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Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

Orthodox prayers from the evil eye and damage

It often happens in life that a black line suddenly begins: failures and troubles follow one after another, health problems appear (often serious), financial situation worsens — in general, everything goes derailed.

Moreover, the reason for such a sharp change of a negative nature cannot be explained by a person. And the answer is simple: the cause of all misfortunes is a negative magical effect in the form of damage or the evil eye.

In such difficult moments of life, victims often turn to the services of magicians. However, a true Christian, first of all, will ask for help from the Higher Forces and will do it, using the Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage.

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

The difference between the evil eye and the damage

The evil eye and damage are similar to each other in that they are a negative kind of magical effect. They differ in the strength of their influence on the victim.

The evil eye is characterized by a weaker and milder effect. It occurs, most often, unintentionally. There is a certain group of people who are called “peering” (they are also said of them that they have a “evil eye”).

Such people tend to accumulate in themselves a large charge of negative energy, negative emotions. This negative is transmitted to another person (victim), usually through envy, during which a stable period of bad luck is established in the life of the victim, and failures literally start walking on their heels.

Energetically weak people are at risk of being affected by the evil eye.

Damage is a much more powerful and terrible kind of negative magical effect, frightening even people who are skeptical of witchcraft. Its most common types are:

  • Damage to health— behaves with the fact that it leads to a weakening of the victim’s immunity, as a result of which he begins to get sick often and for a long time. Chronic ailments may be exacerbated or new ones may arise that are difficult for traditional medical treatment.
  • Spoiling money— affects the material sphere of life and is often performed to the address of business competitors, more successful business partners, detractors. This damage leads to all sorts of financial problems for the victim.
  • Spoilage for luck — it is usually made by envious people, who don’t have any luck, success and luck do not give a peaceful life.
  • Damage to death— the strongest among all the above types of damage. Leads to death. Its removal usually requires a tremendous amount of effort and time, and often is subject only to an experienced person.

Evil eye or spoilage — non-traditional “diseases”, hence “curing” them with non-traditional methods. Some help spellcasting spells and spells, but much more effective is reading Orthodox prayers.

What Orthodox prayers can be read to remove the evil eye and damage?

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

The Church claims that evil forces cannot harm a believer if his thoughts are pure and his heart is filled with faith and love for his neighbors. A Christian should turn to prayers only with a cleared mind.

By “superfluous” is meant all the negative, able to penetrate the thoughts of a person and linger there.

If an Orthodox person is a victim of the evil eye or damage, he should not think only of revenge on his “offenders” — instead, it’s better to prayerfully contact your heavenly patrons, ask them for health and protection from enemies. Their prayers with a request to get rid of negative magical influence can be addressed:

To remove damage or the evil eye, you can also read the prayers “Our Father” and “Live in Help” (Psalm 90) — both texts have a very powerful defensive energy and are considered to be among the strongest in Orthodoxy.

Texts of Orthodox prayers from damage and the evil eye

Appeal to the Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is the closest protector of man. He protects his ward throughout his life, prays the Creator for him. In the moments when a believer feels the need to be protected from evil, failures, illnesses (including those caused by dark magic), he can turn to his heavenly guard with prayer:

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

Instead of brackets, the believer should give the name given to him at baptism. Saying this prayer does not require any special rite.

It is advisable to learn the whole text by heart and read in any difficult moment.

Prayer from corruption and the evil eye of St. Cyprian

To remove the curse imposed by the evil eye or damage will help the prayer to Saint Cyprian, which can be read at any time, and even several times a day. One of her parents can say it, if a child has suffered from a bad spellcasting influence, this should be done over the head of the baby.

Words are also allowed to recite on the water, which subsequently must wash the victim.

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

In addition to this, you can pronounce and other prayer text:

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

The effectiveness of these two Orthodox prayers is due to the fact that Cyprian himself was at first a sorcerer, but then he was able to distance himself from the influence of dark forces and adopted the Christian faith. Appealing to him with a request to get rid of envy, the evil eye and damage became a kind of tradition among believers.

Prayer Matrona of Moscow

Protect from the influence of black magic and prayer can be addressed to the Blessed Old Lady Matrona. How do you feel mental or physical ailment, contact Matronushka with words:

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

It is advisable, after pronouncing this prayer text three times, upon himself to impose the sign of the cross and three times to take a sip of the holy water recruited in the church.

You can also ask Matron to get rid of evil spells in the walls of the temple by placing a few candles in front of her icon.

Prayer ritual from damage and the evil eye, addressed to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Prayers directed to Nicholas the Benefactor will save from damage and the evil eye. They help even in very difficult cases — when the witchcraft effect is very strong, and other means to eliminate it are useless.

You can pray to St. Nicholas both for yourself and for your loved ones affected by dark magic.

The prayer ceremony takes place in several stages:

  1. To go to the temple, to order the health service for the suffering from negative influence.
  2. Bow in the church to the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, put 3 candles in front of her and say: “Wonderworker Nikolay, take away the family damage away, protect us from enemy affairs”. Cross over
  3. In the temple to buy the icon of the saint, 12 candles and consecrated water.
  4. Coming home, retire, place on the table an icon of an old man, a vessel with holy water and light all 12 candles. Read prayer text:

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

After saying the prayer to Nicholas, the saint needs to cross, swallow some holy water. This consecrated water must be poured into food and drink to all members of your family.

A prayer ritual can be repeated after 2 weeks, if significant results do not immediately appear.

Prayer rite to Jesus Christ and all the saints

In case of damage or the evil eye, you can ask for healing of the Son of God and all the saints at once. The prayer addressed to them is very powerful and will help get rid of the harmful magical influence.

It will also protect against enemies, protect against human hatred, anger and envy.

The prayer, the text of which is presented below, can also be used as a barrier, read in order to prevent the negative effects of black magic.

To conduct a prayer ritual to remove damage or the evil eye, you must first buy 7 candles in the church. The duration of the ceremony is one week.

Description of the ritual. In the morning, place all 7 candles on the table, light one of them, pronounce the text 7 times prayers (preferably from memory, having previously learned the text by heart):

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

Let the lit candle burn out to the end, collect cinder from the table and throw it away. The next morning, repeat the rite with the second candle.

Continue until all the candles are used.

Church rite from damage and the evil eye with the prayer «Our Father»

All that is required to eliminate the influence of evil forces is to know the prayer “Our Father” by heart. On Sunday, the believer should go to the temple, buy a candle, light it and, holding in his left hand, read the Lord’s Prayer 9 times before the icons:

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

After each time it is required to cross yourself with the sign of the cross. The ritual, at its conclusion, must be fixed by 12-fold pronunciation following words:

“Health, happiness, purity, well-being, love, luck. Amen!»

This ceremony is strong and quickly leads to the desired result, but if necessary it can be repeated for two more Sundays.

Prayer “Live in Help” — protection from all evil

Psalm 90, also known as the “Living in Help” prayer, has tremendous protective power. It can also be used as a talisman against negative magical effects, from the machinations and envy of evil people.

Well, if a believer writes the text of this prayer on a piece of paper and carries it near him, he will provide himself with strong support from the higher forces. Text of the prayer “Live in Help”:

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and damage

The world in which we live is unfortunately not a safe place. There is too much evil in it — much more than we would like.

Therefore, the protection of oneself, one’s relatives and friends is the primary task of any believer. And it is the Orthodox prayers addressed to the Lord God and His holy saints are capable of providing enormous help in this — the main thing is that strong faith in a higher power never fade in your heart.

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