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Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

Many people like to eat tasty food, but sometimes food can become the meaning and purpose of life. This is what is called in Christianity gluttony, and in the world — gluttony. One of my friends constantly complained about the great weight and regularly diets.

As it turned out, she could not withstand any planned diet, as her magnet was drawn to the refrigerator day and night. Does prayer from gluttony and gluttony help to overcome the passion for food?

I advised this woman to repent of the church, to take communion of the Holy Gifts, to pray and rely on God’s mercy. After a while, the woman began to notice that she was less and less drawn to the refrigerator, and she began to buy food in reasonable quantities.

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

Sin of gluttony

It would seem that bad eating food? How many hungry people in the world, and in our country, hunger is defeated. However, the crafty very slyly seduces people, casting thoughts about tasty and healthy food.

Unnoticed, a person becomes addicted to food and can no longer stop. Physiologically, his stomach is stretched, and dependence on the amount eaten only increases.

A person just constantly feels hunger and cannot get enough.

Another cause of gluttony becomes addicted to delicacies. It all starts with small things, and then the person is drawn into the process and becomes addicted to gourmet foods. He works only to fill his womb with delicious dishes and sees the meaning of his existence only in this.

But the gospel says that one who multiplies the body multiplies the worms. This man does not care about the salvation of his soul, but about the saturation of the mortal body.

St. John Kassian the Roman said this about gluttony:

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

It is necessary to realize that gluttony will inevitably lead to any physical ills. This will be the result of excessive food consumption and punishment for sin.

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

How to conquer gluttony

If man does not overcome sin, then sin will overcome him. Therefore, a Christian must direct all his efforts towards overcoming sinful desire.

The glutton never adhered to the orthodox posts, which tame the lust of the flesh and direct the thoughts to the spiritual. So, first of all, you need to know the schedule of posts and stick to them. It will be difficult, but a prayer from gluttony will come to the believer to help:

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

If you are determined to take the path of correction, you must honestly confess your sin at confession. This will be the first step to victory over sin.

Recognition and sincere repentance is the key to success.

Next, you need to establish a reasonable diet and strictly adhere to it. If they think about food, they need to read a prayer.. Prayer should be written on a separate sheet and always be at hand.

Over time, prayer can be learned by heart.

The next step is to enter the Orthodox fast and fully withstand it. If it is stated not to eat the meager one, then this is how it should be done. In the spiritual battle against the temptations of the flesh will help the word of God.

Read the gospel daily, pray, and rely on the help of God.

Make a rule not to start a meal without a prayer blessing, after the end of the meal, thanks be to God. This will help to tune in to a moderate and reasonable food intake.

Prayer for the blessing of food:

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

After her read the prayer of satiety:

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

Prayer for the gift of abstinence:

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

Prayer after meals:

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

If a person understands that he is eating food to keep his body healthy, sinful thoughts will recede. Also, one should not allow “sticking of stress”, which, over time, can also lead to gluttony and obesity.

A believer should not succumb to worldly passions and respond to stress by increasing food intake. It is unhealthy and harms the soul.

Orthodox prayer from gluttony and gluttony

A believer who has begun to struggle with gluttony should know about the cunning of the wicked tempter, therefore the fight against gluttony must begin immediately after awakening. Especially useful to read the prayers on an empty stomach, only rising from the bed. This will immediately tune in to the spiritual mood.

Concentration on spiritual food will force out bodily passions.

It is useful to concentrate on the idea that the body of man is the temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore it is not worthy to defile it with sin and incontinence. In the Orthodox tradition there are weekly fast days (Wednesday and Friday), they should be strictly adhered to.

These days you can eat only vegetable food and not a single gram of animal. Weekly fasting days will quickly accustom the body to proper and reasonable nutrition, for one and clear the body of toxins.

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