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Mother’s prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

Very strong prayers of the mother for the daughter and the protection of heavenly forces above her

No one will argue that the mother’s prayer for her daughter has tremendous power. It is believed that girls are less protected and weak, so they need good protection from everyday adversity and unkind people.

It is for this reason that Orthodox Christians should pay more attention to petitions to the Lord and the saints for their children.

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

There are many strongest prayers for Christians specifically aimed at the well-being of girls or girls, daughters of any age. Appeals for them have a miraculous impact and are accepted by many as amulets. At different stages of development of the girl, hardening in society, such hot words of the mother will be real support for the beloved woman.

This is a real shield, blocking the path to the daughter of any adversity and unhappiness. Such a prayer must be pronounced every day so that the daughter can cope with what awaits her on the road of life.

Many prayers for daughter and her protection

One of the strongest is considered to be the holy text turned to Christ. At the same time, the place where the ceremony was performed does not matter much. It can be your house or church.

It is only necessary to have before our eyes the image of the Savior and about Him burning candles. At the same time, phrases must be pronounced with concentration, without losing their meaning in the mind.

In advance, take care that no circumstances interrupt the reading of the prayer to Jesus for his daughter.

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

Prayer for the health of the daughter of the Virgin

Any sincere prayer always comes to the Mother of God, especially if it is uttered by the mother’s mouth. No matter how difficult the situation is, we can always turn to Her.

The Orthodox know that she will definitely help.

Strong prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos for the daughter and her health has the following content:

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

They turn to the Most Pure Virgin not only when the illness took possession of the man, but also in his health. Indeed, at any time, the disease can overtake, so that this does not happen, read the text given above without fail.

Maternal prayer for a happy life for her child

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her, very strong

To gain simple human happiness in the family, in marriage, there are special words that every caring mother should say. This prayer has a narrow focus and is addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos.

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

There is a specially designed procedure that must be followed when performing a prayer service.

  1. the time for prayer is morning so that no one can interrupt it;
  2. before reading it is necessary to bring oneself into proper form (to dress, wash, collect and cover hair);
  3. kneel before the icon; have a body consecrated in the temple of the cross;
  4. light a candle or several;
  5. read a prayer for a daughter without taking your eyes off the flames.

Prayer turned to Kazan Mother of God for a daughter characterized by special power, as the icon is recognized as miraculous. As an old Russian shrine, this image is revered by the Orthodox in many countries of the world.

She, too, pray in their own way. Of course, it is necessary to have a divine face in front of you. Having read the sacred text better by heart, you can then convey in your own words what the praying woman wants from the Highest forces.

This can be any question related to a variety of situations in life.

Maternal plea for the daughter in position

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

If the daughter is in a happy wait, then so that everything will be all right for her, the mother turns to the higher forces. There is such a prayer that the Mother of God must be offered daily, which will help the pregnancy proceed without great difficulties.

Such a maternal prayer will strengthen the strength of the future woman in labor, help bring out the healthy baby, and the very process of his birth will be easy and without complications.

Prayer for their daughters Nicholas the Wonderworker and St. Matrona of Moscow

One of the strongest is to appeal to the mistress for his beloved daughter. The Moscow old lady still in the world, being alive, highly placed a wonderful intimacy between children and parents.

Family ties were honored for her even in worldly life. Christians are sure that she always hears everything and responds to the prayer call.

It must be sent very early, as soon as the rays begin to touch the awakening earth. You can not apply every day, but only as needed, when there is such a need in the soul.

Saying the phrase, we must firmly expect to be heard. Matron is often asked for a successful marriage of his offspring and easy childbirth.

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

To Nicholas the Wonderworker, in order to protect his daughter from all evil, one must read a short prayer daily. for protection. Although small in volume, it is considered very effective and strong.

Mother's prayers for the daughter and protection over her are very strong

The power of the maternal prayer for the daughter is amazing. It will not let go of the true path, protects and heals, strengthens.

A prayer word spoken by the lips of a believing mother is capable of a miracle. Convinced of this, many strive to pray for their children without getting tired, so that the Heavenly Forces can help them in their hour of difficulty.

What are they asking the saints of God?

  • about a happy family;
  • about sending luck in business and good health.

There are very simple but sincere prayer to the guardian angel. It aims to ensure that the child is always under the reliable protection of his heavenly patrons. Mothers often resort to it, especially when they are forced for some reason not to be near their child.

Then the Guardian extends his saving wing over the child and protects it. It is desirable to read more often, once a day.

Mentally speaking, it will be less effective. It is better to whisper or even say in a low voice.


A loving, worrying about the child and his future mother can address the saints at almost any time and under different circumstances. However, it is better to decide for yourself in some matters:

  • who pray for a daughter;
  • have a holy face in the house;
  • know by heart or have a prayer book always at hand;
  • try to perform a ritual every day;
  • to turn to God with pure thoughts and sincere faith in His power.

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