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Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

When I was in the hospital preparing for an operation (they had to remove the carbuncle, and I was doing very badly — fever, chills, very high temperature, and most importantly, not the most reassuring doctors’ forecasts), my mother brought a small icon to the ward. The operation was successful, I went to the amendment.

At first, I just enjoyed life, which is — oh, happiness! — did not end in such an inglorious way. Then she looked at the image of the Virgin, standing on a hospital bedside between packs of ampoules.

What is this image? It turned out it was a copy of the «Healer».

Since then I have been interested in miraculous icons, as I know: it is better to keep one of them with you when going to the hospital … And not only!

Icons of the Mother of God

Mother of God is very merciful. It is not surprising that most of all miracles are connected with Her images.


Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

This face is one of the strongest. Unfortunately, it is associated with sad events in the life of the Virgin Mary. On the 40th day after the birth of Jesus, she carried Him to the temple.

There, the elder Simeon recognized the infant as the Son of God (this day is celebrated as the Presentation), but also predicted to the Virgin that her “weapon will pass the soul”, but “the thoughts of many hearts will open.” That is, the prophet saw in front of the torture and execution of Jesus — for the mother is really terrible pain to see it all!

It is not surprising that more often than not, this icon is prayed by people who are also experiencing hard days of their lives.

  • protect them from problems and evil people
  • protect their home
  • reconcile the warring
  • assistance in an important business.

And if you wear a scapular chest, it is believed that it protects from the evil eye and damage.

The icon is also considered “anti-cedar”: it is hung in front of the entrance, so that the image is “seen” by everyone who enters. It is believed that an evil person will not enter your house after this.

Inexhaustible Bowl

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

This is support for all those who have stumbled. The image calls to appeal to Jesus — the “cup” with light and happiness that will never be empty.

  • Relatives of drunks and alcoholics pray to her, asking the Mother of God to save her dear person from addiction.
  • Nowadays, the relatives of drug addicts and people who have succumbed to other harmful addictions (casinos, gaming) have started to pray to the “Chalice”.

The holy face must be hung near the head of the bed of a sick person.


Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

The lists of this icon are different — on one patient a young guy is depicted, on the other — a man, on the third — a woman. In fact, the history of the creation of the icon is connected with the healing of the Georgian cleric.

The Virgin came personally to help him.

  • They pray to her, as it is not difficult to guess, about her health — hers and her relatives. You can even ask for health for the enemy, only sincerely.
  • It also helps in the healing of heartache, so bow to it when life becomes hard or depression attacks.

Unexpected joy

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

This icon depicts a knee-knee man. This is a hypocritical «righteous» who terribly sinned, but before that he prayed to the Virgin Mary. And once he saw that Jesus had wounds and blood flowed from them.

The Virgin Mary told him that this was because of the dishonorable life that such «believers» lead here. The sinner asked for mercy on him, and Jesus forgave him.

That person began to live righteously.

  • about heavenly support,
  • about what they do not want to receive (not only material but also spiritual),
  • about health,
  • about reconciling fathers and children, correcting adolescents caught in a bad company,
  • about the end of the quarrel
  • about the return of the missing person (most often the children and grandchildren of the old people leave the house and forget the way back).


Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

One of the most controversial icons.

Virgin Mary has three hands. But these are only lists of the original kept in the Athos Monastery.

There the hand is not drawn, but made of metal and attached to the icon. And it does not belong to the Virgin, but to John of Damascus. His hand was cut off by malicious malice for misconduct, which he did not commit.

John prayed for this particular icon for a long time, and a miracle happened — it became rooted.

  • healing from a disease associated with the hands,
  • salvation from other diseases
  • getting rid of problems
  • as well as asking for fire protection.

Burning bush

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

It symbolizes one of the scenes of the Old Testament. When the prophet Moses prayed on Mount Sinai, the Lord came down to him in the form of a burning, but not burning, thorn bush.

In the New Testament, the Virgin Mary is considered the Virgin, which also shines with true faith and holiness.

  • forgiveness of sins
  • healing mental disorders and diseases
  • protection of the house or apartment from a fire,
  • she is the patroness of pilots, doctors, soldiers and firefighters.

Fadeless Color

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

In the hands of the Madonna or Child depicted lily. Flower means purity.

The icon tells us that Mary was blameless at the time of the conception of the Son of God.

  • young girls do not lose their purity
  • to marry your loved one
  • for married women, she brings a quiet and happy family life.

Unbreakable wall

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

The original icon is depicted in a mosaic style. It is located in the Kiev St. Sophia Cathedral.

The image received its name because it remained unscathed, no matter what wars and disasters swept over this holy abode.

  • The icon is considered an intercessor and protector of many ills: diseases, ill-wishers, thieves, even a divorce. Therefore, many people hang it in front of the entrance so that evil does not penetrate into their apartment or house.

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

There are many different images in the world in which the Mother of God is depicted without little Jesus, and Her face is sad. This word is sometimes called even the icon «Semistrelnaya.»

But in our country, this image is considered miraculous. It is also known as the Crimean, because it was found in the area of ​​Feodosia.

One parishioner donated an old, darkened icon to the church. When it was placed on the altar, the colors on it suddenly became bright, the icon miraculously changed.

However, no one has restored it.

It is revered on November 6, on the same day when they remember the icon «Joy of All Who Sorrow.»

It is addressed to:

  • when life becomes especially difficult, sadness and sadness in the soul,
  • when a person is sick (meaning not only physical but also mental illnesses),
  • they are asking for blessings (say, couples who dream of their own housing, or even children who want a really expensive toy),
  • it is considered to be the protection of the merchants who went on a long journey, so buy a small scapular, if one of your relatives often goes on business trips, especially trading ones.

Joy of all joys

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

The second name of the icon is Serafimovo Surprise. The name is associated with Seraphim of Sarov. This icon (“Affection”) was his private image.

When he prayed to her, his soul flew away to God.

She needs to pray calmly, without anger, and most importantly — fuss.

  • for help if you have been slandered,
  • about rescue from prison, as well as assistance in court,
  • about finding the important thing you lost
  • about protection in a foreign land,
  • on the intercession for a soldier who serves in a dangerous place.


Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

Very old look. He saw many coronations of kings, as well as election of the first hierarchs.

  • reconcile people who are in a quarrel
  • reassure an evil person (many keep a small icon on the desktop, fearing a boss to be punished soon),
  • he also relieves the suffering of demon possessed people.

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

At the time of Ivan the Terrible in Kazan there was a terrible fire, the church burned down, and there were no shrines left in that part of the city. But the Virgin Mary came in a dream to a little girl and asked to dig out of the ground her icon, hidden in ancient times.

She was healing. The shrine was very supportive of the Kazan citizens who had shaken in the faith after the problems that had befallen them.

  • solve problems (different — personal, workers),
  • protect against making the wrong decision
  • it is also the patroness of the family; Young people going to the wedding are well blessed with this particular icon.

Images of other saints

Of course, we have other miraculous faces. A lot of them. But the strongest are considered …

Serafim Sarovsky

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

One of the most popular saints in Russia.

Seraphim was born in Kursk, came to the church in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and served the Lord all his life in the Saratov desert.

  • peace of mind, finding the right path,
  • about health (including healing from really serious diseases),
  • girls ask for marriage,
  • Some entrepreneurs ask for good luck in their business (although the icon will help only if you promise to give part of your earnings to charity — and, of course, fulfill this promise).

George the Victorious

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

This saint is considered the patron saint of Moscow.

George during his lifetime was a warrior, so most often soldiers and other employees of law enforcement agencies (well, of course, their mothers and wives) turn to him. Also ask for help athletes.

Finally, businessmen turn to George.

Nicholas the Wonderworker

Miraculous Icons: a list of the most powerful relics

And this saint is the most popular in Ukraine. The little ones here believe that St. Nicholas, on his winter holiday, goes home to obedient children and puts sweets and even toys under their pillows.

The merchant is asked about:

  • salvation from poverty and destitution (since during his lifetime the saint helped all those in need)
  • sailors and pilots, drivers, as well as travelers consider him to be his patron (a small icon should be taken with you on a business trip or on vacation).

But of course, all the icons you see here are just copies of the original miraculous images. Is it worth praying for them, buying small icons in the church?

Or is it better to go on a pilgrimage to the original icons, and all the other prayers will not help? Father answers:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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