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Orthodox prayers for the health of the sick

Orthodox prayers for the health of the sick

Health problems and various kinds of ailments haunt a person throughout their lives. I am not an exception, I am ill with unenviable regularity, despite the systematic exercise of sports, and recently my father became very ill.

I came to share this problem with my father, Alexander, to which he advised to read the Orthodox prayer for the sick: I’ll share with you the options now.

Having met with ailments, especially grave and deadly, people at the level of intuition understand where to go for help, hoping for divine intervention. The ascetic of Sinai, prep. Neil advised not to rush to accept the diagnosis of certified doctors, but first turn to the power of prayer for the health of the sick: Orthodox prayer books are full of options.

Priests do not allocate any one prayer, leaving the choice for you.

Orthodox prayers for the health of the sick

Why pray for the sick

Archimandrite John in a response letter to his supplicant said that the mercy of the Lord is manifested in sickness. Being an indicator of the wrongness of the actions of a person, the disease is sent as a sign, a cross, burning through sins.

Not in all cases the disease is a punishment for transgressions. According to hieromonk Dmitry (Pershin), suffering sometimes carries a higher goal than suffering itself.

The Lord allowed Job to be infected with leprosy in order to eradicate among the Old Testament Israelis the habit of seeing the cause of human sorrows in his sins, revealing the measure of His love. The afflictions and misfortunes that have befallen Job and turned his soul over and made him more deeply comprehend the Lord.

The Holy Fathers point out the following spiritual causes of human diseases:

  • Most diseases come from human sins, conscious and unconscious;
  • Carelessness;
  • As a test in goodness, followed by reward. The history of the righteous Job shows that the tests are not given because the Lord left the believer, but to glorify him a little later, therefore, one should be patient.

There are many spiritual causes for disease. They are sent by God to people for reasoning or preventing even greater misfortunes, in punishment.

One must be patient or get rid of unnecessary worldly passions.

Prayer as medicine

Clergymen call prayer, repentance, the main means of treating spiritual causes of disease. Their strength and value does not consist in strictly following instructions with high expectations (read this prayer, and your wishes will be fulfilled), but in following the example of holy pious, with a pure heart and thoughts, performing a spiritual feat.

The words of the Saints reflect the feelings and thoughts that torment people, but they are able to more accurately send a spiritual message.

Orthodox prayers for the health of the sick

It is not enough to offer a prayer without proper attitude to God — the saints teach us to trust Him, who sent the illness and the misfortune, to be patient, to go through life’s hardships, properly and respectfully treat doctors who can alleviate our fate and cure God’s help from illnesses.

The priests advise to be patient in the absence of complaints and anger, to offer thanks to the Lord in prayers: this helps to dull the strength of the disease, brings spiritual comfort.

It is very important to be able to pray heartily for the spiritual and physical health of the patient: a person close to you and a stranger in need of help.

Where, how and what to pray

Feeling the urge to seek help from Heaven, people, even believers, do not always know which words should sound right. Coming to the Orthodox Church for advice, often a person receives completely different prescriptions that he expected.

Frightened by a terrible diagnosis, the parishioner asks the questions “How to be? What to do?

How can I convey my request to the Lord? ”, And in response he hears about the kindness of sorokosta about health, remembrance of the psalter, prayer, memos about commemoration, ordering which costs money and attending them is not necessary — they will do everything without you. A kind of easy way to the ears of the Lord, made by the mouth of others.

I do not argue, church prayer has a special power, and prayers with little notes take place, but this is your health, your request, and by taking part in the service, you strengthen it a thousand times. Servants do not often painfully (soul) pray for those who are remembered during prayer.

However, to be heard, it is not necessary to make a prayer in the church. We walk everything under God, he sees everyone, and the power of prayer does not flow out of place, but from the heart and faith of a person, his righteousness and sincere desire to help. Soul of the soul that you ask for is a sure way to reach Heaven.

Therefore, you can read the holy words at home, having a prayer book at your disposal.

Orthodox prayers for the health of the sick

Traditional Orthodox prayers are Church Slavonic texts available to church servants, while Russian-speaking versions are provided for believers. It makes no sense to re-read all possible prayers to the Lord God, if this is at the expense of quality, but it is not forbidden — you are free to read as much as you like, as your heart requires.

The meaning of prayer is not in the number of words, but in the message coming from the soul.

Although sacred texts are considered by the Church to be a more acceptable option for prayer, you can turn to Him in your own words, moving away from the canons.

It does not matter whether you will sit, stand, lie, be it day or night, whether your head will be covered — be sincere in your prayer, but do not forget: the Lord appreciates faith supported by actions.

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