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Morning prayers: text in Russian, how to read

We offer morning prayers to the Lord

I always read the morning prayers and advise everyone to do it. Today I will show simple texts that can be offered to the Lord, and I will talk about the rules of morning prayers.

The importance of prayer in the morning

When a child is born, parents must baptize him. But on this his meeting with God comes to an end. The fact is that not all parents are ready to continue to cultivate love for the Lord in their children.

They find a lot of excuses that allow them to feel calmer. After all, they explain their unwillingness to join God to banal employment. Unfortunately, most people really think that they can just find a suitable excuse and soothe their conscience.

In fact, this is completely unacceptable.

Morning prayers: text in Russian, how to read

In addition, precisely because of the indifference of parents to faith, children also grow up as atheists. They may not deny the fact that God exists.

But at the same time, they categorically refuse to follow certain rules and live according to the commandments, as the Creator ordered. Most often, Christians simply forget that they need to pray often to soothe the soul and get closer to the Lord.

In particular, they forget about the morning prayers, which should be offered regularly.

Of course, the Lord is very gracious. And therefore, every lost soul gets an opportunity sooner or later, but to accept the Lord and open his heart to him.

If a person has decided for himself that he wants to take the right path, it is necessary to pay attention to the study of certain rules.

The same applies to the study of those prayers that must be read in the morning hours. Those who attended church at least once know that priests read prayers in Church Slavonic. However, it is quite difficult for beginners to master this language.

And so the confessors insist that at first the believers use that version of the text of prayers that they will understand. Morning prayer rule then they do not seem so difficult.

Compliance with approved rituals

Many people, even those who are far from religion, know that there are certain rules that must be followed. These rules apply not only to prayers.

There are some general points to be aware of. This is a prerequisite that must be performed even by people who have recently turned to faith.

No need to think that these are some very complex rules. Because it is not.

Everything is much easier than most people think.

The first thing to remember is the list of prayers that are read in the morning. Because the morning and evening prayers cannot be interchanged. At first, it will be quite difficult for a person to remember a list of all prayers.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with using a prayer book at first.

Moreover, due to memory problems, not all people will be able to learn these texts. But there is nothing wrong with that either. Because if the reason for reading prayers solely from the prayer book is a disease, then this cannot be considered disrespect.

In particular, if we are talking about an elderly person suffering from a disease that impairs memory. Then the morning prayer from the prayer book will not become something strange.

Equally important is the use of the pectoral cross. As in any other religion, Orthodoxy has its own creeds.

In this case we are talking about the pectoral cross. It is believed that absolutely all Christians should wear it, since the cross serves as a very strong protection.

Although it is necessary to note the fact that not many follow this rule.

Morning prayers: text in Russian, how to read

In addition, it is important to remember a few more rules that are relevant to all Christians:

  • the veneration of icons and holy relics — in almost all the houses of believers there are special corners in which icons stand. Standing in front of these icons, a man must offer a prayer. Also, the priests insist that Christians should regularly attend church to touch the imperishable relics;
  • pilgrimage — visiting Orthodox holy places is welcome in Orthodoxy. It is believed that everyone should visit the holy places at least once in their life. It is noteworthy that such trips are often performed by people in order to receive the mercy of the Lord. In particular, if grief happened in their family and they cannot cope with it on their own;
  • observance of posts — perhaps this is the most embarrassing moment for people who only recently came to faith. After all, they have to limit their diet and get rid of food habits acquired earlier. Of course, this is not easy. But, by limiting himself to food, a person purifies his soul;
  • attending holiday worship is a very important aspect that some tend to forget. This is very good if a person attends church on weekdays. However, it is necessary to remember about holiday liturgies. Morning worship is also desirable to attend.

When offering a prayer, a person must also remember the importance of his soul spirit. The fact is that reading prayers should always be a pleasure. You can not take it as a duty or a burden.

And since morning prayers should be read every day, over time, some people really begin to perceive this daily ritual as a burden. Of course, nothing good in this case does not have to wait.

When preparing to read a prayer, you must try to tune in a positive way and think about what to ask the Lord. During prayer, a person should think about his desire.

Of course, it should be pious. In no case can not wish evil to another person or ask for punishment for the sinner. It should be remembered that the Lord knows everything.

And he absolutely does not need prompts. Therefore, it is not necessary to remind him that someone else has committed a sin.

A short prayer rule also teaches this.

The priests claim that most of the prayers sent to the Lord are still wrong. After all, people are asking for punishment for their offenders. Such requests are undesirable.

It is necessary to understand and accept the fact that Orthodoxy teaches people to forgive those who offended them. The same goes for apostates. Even an ardent Christian has no right to reprimand someone who has not yet come to faith.

Since his task is exactly the opposite of this. He should think about what he can do to set the unbeliever in the path of truth.

How to read morning prayers?

In Orthodoxy there is a huge number of prayers. Each of them has a certain meaning.

Moreover, prayers should also be read according to the rules. And if we talk about morning prayers, they should also be read according to certain canons.

Consider them in more detail:

  1. No need to read a prayer immediately after awakening. You must first wash and put on the clothes in which a person is comfortable.
  2. Some women, reading prayers at home, forget to tie a scarf. This is wrong, since one of the basic rules says that a woman should pray in a scarf at home.
  3. Before prayer, you need to sit for a few minutes and calmly reflect on something detached. This will help get rid of unnecessary thoughts.
  4. It is necessary to pray all alone. Moreover, it is necessary to try not to be distracted by anything.
  5. Prayer books are allowed to use for people who cannot memorize prayers.
  6. Reading the prayer in front of the icons, you should light the lamp. If it was not at hand, you can use a regular candle.

These rules many people forget. Of course, no one can say with certainty whether the Lord will hear prayers that are not being offered by the rules of the church. However, there is no evidence that the Lord remains indifferent to requests that are sincere.

After all, sincerity is what matters. Therefore, it is not necessary to think that a sinner who reads prayers according to all the rules will be able to reach heaven if there is not a drop of sincerity in his heart.

Features of morning prayers

In the prayer book, you can find all the necessary prayers. It contains a complete list of morning prayers. Here only priests recommend its use to those who have been attending church for a long time.

And for those people who only recently turned to religion, it’s better to use a short list. It will just be necessary to gradually increase the number of prayers read.

Morning prayers: text in Russian, how to read

It is noteworthy that the priests themselves do not insist on reading absolutely all morning prayers in Russian. In their opinion, only sincerity is important here.

If a person will sincerely pray only once, it will be better than to offer a prayer 100 times and do it completely insincerely.


  1. Morning prayers are read only in the morning. In no case can not read them in the evening.
  2. You need to read them, following certain rules. This is very important because the canons established by the church are binding.
  3. For beginners invented special indulgences, which do not need to be neglected.
  4. Praying is better standing in front of icons. Also not be superfluous and a lit candle or lamp.

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