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Miraculous family prayer

Miraculous family prayer

The family is the most valuable thing a person has, it must be protected and preserved. All problems can be overcome with God’s help. That is why, when discord arises in a family, believers turn to prayers for family happiness.

When we are young, we do not think that we need to prepare for family life and consciously approach the search for the second half. Most often, young people meet, communicate, not thinking about who they want to start a family with. Such meetings are often very stormy, emotional, but empty, and therefore have sad consequences.

The lack of worldly wisdom, and perhaps the desire to know oneself and others, pushes people to burdening relationships, which, at the slightest quarrel, break up. In order to avoid these problems, you can turn to special prayers for family happiness, which help the spouses to regain trust, understanding and harmony in relationships. It is believed that the help of such prayers has tremendous power.

Miraculous prayer for the family of the Virgin

With requests for family happiness, many turn to the Virgin Mary. When asking for the most intimate, be sincere with the Mother of God, do not conceal anything, be pure in thought and soul, repent of everything. Only when you let go of the negative will there be a place in your life for joy and happiness. Family prayer:

“Heavenly Lady, we pray to You, take our family under Your cover. Settled in my heart, my spouse and our children love and all the brightest things in the world. Save my family from partings and partings.

May peace and love reign in our house, save and preserve the union from the evil of men and the devil’s captivity. And we will continue to glorify your name, transmitting the history of your life from mouth to mouth for ever and ever. Save us, Most Pure Virgin, do not allow my farewell to your loved one. Let Your name be famous and Your help.


Miraculous prayer for family and happiness

Offer prayers for the family of the Lord, because in His power to change your destiny. Even now, He continues to create the Universe and your life. But you can not find happiness only by asking: be grateful for all that you have.

Before any request to the Creator, thank Him, as well as after each help received. Strong prayer for happiness and family:

“Our heavenly Father, in the name of Christ, I call upon You and ask for true happiness. Give my family the unearthly love that you love all of us. Teach us how to love us just as you alone can.

Let the love in our family multiplies and strengthens every day. Help us understand that only in love is our salvation. Give wisdom so that with your help we can get rid of everything superfluous on the way, both in words and in our actions. Only youa true creator of human lives, and only You decide who deserves happiness and who asks for it in vain.

We will not tire of praising You, keeping all Your commandments, and give Your word to our children. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Family prayer

Having found something in this world, we often begin to feel fear, because there is a big risk of losing it in an instant. This prayer is not as necessary as desired. She will help you to save your family and save it from troubles, troubles, envious people and grief.

Let the words addressed to the martyrs Guria, Samon and Avian become an additional shield for you when you find family happiness. Prayer that fosters love and preserves the family:

“Oh, the celebrated martyrs Guri, Samon, Avian. We turn to you, to the ambulance assistants and zealous prayer books. We ourselves are unworthy, but diligently praying slaves of God, so do not renounce our words. Help get on the true path and encourage us to live in love and oneness of mind with your spouse.

Protect our family from sorrow, suffering and frustration, protect against sudden death and envious people who encroach upon our union. Help bring love through life, without betraying and letting go of it. Give our words to the Lord God and ask for our happiness in the family and the strength of the spirit to keep it. Do not stop your names praise.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

We always trust in the help and intercession of the saints, forgetting about our own abilities that the Lord has bestowed upon us. Every person has the right to create his destiny as he wants. Do not forget about it.

Prayers for the family will only help you find love, return it, or strengthen it. But in your hands to make this love several times stronger, save it and help others find it. We wish you happiness and love. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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