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Mother’s prayers for a pregnant daughter about the birth of a healthy baby

Mother’s prayers for a pregnant daughter about the birth of a healthy baby

I recommend that all mothers pray for their daughter during her pregnancy. This will allow the baby to be born healthy.

Today I will tell you how a grandmother should pray for her future grandson, what prayers need to be offered.

Power of prayer

Pregnancy is not only a joyful event. First of all, it is always fear for the future of the baby. After all, no one can know exactly how the fate of this little man will be formed in the future.

But most of all future parents care about the health of the child. Unfortunately, despite the constant development of medical technologies and their improvement, the fight against certain diseases is still losing.

Mother's prayers for a pregnant daughter about the birth of a healthy baby

As you know, a huge number of women are forced to undergo abortions due to the fact that doctors discover irreversible changes during pregnancy that indicate a child’s disability. Of course, not all women agree to an abortion. And you can not say that it is wrong.

After all, the Orthodox religion does not approve. That is why every Christian believer should understand that by agreeing to an abortion, he kills a person.

Small but human. No one knows exactly how the fate of this baby could have happened, therefore, to deprive him of life is a real blasphemy.

For this reason, the priests insist that the mother should pray for her diligently during the pregnancy of her daughter. In this case, a woman should ask for her health grandson or granddaughter. It is believed that the prayer, which was read by the grandmother, has tremendous power.

It is the mother’s prayer for a pregnant daughter to give birth to a healthy child that can help solve the problems that can come into the life of this baby. Grandmother, like no one else, can help not only with advice, but also with prayer. Since it is to her prayer the heavens will be most supportive.

After all, she, too, had once known the joy of motherhood. And she went through all the tests that are prepared for mothers.

Is pregnancy a blessing or a burden?

As it was written above, for many girls pregnancy is the happiest time in life. The ladies at the same time do not even notice the loads with which the carrying of the fetus is associated. However, not all women are so happy and optimistic about the news of the imminent birth of a baby.

And this happens for various reasons.

The most frequent reason that girls consider pregnancy a burden is financial distress. The young mother immediately begins to calculate how many jobs she will have to ruin her youth in order to feed the child. Of course, not many are ready for such sacrifices.

And on the one hand it is quite understandable. But it should not be forgotten that each person can change his fate. Perhaps it is the child who becomes the incentive for a woman to become more successful.

For example, as the heroine of the well-known film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”.

The second reason is the lack of male support. Unfortunately, today very few people give birth to children in marriage. At the moment, it is very fashionable to live a civil marriage.

After all, young people in every possible way avoid responsibility and believe that it is civil marriage that is most beneficial. That’s just not having a registered relationship, often the girl is in a very unenviable position.

Especially when it comes to unplanned pregnancy.

And if the father is not ready to try on a new role and start raising a child, he will simply leave the pregnant girl. Having lost the only support and fearing responsibility for the child, many women decide to take a dreadful step and have an abortion.

Mother's prayers for a pregnant daughter about the birth of a healthy baby

If we talk specifically about the religious view of this question, the answer will be obvious. After all, according to the clergy, the child is the blessing of heaven.

And so Orthodox priests can not find a single reason that could justify the rejection of the child or, especially, his murder.

Of course, the debate on abortion continues today. Scientists are trying to convince all people that in certain situations, abortion is really the only way out.

However, there are not so many adherents of this method of solving problems. And this, in fact, pleases.

Faith and pregnancy: is it possible to ask for help from heaven?

Spiritual mentors tirelessly remind you that there is no such problem that could not be solved by turning to the Lord, the saints, the guardian angel, Jesus Christ or Our Lady. Moreover, it is a sincere prayer that can help the mother not only to cope with possible difficulties, but also to beg for the health of the baby.

Both pregnant women and their mothers can make such requests to heaven. As mentioned above, it is their prayer that has special power, since they are closely related.

According to the clergy, if a person wants to turn to heaven with a request for help to a pregnant woman, it is better to read a prayer addressed to the Virgin Mary. Such a recommendation is fully justified and understandable. After all, the Virgin Mary is the mother of the Savior.

In life, she knew the joy of motherhood. Consequently, she is more supportive of those girls who, too, should soon try on the role of mothers.

It is for this reason that the clergy strongly recommend not to be lazy and always apply the appropriate prayers to the Mother of God. You can ask her:

  • easy childbirth — many girls are afraid of the fact that they will have to give birth. Indeed, one cannot deny the fact that childbirth is associated with pain. Every woman who gave birth, knows that it is quite painful. In particular, if this is the first experience. Sometimes girls are so much afraid of pain that they even agree to a cesarean section. Therefore, if such fear seizes pregnant, she can ask the Virgin Mary for help;
  • health for the baby — the above article already mentioned that quite often during pregnancy, unpleasant facts emerge. For example, about the illness of a child. In this case, it is imperative to appeal with prayer to the Virgin Mary. Since she herself is a mother who has experienced many difficulties, it is likely that the prayer addressed to her will not remain unanswered. Although here it is necessary to remember that a special role is played by how righteous the way of life is the future mother;
  • help in solving problems — if the expectant mother had to face serious life circumstances that may cause her to make the wrong decision about depriving a child of life, she can ask for the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

Pay attention to the last item. Mothers who are in a desperate situation may of course offer a prayer to heaven. However, it is extremely important to remember that even thoughts about abortion are sinful.

In other words, a woman who thinks about an abortion, by default, becomes a sinner. And so she will have to do everything in the future to atone for this sin.

Unfortunately, in most cases, girls first think about abortion, and then begin to look for a way to avoid it. But a righteous woman who lives according to God’s commandments should not behave this way.

Where to draw inspiration and spiritual strength?

When a pregnant woman faces problems, she has a hard time. And therefore, over time, she is so emotionally exhausted that she starts thinking about bad things. Evil thoughts are sent to her by the Devil himself.

But since her soul is highly depleted, she simply cannot resist them. And at such moments there is a high probability that the lady will make the fall.

In order to prevent this, it is necessary to try to replenish mental strength. However, this is not so easy.

Especially if the girl was left without the support of the family. In this case, it turns out to be so loaded with problems that it cannot even think sensibly.

And therein lies a special danger.

Mother's prayers for a pregnant daughter about the birth of a healthy baby

At such moments, the clergy recommend to recall the feat accomplished by the Virgin Mary. After all, her life is also difficult to call simple.

And at the same time, she still managed not only to have a child, but also to raise him worthy.

Moreover, everyone knows that her son was the very Savior, whom the world was waiting for. It is important to always try to remember that the Virgin Mary in life, too, was deprived of all blessings.

However, this did not prevent her from raising a son and becoming the most worthy of women.

Therefore, at the moment of strong doubts and concerns about the unborn child, it is imperative to ask for intercession from the Virgin Mary. If a mother is worried about how her daughter will be born, she must visit the church and pray.

The prayer offered by her will never be left unanswered.


  1. Abortion is a sin that the Devil himself pushes the girl to commit.
  2. If a pregnant woman has any difficulties, then she should not think about abortion. You just need to ask for help heaven.
  3. The strongest is the mother’s prayer for the daughter who is carrying the child.

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