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Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

Orthodox prayers for children and their father and mother well-being at any time

For any parent, it is important that the child has fewer problems in life, so that he grows up as a reasonable and healthy person. For this, mothers and fathers often use Orthodox prayers for children, hoping that they will become successful and fulfill their dreams.

You can turn to God for your child in any situation, even if everything goes well and there are no difficulties in life.

Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

How to pray to parents

For truly communion with God to be fruitful and give its beneficial results, it is impossible to approach to prayer for a child formally. It is necessary:

  • clearly and simply formulate your requests;
  • know Orthodox texts;
  • always find enough time for the heavenly message.

You can pray everywhere. The main thing is to have a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Of course, the ideal option is the Orthodox Church, where you can also submit a note, but at home in front of the iconostasis, believing parents pray for the Lord for their children.

It is good if at the same time the candle or the lamp is on. The icon can be any, but it so happened that most often people turn to the Mother of God about the child.

The sacrament can be carried out all alone. but you can in the presence of the baby. Before you start, be sure to cross it.

The power of parental prayer

A mother’s heart is always near her child, even if he is somewhere far away and already a completely independent person. Any, even a little significant problem leaves a trace on the soul of parents and causes concern.

Mothers ask the saints and Christ not to leave unguarded their children, to assist in a difficult situation.

The mother’s plea for the sick child is always very strong, sometimes it helps where the medicine gives up. Often, when the patient is prepared for surgery, the following strong prayer for the health of St. Luke is read:

Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

What do parents turn to heaven? The reason can be any:

  • the marriage of a daughter or the marriage of a son;
  • problematic childbirth;
  • fear that a child can be deceived by cunning and evil people;
  • the fear that youth will succumb to demonic wiles.

If the prayer begins in the morning, then with her diligence the mother protects the children for the whole day. With evening prayer, all night fears, nervous sleep will not affect the sleeper.

You can not ignore the blessing. It kind of serves as a guarantee of success for a loved one.

Any good, even if very complicated, business will be on the shoulder of a son or daughter, if his mother blesses him.

Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

Holy patrons of children: whom to pray

These are almost all celestials. It is customary to refer to them in case of misfortunes, or out of fear for the fate and life of their child.

It is better to ask for intercession depending on the specific problem.

Bodily diseases

As noted, the Mother of God most often asks for the health of the beloved offspring. She is repeatedly glorified by miraculous phenomena in helping against bodily diseases. Many miracles created by miraculous icons with Her face are known since ancient times.

To successfully overcome all the sores of the baby, an icon of the Virgin is placed over his bed. So he is always before Her eyes, and the Queen of Heaven will bother about him in front of Her Son.

If the child is so sick that they put him in the hospital, it is worthwhile to pray to the father and mother of the child, Martyr Tryphon. The priests are advised to send him their appeal and in the case when it is already appointed surgery.

They say that with the help of the saint the operation will be successful, and the restoration will be faster.

Well helps the prayer old woman Matronushka, especially for newborns suffering from convulsions. The saint is also addressed in case of severe colds, viral infections, long and unreasonable crying of a child of any age.

Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

Illnesses of the spirit, evil influence

If it is noticed that a teenager has become in some kind of dependence, then the Savior will not come to hand. Through the efforts of parents and the Lord, the child will be able to say goodbye to bad habits.

Saved into reason, instruct and indicate who is a true friend and who is a pest among his dubious comrades.

If suddenly the child begins to be rude, ceases to respect the father with the mother, does not listen to the older ones, then here they turn to the Almighty.

Prayers for the child in different cases

If the mother and father wish to protect the child from everyday problems, to protect in unforeseen cases, one should contact his Guardian Angel. After all, he is always there, starting from the first moments, as they have been christened to the last. He accompanies, supports in life, sometimes giving signs.

Unfortunately, not all follow them. However, a diligent prayer to the Custodian will have its effect if it is pure and sincere.

Sending a son or daughter on the road, it does not matter for a long time or just for a couple of days, mothers pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker for his protection and to look after her krovinochka. Especially often it is necessary to pray to the martyr, if the son is called up for military service in the army.

A special patronage of the male representatives has George the Victorious. A strong action can have a father’s prayer for a son, which is read several times.

Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

The foolish mother Xenia will not leave without her kind care children who are not given a bright mind, she helps ease the difficult fate of mentally retarded children and those who are physically disabled. We should not forget about the saint whose name the child bears.

Prayers for him will help attract compassion for your child.

Orthodox prayers for the children of father and mother

Tips for believing parents

Prayer labor is not easy. God does not forget anyone on earth, but only He decides what to give to man and what he really needs. You should not expect that everything will suddenly come true at some point.

There are also doubters among Christians, they think that the Lord is busy with something more important and their prayers simply did not reach Him. In fact, much is seen and understood only some time later, sometimes very long.

You can not pray to be dissatisfied, to grumble at the Almighty. The requested will come only when He considers it right and necessary.

It is better to just pray and be rewarded according to your faith. Parents should be an example, letting their children know what is sinful and what is true, how to pray.

The prayers of the father and mother for their children are a very effective amulet. When one of them blesses the child, the soul of the developing young man absorbs the Holy Spirit.

He will be happy in life, his faith will be strong, he will reach the heights of which he dreams.


Every Orthodox mother should be bothered before the Heavenly forces about the welfare of their children. If the father joins her, the prayer becomes even stronger. Pray to the saints and the Lord:

  • so that the child does not get sick or get better soon if he has overcome the disease;
  • for a happy family life and a good husband (wife);
  • asking for deliverance from all kinds of bad addictions (alcohol and tobacco use without a measure, dependence on substances and women);
  • to study well, not afraid to go to his dream, to succeed.

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