vessels.
  • The icons of the Holy Trinity and Jesus Christ are the patrons of all people, healing from spoilage and helping in life

If the corruption is not strong, the power of prayer will surely help: you can pray alone. But if the evil eye has tremendous power, and a person “withers” in front of his eyes, all his relatives and close people should turn to God.

This will speed up the healing process and increase the chances of success.

Signs of Deadly Damage

Death damage is the strongest negative program, the purpose of which is to end the existence of a person’s physical body. As a result of this magical rite, the victim falls into depression, suicidal thoughts appear, the desire to live is completely lost.

Signs that deadly damage has been imposed on a person:

  • There are many phobias and fears that have never happened before. Especially it is worth guarding if there are no visible reasons for concern, and the person has always been life-loving.
  • Starts a nightmare, insomnia overcomes, a person forgets about quiet sleep
  • Relations with close people, relatives, colleagues, friends spoil
  • There are all sorts of hallucinations
  • A person stops loving himself: his own reflection in the mirror turns him away
  • Suicidal thoughts, apathy, depression
  • There is an alcoholism or there is a tendency to drugs. This also includes anorexia, bulimia or any other serious dependence.

A person who has been put on a deadly evil eye, tends to spend most of his time outside of society, preferably in the dark. He closes himself from everyone, is afraid to go out, he is annoyed by the bright light.

Watch the video with prayers from defacement, the evil eye and sorcery:

It is very difficult to get rid of damage to death, but there are chances. Required:

  1. To go to the temple for confession, and the next day to go through the rite of communion. This is necessary in order to return contact with God and banish negative attitudes from the subconscious.
  2. Read prayers daily: Our Father, the 90th Psalm and the Life-giving Cross. This must be done for forty days.

It is also advisable to turn to a competent esoteric who will conduct the rite of removing damage from the victim. It may not be possible to do it yourself, because the magical effect is very strong.

And always remember that a person with strong energy is not available for all sorts of magical interventions in his subconscious. Therefore, to read prayers, engage in meditation and develop spiritually useful for the prevention of damage and the evil eye.

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