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Mother’s strongest prayers for son

Mother’s strong prayers for the son: for protection, blessing, the dispensation of fate

Mother’s prayers for the son have special power. Strong prayer protects the native child from troubles, dangers, serious illnesses and temptations. It can cure not only physical ailments, but also mental ones: schizophrenia, depression, depression.

A request for help, which the mother says with tears in her eyes, can create a miracle.

Praying to mother attracts good luck and prosperity in the life of a child. A mother should ask the Lord to marry a good girl, pray for his family happiness and health.

Maternal prayer shields the son from any misfortune. Neither distance nor time has power over the mother’s petition.

Her power overcomes earthly laws and destroys others’ malicious intentions.

Mother can pray for her son:

  • for protection and blessing (for help in difficult times, from adversity, to the dispensation of fate, to help find a life purpose, to save his son, for his son to come to sleep at home, always sleep at home, to marry a good girl);
  • about well-being (on a birthday, so that everything is good in life, to work, for success in work, success, about creating a family, family happiness);
  • about good relations with relatives (about returning the son to the mother, to love the mother and the father, so that the son does not communicate with bad friends, to help find true friends);
  • about health (about healing, from schizophrenia, from all ailments);
  • at the trial (on the release of his son, from prison, on the justification);
  • when serving in the army;
  • from drunkenness, drug addiction;
  • on the road;
  • during studies and exams.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

Mothers ask for the protection and blessing of their beloved child to the Lord, the Virgin Mary, the guardian angel and the holy saints. They read ready-made prayers from prayer books written by righteous people.

Requests for a particular need are added at the end of the prayer in your own words.

You can not pray by prayer, but independently, with the words that lie on your heart. In this case, you can not wish evil to anyone, to grumble and despair.

It is necessary to rely on the Lord in everything, then He will arrange everything in the best way.

“You should never ask the Lord for anything earthly. He knows better than ours what is useful to us.

Always pray this way: I betray, Lord, myself, your children and all your relatives and neighbors to your holy will. ”

Mother's strongest prayers for son

In all cases of life you need to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ. Especially when the danger concerns a native son.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

The prayer to the Lord God is not always fulfilled soon. This happens because of the multitude of sins and the lack of desire to correct.

So that the petition will reach the Lord sooner, Orthodox Christians turn to the saints for help.

Their petitions are more effective, since the saints have pleased the Lord with their righteous life. Being at the throne of God, they pray and ask for mercy to those on their way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

The Most-Holy Mother of God is the intercessor and intercessor for all mothers. Being a mother herself, she responds with sympathy to the heartfelt appeals of women about her children.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

The Blessed Virgin helped in healing and salvation in the hour of danger to countless people. Pride-deva helps to return lost adult sons to the parental path, heals their souls and restores peace to the family.

It is advisable to install the icon of the Virgin in the room of the son, if this does not cause a clear protest. Especially helps the image of the Kazan Mother of God. This is a miraculous icon — healing from diseases.

If the child is sick, you need to hang her by the bed and pray earnestly to the Virgin Mary for the health of the sick.

Saint Nicholas is the patron of children traveling, innocently condemned. He is approached at times when emergency assistance is needed.

Often they read the prayer and the akathist to the saint before the operation, during illness, deterioration. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker comes to defense in the moments of attacks of enemies, detractors.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

If the son got into a predicament, is unjustly accused of committing a crime, then Nikolai Ugodnik, through the prayer of his mother, will surely pat the Lord. It happens that the help of the saint comes instantly.

By this Nikolai deserved the ardent love of the Russian people.

Mother Matrona will comfort the mother’s heart in moments of sadness. An old man is considered to be a helper in all the hardships of family life, whether it be illness or disagreement, problems in learning, or addiction.

Pious mothers ask Matronushka to find a bride for their son, they pray for a quick marriage. The prayer in the temple, the order of the prayer service to the blessed old woman will strengthen the home prayer and bring an early resolution of the problem.

To read the prayer at home is better alone. Before the image of Christ and the holy Matrona they light candles, ask for forgiveness for their sins, both their own and their sons.

Then they read the prayer «Our Father» and proceed to the prayer of the old lady.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

Mother Matrona always willingly responds to requests. Through prayers to her during an exam or a diploma defense, the correct answer can come to mind.

Miraculous power and protection are prayer appeals to the Archangel Michael. In the Holy Scriptures, the Archangel is mentioned several times, but only in connection with important events. He fights evil angels, argues with the Devil, wages war with him.

Christians have long turned to him to fight the evil one, against harm from psychics, magicians and evil people, with schizophrenia.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

This prayer must be memorized by the son and pronounced in moments of danger.

There is another strong prayer to the Archangel, which it is desirable to read to the son on the road. It is truly miraculous, as it can protect against evil and other negative external influences.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

If the son is in a bad company and the parents are afraid that he will start taking drugs or drinking alcohol, you should contact Archangel Michael every day, morning and evening. You can read a prayer not once, but several.

Repetition in prayer helps to concentrate better, causes feelings of repentance and humility that are so pleasing to the Lord.

Mother's strongest prayers for son

A maternal prayer will help the son of any age: both an adult and a baby. Even if everything is in order, you need to pray for the child daily.

Especially strengthen the prayers for the lost son. In this case, a long reading of the Incessant Psalters is ordered in the monasteries.

This is a round-the-clock reading of psalms by the monks’ inhabitants The Psalms have the power to ward off evil and call upon God’s grace for all things.

If the behavior of the offspring is out of control, you should order a prayer service in the temple. The common prayer, when in the person of the priest, called to the saints and those gathered, the whole church prays, especially effectively. During the prayer it is appropriate to talk with the priest, to get advice from him on how best to behave with the child, what prayers to read.

Forcibly brings a child to the temple is not worth it — it can cause a protest and rejection of everything connected with the church.

It helps to beg for improvement in the performance of good works and a vow to God. As a vow, some parents promise to go to the temple regularly, to give up bad habits or some kind of overcoming passion.

The book Tobit says: «A good deed is a prayer with fasting, alms and justice»

In order to make any prayer miraculous, at the time of the petition, you need to drive out vain thoughts, forgive all offenders, ask the Lord for forgiveness for sins. It is necessary to try to direct all thoughts to God and not to doubt that He, by his good mercy, will have mercy and fulfill what he asks.

And if God is slow, then we must accept and strengthen our faith by saying that «for those who love God, who were called according to his will, all work together for good.»

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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