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Mother’s prayers for a son serving in the army

Mother’s prayers for a son serving in the army

The army is not a kindergarten, and any mother will be worried about her son from the minute of separation, who is serving military service or even contractual service.

Fear for your own child can be understood, but do not need to sit back. If you and your son are baptized people, pray to the Almighty for his well-being and health while he is away from home.

Believe it or not, the word of a parent (mother or father) can greatly help (or greatly harm). Your kind and sincere words will surely help you, remove you from bad thoughts and actions.

Even if you go to church once a year — a prayer for a son serving in the army, will do no harm.

How to pray

A priest from any church will confirm to you that sincere and pure words spoken are not in sue, but in love can do the impossible. It doesn’t matter if something unpleasant happens or not, follow the rules for reading a prayer:

  • surround yourself with silence;
  • the main message of the prayer should contain a request that the person does not go astray;
  • do not leave unpleasant thoughts in mind;
  • To pray for your son, learn the text of the litany by heart;
  • if you suddenly forget the words — insert the words, not deviating from the main meaning;
  • Of course, to give a prayer is better in the church of God, but in the house you can also — buy in the church shop the icon of John the Warrior, he was always considered the patron of the military;
  • You can also say a prayer to other Saints — to Our Lady, Christ;
  • spend as much time on prayer as you need to find inner peace.

Basic prayers for a son-soldier

No stronger words maternal. Mother can save or bring trouble with the energy of her words.

Prayer to the Head of Christ

Christ Jesus, Son of God! Pure Mother Yours! Give your right hand to me, unworthy (of (name your name)).

In your power is my son, (name), your Slave, have mercy on him despite his transgressions.

Let go, Holy One, all the sins, unintentional or addictive, that he committed before your face. Good Lord, help him to embark on a secure path, the path of the orders of the Saints.

Conduct him with the light of Christ, save his body and save his soul.

Lord Jesus, guard my child in the service of a servant, both in the air, and on the water, and in the firmament of the earth. And in any place where your power. Let the Living Cross of Life-giving yours keep it from the smashing bullet, and from the enemy of its arrows.

From heat and water, from the sword, let him save his life. Please, Lord, keep him from various kinds of filth, soften his torment in this world.

Give him, Lord, the goodness of the Spirit, for all the years of his life. Give him goodness for the body, also for the spirit.

Let him live in peace and love with those near and far.

Please, Lord! Encourage his mind, give the body all the strength to endure, give my mind the strength to endure all my mind.

Return him, Lord, to his home in soundness of both soul and body.

Good Lord! Give me the sinful, your slave (s) the blessing of a parent for my Chad at this hour of the day (or night). Thank you, Lord, the will of God is strong and powerful on the whole earth.


Mother's prayers for a son serving in the army

With the help of the Most High, holy goodness will reign in the kingdom of God. I trust in the Lord God, my salvation. Remove me from the deft tenety, from the angry and rebellious words.

I hope for your wing, my weapon is your truth. I will not fear the passions of the night, the arrow of the flying, from the evil demon. In the darkness, anger will not come near.

After all, You, Lord, see my efforts, you are a refuge for me.

Let no evil come to me, let the wound on the body not appear. The angel from you may keep me in every way.

Suppose I do not step on the asp, I will not strike a basilisk, I shall gain victory over the serpent and the lion.

I trust in you, Lord, I will call to you and hear me. In my tribulation give me salvation.


Mother's prayers for a son serving in the army

Prayer to the Mother of God

Holy Queen, Virgin Mother of God! Cover and guard under my children (list the names), named with and without names, as well as those in the womb.

Protect your cover, protect the power of their motherhood. Protect Chad in the intimidation of God, I pray for them from you meekness and humility to their parents.

Seek the Lord, Thy dear Son, that he may give my children protection from the evil and unclean.

I trust your will, the maternal blessing of your children, may Jesus give them the Protection and Protection.

Give me, please, enter the Holy Motherhood into your image. Heal the wounds of the soul and the physicality of my children (list the names).

I entrust my children to the will of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and under your Protection. Amen.

Mother's prayers for a son serving in the army

Another prayer to the Mother of God

Our Father, the Holy One, a gift from you that proceeds, will give us good. I appeal to you, I ask for your children, grant me goodness. Revive them with your goodness, you gave them a holy baptism of life, may they accept your kingdom of heaven.

Keep the children of mine in goodness and health until the very end of their days.

Help me with your wisdom to raise them in the glory of Your name for the benefit of near and far. Give me the strength to endure, not to commit a sin.

Our Lord, guide them with your light of your Wisdom, may they turn away from their iniquities, from the evil devil, with all their thoughts.

Soul them, thy Slaves, adorn with chastity, love of work, honesty. Protect them from slander, vanity.

Give patience, may yes prosper with virtues in your world.

They found a guardian angel for them, may he always be with them, may he lead them all his life, may they not turn away from your holy face. But be kind to them and merciful.

Do not let them commit sins and evil deeds, keep them from the filthiness of all, slyness, from misfortunes and an evil demon.

I ask you about the joy that my children and I, having represented at Your Judgment Your Terrible, with goodness appeared before you fearlessly.

Let us glorify your name, your father, your son. Amen.

Some more tips

Prayer is more of an intimate side of personality, so you shouldn’t make a circus out of it telling your friends and friends about it.

When a son serves in the army, wherever you are, always carry your baptism with you and read the prayer to the Guardian Angel:

Appeal to the custodian

Angel of Heaven, protect my Child from the fire, the sword, all the filth. In the system, in rest and in every business. Let Your Slave (Name of Son) Return Healthy and Good.

Be with him on his way forever, take the evil enemy aside. Let it be so.

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