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Old prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage

Ancient prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage with Christians is very popular, as these saints are patrons of family and marriage. This is no accident, because their lives are an example of loyalty, love, wisdom and patience.

Old prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage

Spouses are considered the ideal of the Russian family, they passed many tests in their life path, but remained devoted to each other.

Interesting Facts

Facts about Peter and Fevronia:

  • lived in the 13th century;
  • about their life the story is written;
  • accepted monasticism;
  • died on the same day;
  • during life they bequeathed their bodies to be put in one coffin;
  • buried in the Murom church.

Unfortunately, we received some information about them. She either got lost with time or mingled with the fabrications of the authors of the narratives.

The story of eternal love

Peter was a prince and sat on the throne of Murom. Once he fell ill and his body was covered with sores that the best doctors of the city could not cure.

Then the prince turned to God.

God, through a dream, pointed out to Peter that only the daughter of the dacelle Fevronia could cure him. Then the prince went to the Ryazan lands, where the peasant woman lived.

For the treatment of a wise maiden wished to be his wife Peter. But the prince was too proud to marry a commoner and a deceiver.

Soon the disease returned to him.

Peter turned again to Fevronia for salvation, took her as his wife and even fell in love with her.

Old prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage

Together with his wife, the prince returned to Murom, where the boyars disliked her completely, not wanting them to be controlled by a peasant.

As a result, the ruler refused power and money, and with the young princess left the city.

But soon the ambassadors from Murom overtook the married couple and begged them to go back. Peter and Fevronia returned and ruled happily together.

In old age they accepted monasticism and asked God to die one day, as it happened.

Prayer to the saints

A man and a woman can read a prayer.

The prayer to the saints can be heard on the video:

Where to pray

It is better to pray in church or on pilgrim trips, but it is also possible at home. In other places it is not forbidden to pray, but the situation should be calm and quiet.

For home prayers, it is worthwhile to equip the so-called “red corner” with shelves for icons and a table with candles.

Visit temples during services. It is believed that the power of your thoughts in this period is enormous.

Services are usually held in the morning and in the evening.

Rules for visiting the temple:

  • Spiritually tune in, read spiritual literature (the Bible);
  • Clothing must be modest and clean;
  • A woman should wear a skirt and cover her hair with a handkerchief;
  • Do not use cosmetics and perfumes;
  • Men should always bare their heads;
  • Upon entering, they are baptized thrice, and at the end they bow;
  • It is not customary to talk inside the church;
  • Phones must be turned off.

Of course, these rules are not obligations, but do not neglect them.

How to apply to the saints

Prayer is a conversation with God. You can talk with him out loud, in a whisper, or to yourself, but always with the utmost attention and concentration.

Old prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage

The unspoken conditions under which prayer will be effective:

  • Have faith in your words;
  • “Open” your heart;
  • Not only to ask, but also to do something on our part;
  • Do not ask for bad things for your soul;
  • Contact the patron saints;
  • To read a prayer in Church Slavonic language;
  • Maximum focus;
  • Comprehend your words;
  • At the beginning and end of the prayer to cross over;
  • Put a burning candle in front of the icon;
  • Wash with holy water;
  • Clear the soul and thoughts.

Try to comply with all the conditions at once, then the result will not keep you waiting.

How to baptize

Baptized with the right hand. Three fingers (thumb, index and middle) are added together by a “pinch”, they imply a trinity: father, son, and holy spirit.

The other two (nameless and little finger) are pressed against the palm and denote the divine and human nature.

Icon of Peter and Fevronia

Appealing to the image of the saints will help you:

  • To find love, to meet a soul mate;
  • Get pregnant;
  • Get married;
  • Strengthen the family;
  • Cure disease;
  • Save strong marriage;
  • Return the beloved;
  • Normalize the relationship.

There is a peculiarity of the icons with the images of Peter and Fevronia: you cannot turn to them only in sorrow, it is worth remembering about the saints and in joy, otherwise they will no longer help you.

There are also other icons to which unmarried people turn for help: “Fadeless Color” and “Kozelshchanskaya”.

Rites on the day of the veneration of saints

There are a few things to do on this day:

  1. Take a photo of you and your lover, read a prayer and cross it;
  2. If you do not have the second half, then you need to take two candles and wrap them with red thread. Candles light;
  3. Mostly go to the temple and read the prayer to the saints Peter and Fevronia for marriage.

Old prayer to Peter and Fevronia for marriage

Since July 8 falls on Petrov fasting, marriage is not worth it. The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church established another day of celebration — September 19th.

Other prayers for marriage

You can pray for marriage saints:

  • Holy Great Martyr Catherine;
  • The righteous Philaret the Merciful;
  • To the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called;
  • St. Nicholas, the miracle worker of Myra;
  • Saints Peter and Fevronia;
  • St. Martha.

There is no need to read the prayers to everyone at once, it’s enough to choose one appeal to the saint and repeat it.

Results and reviews

Millions of people all over the world speak positively about the prayer of the holy couple. Families that cannot even be counted say thanks for having found their happiness. No matter how much people love money and their work, the family is the most important thing in the life of every person.

It’s so difficult to keep warm relations even between spouses, especially now, in the age of divorces.

You should not hope for an instant result, but be patient and work daily on yourself and your thoughts.

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