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Orthodox prayers at bedtime

Orthodox prayers at bedtime

For a long time I slept badly because of the constantly tormenting nightmares. She turned for help to a friend father. He advised to read some Orthodox prayers before bedtime.

After a while, sleep problems disappeared, but I continue to offer prayers — it becomes easier on the soul, you feel closer to God, and you are already used to it. I share my recipe for getting rid of adversity, negativity and nightmares and the texts of prayers.

Why pray before bed

Even many believers lost the prayer at night. For worldly vanity, love for God and gratitude to the Creator are forgotten.

In prayers, we not only glorify Him and ask everyone for ours: it has a beneficial effect on mood, state of mind, and even sleep. Making such actions every day, believers turn to the Almighty with love, and He answers the prayer for help more readily.

The Orthodox tradition says: Thanksgiving to the Lord for the day lived should be offered daily in the morning and before going to bed. Reading the morning prayer creates the right attitude for the whole day, and the evening prayers — with words to thank the Lord for the past day, repent of sins, save the soul from the unclean.

Contact the Creator should not in a difficult period of life, but constantly.

The Church speaks of the need to read special petitions, the texts of which are in the Prayer Book. The opinion of Anatoly’s father is somewhat different: a believer is already connected with God, and therefore it is enough to turn to Him in your own words, coming from the heart.

What to pray for a dream to come

During the day a person accumulates a lot of negativity and fatigue, he sins and is under the influence of bad people. Before you go to bed, remember this, ask for God’s protection. Pray for what is important to you:

  • Blissful sleep;
  • Fence off from satan;
  • Requests for the message of a peaceful angel;
  • Protection requests;
  • Good thought;
  • Freedom from temptation and cowardice;
  • Patience and repentance;
  • Chaste life and obedience;
  • Deliverance from eternal torment;
  • Salvation of soul and body;
  • Absolution;
  • Deliverance from enemies and their pernicious influence.

The Apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Thessalonians said how important the evening prayer is. Try to open the Prayer books more often despite the hectic life.

A believer in the moments of reading a prayer not only expresses gratitude and asks for something of his own — he becomes closer to God.

Orthodox prayers for good sleep

Are you having nightmares? Attempts to fall asleep end unsuccessfully due to problems and experiences?

A prayer for a dream made in the address of the Kings of Heaven, the Mother of God, Jesus Christ and other holy faces can cope with this.

The text of the prayer speaks of getting rid of sleep problems. The story of his life is rather unhappy: his relatives were jealous of him because of the ability to see the dreams sent by God, to interpret them, revealing future events, and the brothers openly hated the holy righteous Joseph. Older brother sold him into slavery, after which Joseph found himself in Egypt, where he was able to win the favor of the lord.

It would seem that life is becoming more tolerable, but for some unknown reason the young man was hated by the wife of the Egyptian master, who slandered Joseph before her husband. Once in prison, the believer predicted a famine in Egypt, and the son of Pharaoh believed him. The prediction came true, and the righteous was released and appointed a high dignitary.

The prayer of St. Joseph is better to make the icon.

Orthodox prayers at bedtime

You can turn with a prayer for a good dream to the guardian angel.

Orthodox prayers at bedtime

Evening prayers: how and how much to read

For days on end a man is immersed in worldly affairs, taking care of his daily bread. During the day, we perforce make some mistakes, sins, in which there is a need to repent. Therefore, in the evening, it is worth returning thoughts to God in order to enter the clean day before Him.

At the beginning and at the end of the day, ask the Lord to support you with a prayer uttered with pure thoughts and an open heart.

Prayer carries great strength in itself, maintaining faith in people. Select one or more, and memorize the text. The power of the prayers pronounced is not among them, but in relation to the God reading.

It does not matter what position you will be in, whether images will be in your hands. You can turn to the Saints and Kings of Heaven with unlearned words, complementing prayer with repentance or a story about the events that have disturbed you.

Feeling unprepared to turn to the Creator, read the prayer to the Guardian Angel or the Most Holy Theotokos.

Read should be meaningful, without haste, pondering over the spoken words. Prayer must be sincere. If you are completely exhausted and have no strength to read the full rule, pray a short prayer.

Better than reading the sacred words «for show».

It is not so important to God how much time you devote to prayers, the main thing is regularity. Read the prayers every evening, cultivating the habit and banishing sinful laziness — believe me, this is more difficult than it seems.

Do not be distracted and interrupted.

Texts of prayers

Communion with God has a positive effect on people. Holy words are able to prevent misfortune and disease, change the predestined for the better, bring love and happiness to life.

But these powerful words “work” only by sounding from the lips of a believer.

Orthodox prayers at bedtime

Prayer for the night before bedtime is an Orthodox tradition and a way to be heard. The original texts are in Church Slavonic, but the inhabitants of megalopolises hardly know him, so get acquainted with the prayers in the familiar Russian to all.

Orthodox prayers at bedtime

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