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Mother prayers for daughter

Mother prayers for daughter

The main mission of the parents is to help the child become happy. In difficult times, seek the help of the Lord, enveloping your child in maternal care.

There are certain canons in religion and society according to which we live. The commandments do not bypass the upbringing of children. After all, the main business of each parent is to raise the child by those whom he was originally born, to help develop the talents and abilities inherent in him. Education — hard work, in which there is no room for omissions.

The father helps his son become more courageous and stronger, the mother teaches the daughter of immeasurable love, maintaining the hearth, custody, care, and femininity directly with her personal example. In moments of despair, difficulties in raising or anxiety about the future well-being of the child, mother prayers will help you.

Every mother has a soul for her child, regardless of the age of the child. For the welfare of the daughter or son, the mother is ready to give up her own happiness. But, unlike boys, girls are more fragile and weaker, so they need support and support so much as mother prayers can become.

You must include a young girl in reading the prayers with you. Your duty is to show her the grace of the Lord and teach everything you know. It is advisable to read prayers every day in the morning hour.

This will create a powerful shield around your daughter, which no one can penetrate.

Mother’s Prayers for Daughter’s Health

The intercession and good health of your daughter will give the miraculous help of Panteleimon the Healer:

“Oh, Great Satan of God, I trust in your help and intercession. Be merciful to the requests of the sinful slave (name), hear his prayers and beg the Lord for his name. Oh, holy Panteleimon, give healing of the soul and body from the terrible malady that torments my innocent child.

Visit our lives with your beneficial presence and help you gain health. Let your mercy touch all people tormented in torment and torment. With the grace of God, let my child not know sorrow from the diseases of mortals, save her soul. Slave the Lord about the health of my child and illuminate our miraculous life with our life.

In the name of the Lord and all the saints. Amen».

Mother’s prayer for the welfare and happiness of her daughter

The prayer will be addressed to Nicholas the Convenient: the all-powerful anointed of God will help your daughter in teaching, in work, in difficult situations. The help of the Lord will assist in settling in life. Sacred text:

“Oh, our good shepherd, Your mentoring will contribute to the life of my daughter. Hear us sinners (names), we pray in the hope of your help and assistance. Deliver our hearts from faintheartedness, and thoughtsfrom nasty thoughts and sinful acts.

With my help from God help the child to my child and help in such an overwhelming task as upbringing. Pray to the Lord, O Great Nicholas, do not leave us in captivity of temptation but save us from sinful captivity. May the life of each of us be filled with joy and the participation of the Most High.

Let your mercy be present both in the present and in the future. Take care of my child, let her not be rewarded for my sins. Deliver the child from the troubles of those who come, the depths of the sinful, the misfortunes of mortals and the clouding of faith.

Let your salvation and intercession accompany my daughter on the path of life. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Maternal prayer for the admonition of the daughter on the righteous path

In moments of spiritual weakness and problems in raising a daughter, mothers should turn to the help of the Great Virgin Mary. Mother of all mothers will help to reason and guide your true child on the path. Prayer in front of the Virgin:

“The Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven, I call for Your help. Blessed are You and blessed fruit, You are born. I ask for your help: save my child from the temptations of worldly and infidel roads. You, Mother of God, like no one else understand my torments.

Protect the life of my child, guide her on the path of true happiness. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

God is almighty and will help every mother cooing over his child. However, one should not expect instant results from prayers: our Lord brings up humility in the souls of everyone. After waiting for some time, you will see the true grace of God. Be happy, may the prayers for children help you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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