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Mother’s Prayer for Son and Protection

Strong prayer for his son and protection over him

I advise all believers to go to the Lord to create greater protection for their children. Today I will tell you how a mother should pray for her son, how to properly ask God to protect the child.

Helping a child with a prayer

Our Orthodox religion has always focused its adherents on the importance of the family in the life of any person. An integral part of any family, of course, are the children who come to this world to their parents for joy and love. The life of any woman is divided into “before” and “after” such an important event as the birth of a baby.

People have long known that since the birth of a new life between mother and child, an unbreakable invisible bond has arisen that unites them in a special way throughout life. This energy connection allows the mother to protect and protect her child.

Mother's Prayer for Son and Protection

That is why the mother’s prayer for the son has simply infinite power, because no man on earth can be so close to a child as a mother. Christianity has many different evidences of the miraculousness of the female prayer when she asks for her son, and the protection above him is very strong.

Regular appeal to God about the welfare of children will get rid of a lot of fears and worries about their well-being, because parents simply physically can not care for their child from all adversity and failure.

How strong is the mother’s plea when addressing the Lord for the welfare of her son

As mentioned above, between the mother and her offspring there is a permanent special energetic bond that appears even before the birth of the child. Thanks to this invisible union, a mother can improve the life of her child by working on her spiritual development.

The mother’s prayer, coming from the pure motives of the soul, is a great miracle that must be used in order to make the life of your son safer, more successful, more comfortable, and more spiritual.

Orthodox prayer in itself has unprecedented power, and the holy words uttered by a loving mother can cope with the most difficult life situations, problems, setbacks and illnesses. Orthodoxy describes some situations where a mother, with the help of a sincere and selfless prayer, pulled her child out of the hands of death and incurable disease.

When to read prayers for your son

A woman can turn to the Lord Almighty whenever she feels it is an inner necessity. The main thing is to drown out and stop the negative unpleasant pictures that arise in thoughts due to the fact that emotions cloud the mind.

Prayer will help you to tune in the right way, curb the squall of emotions and improve your son’s well-being and well-being.

So, in which cases you can ask for help for your son to the higher forces:

  • In the period of the child’s ill health, of course, you need to ask all the Saints for healing and a speedy recovery. Believe in the miraculous power of the holy word and then you can overcome the worst illnesses and ailments. The health of your son is what you should ask God for even when right now there is no need for it.
  • If soon a son will have to undergo any operation, you can ask for a successful outcome.
  • Before serious performances and competitions it is possible to support the child not only with encouraging words, but also with a strong prayer.
  • If an adult child has problems with work or money, pray to the angels for his protection and the prompt resolution of all material problems.
  • When your son has a mess in his family, you can well help to resolve this situation with your spiritual practices.

On the birthday of a son, prayers have a special power, so do not forget on this happy day to turn to the Lord Almighty and the guardian angels of the child.

Mother's Prayer for Son and Protection

If instead of constantly worrying and nervous in a difficult moment, you turn to God, it will help to find peace and confidence in a good outcome of all affairs. Naturally, this attitude cannot but be transmitted to your child, which directly improves his state of mind.

How to read the holy texts for the well-being and success of your son

Every day, mother does a lot of things to ensure that the life of a dear and beloved child is as good as possible. Sometimes their comfort and well-being come to the fore, and this is absolutely normal, because female nature most of all realizes its potential in serving its neighbors, and especially children.

For the success and development of her offspring, the mother is ready to make any efforts and overcome the most difficult obstacles.

The most correct approach in raising a child is to introduce religion into the life of both mother and baby. While reading prayers for her son, a woman makes an irreplaceable investment in his happy future.

Remember that asking the Lord well-being, you improve the fate not only of your children, but also directly affect your own life. After all, regular prayers will increase the level of spirituality and give a feeling of special lightness and grace.

Let’s look at the points of those charitable actions that can improve the life of his son:

  • Try as often as possible to allocate time to read the sacred texts, because systematicity and stability are the key to success. So you can show your higher forces your determination and perseverance. Do not be lazy and always find the strength to ask the Most High about the good for your child. Daily spiritual practices will also improve your condition and stabilize your emotional background. The more responsible you get to this case, the sooner you will begin to notice positive developments in your son’s life.
  • Make a special place for yourself where no one places you to talk with the Lord. Put a few icons, candlesticks with consecrated candles and lamps. Reading prayers in such an environment will be more effective, as you immediately enter into the state you need.
  • Attend church more often. Get into the habit of going to every Sunday service. This will have a very positive effect on you and your children. If possible, take your son with you to the temple. Reading prayers in such a benign atmosphere will be very helpful.
  • Try to introduce your son to religion. Of course, best of all, if you have been doing this since his childhood. If your child is still small, then send him to Sunday school, where he will be able to learn about Orthodoxy among his peers and join the Almighty. There he will be able to make friends with good children and avoid getting into bad company. Explain to the child, why wear a cross all the time, and encourage him to do so.
  • Engage in charity, make donations to the temple, give alms to the needy. You can take up work on a voluntary basis and free of charge to help sick and weak people. To do this, contact the disabled home, hospices, boarding schools for children and the elderly.
  • Teach your son to pray on his own, because every Orthodox person should do this. If the child is small, teach him how to baptize correctly and jointly learn the text of a short prayer.

Who from the gods can ask for help for his son

Enlist the support and protection you can have any Saints and angels. A mother can speak her words directly to the Most High, his son Jesus Christ and guardian angels.

Most often, mothers prefer to turn to the Virgin Mary, because it is from this Most Holy that one can get special maternal sympathy and assistance.

Turning to the Mother of God, do not forget that all words and phrases that flow from your lips have a strong influence. Do not wish evil to anyone, even if this person deserves it.

If the appeal to the Mother of God occurs in the presence of a baby, then at the end of the prayer, cross the child and let him drink the holy water, then wipe his face and eyes with it.

Mother's Prayer for Son and Protection

What must be remembered, referring to the heavenly forces

Never forget to thank the Lord and all the Saints for their guardianship and protection. After all, gratitude is a very powerful, pure and beneficial emotion, which is the best reward for the efforts of invisible patrons.

Say thanks can be different. You can use one of the following methods:

  • Express your gratitude in prayer. You can find special texts in prayer books or come up with the words yourself. The main thing is that everything said be as sincere and present as possible. Do not say thank you, hoping for any benefit for yourself. Greed will not lead to anything good.
  • Labor for the good of others. This way is also very good at helping to thank you. There will always be those who require your help and care.
  • Donations in the name of the Lord. Hand out money, food, things. Favorable to invest in the construction of new churches and churches.


  • Spend time daily prayer and spiritual practices. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on it. Ten minutes a day is quite enough.
  • Introduce your son to religion and fellowship with God.
  • Go to church every week, wear a cross.
  • Do not forget about gratitude. Express it as you want and comfortable.

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