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Matrona of Moscow prayers for all occasions

The power of prayers to the Matrona of Moscow: the life story of the patroness

As a believer, I recommend praying not only to God, but also to patron saints. The kindest and most supportive of the known heavenly patrons is the Matrona of Moscow, a prayer to which can help avoid any trouble.

And now I will tell you how to pray to her correctly, and what miracles she can do.

A bit about the life of the patroness

When trouble occurs in a person’s life, he begins to think about conversion. Indeed, at the moment of weakness, a person most needs the help of the Lord.

However, if up to a certain time he was a sinner, then the prayer may remain unanswered. Therefore, it is also better to pray to the patron saints. As human beings, they know all human weaknesses too well.

They are very loyal to these weaknesses. And so the patrons of heaven almost always help, if they sincerely ask for it.

In Russia, patroness Matrona is not only well known, but also revered. It is believed that she is one of the most revered ministers of the Lord.

The matron answers the prayers of all the suffering who need help.

She appears in the form of a kind and selfless righteous woman who, during her lifetime, helped hundreds of people. It is noteworthy that she was not just a healer, but also a seer.

Many people came to her to get a prophecy. After all, she really could predict what fate awaits a man, and advise him how to correct the evil fate.

Matrona of Moscow prayers for all occasions

It should be noted that the clergy have long believed that all sorts of predictions are devilry. Because no man can foresee the fate that is determined by heaven.

However, after the appearance of the righteous who were able to prophesy the future, the church was forced to admit that some people were blessed by God, so they have the power to look into the future and tell about it.

That’s just like this did not always work. After all, it is the Lord who sends visions to the seers.

And if he considers that his creation does not need to know about the coming difficulties, no one can break this will.

Matrona Childhood

Blessed Matron many regretted when she was a small child. The pity of people caused the plight of the baby.

She was not lucky to be born in a wealthy family. Moreover, from birth she was blind.

The parents did not have the means to treat the baby or provide her with an adequate standard of living, and they did not want to ask for help from outsiders.

Worsening the already difficult situation and the fact that she was the youngest in the family. And since the mother and father were completely absorbed in caring for older children, the girl was forced to grow independently.

Although Matrona herself never believed that her life had been cheated by something, the closest relatives were sure of the opposite. After all, she was an unwanted child.

At first, they even wanted her to be identified at an orphanage after birth. However, God’s providence saved her.

Shortly before giving birth, her mother saw a strange dream and considered him a warning. That is why the woman subsequently abandoned the idea of ​​giving the child to an orphanage. About this intention of her only knew the immediate family, who after the birth of the baby thought that the lady made a mistake.

After all, the child was actually born crippled.

Miracles from a little girl

At the age of 7 she first showed her unusual abilities to the world. After all, at this age her ability to heal and providence was manifested.

From early childhood, the girl began to help friends and relatives. She did not refuse to help and visiting the village.

Soon, many people became aware of the wonderful power of the little girl. To her began to come from all over Russia.

Sometimes even foreigners came.

It is noteworthy that not everyone believed in the gift of the Matron. There were skeptics who came to the healer’s house with the sole purpose of exposing her to a lie.

However, they failed to realize the idea. And this is quite understandable, since the woman really possessed unique abilities.

Matrona of Moscow prayers for all occasions

Acts of the patroness of the Matron:

  1. Just by talking to a person, she could find out about his sins and atrocities. Nor did she ever reproach those who turned to her for help.
  2. Saint Matrona, the prayer to which she still helps people, tried to steer all those who suffer on the true path. In this way she differed from other false prophets and healers who immediately blamed the person when they learned that he was sinful.
  3. The words Blessed were especially powerful. Just by talking to a man or a woman, she could make them completely reconsider their attitudes toward family, religion, and life in general.
  4. It was believed that her words have miraculous power. After reading a prayer over a person, she could remove from him any damage and the evil eye. It is for this reason that the people whom fortune left have quite often visited the Matron. Having lost everything in life, they went to her for salvation. And never Matrona did not refuse them. On the contrary, she tried with all her strength to find a way to return the favor of the Lord to his unhappy children who need protection.

Death blessed

His death Matrona anticipated. And so she asked the priest to visit her as often as possible and even told him about exactly where she wanted to be buried. The priests were surprised by the fact that even the Blessed is afraid of death.

However, she never denied this and believed that there is nothing shameful about fearing death.

Matron’s Death Aid:

  1. Even being in a rather bad state, she continued to summon people to her and tell them about their future.
  2. The woman continued to help those in need until her death. Some suggest that the Blessed thus wanted to devote themselves in the last minutes to the service of the Lord. And the priests assure that Mother Matrona just wanted to continue to protect those who need it in the kingdom of God.

The story of the life of the Matron

Despite the fact that priests and Orthodox worship Matron, some people still do not believe in her gift. This is especially true of atheists who are far from faith. They are distinguished by the fact that they want to see evidence with their own eyes and absolutely do not believe in the stories of those lucky enough to experience the healing power of the Matron.

But even ardent atheists cannot find an explanation for one thing, a story that the Orthodox have passed from word of mouth for many years. Moreover, the reliability of this story has already been proven.

Brother and sister, having gone to another city to sell a cow, lost documents to her. They could not go home, because they had already moved far enough away from the village.

Brother was very excited about this incident. After all, those years were very difficult.

Everywhere one could meet an armed patrol. And since the theft then flourished, the man had a premonition that the patrol officers would simply not believe in their story about the loss of the document.

And then they will incur cruel punishment and be forever branded as thieves.

The realization of the hopelessness of the situation turned out to be so overwhelming that the man even began to think about committing suicide. But his sister dissuaded him. She heard that in Moscow there lives a powerful healer who helps everyone who asks for it.

And so the naive girl offered her elder brother to offer her a prayer. Of course, this proposal was perceived by a man not too well.

Since he considered that the blind old woman, which is located a few tens of kilometers from them, will not be able to help anything.

But the young people prayed. Matrona’s prayer was lifted up, and they set off. On the way, they came across extremely kind people who happily agreed to let travelers come to their place.

And they didn’t even care about the fact that they had no documents for a cow. One day, a patrol arrived at the house where the travelers stayed. Then they thought it was over.

After all, it was clear that the owners would not want to get involved with the soldiers and give out guests. But brother and sister were wrong.

Their masters began to shield and convince the soldiers that there were no strangers in the house. After that, they successfully reached the capital and sold the cow.

Thanks Matrona

On the way back, the travelers decided to visit Matron. What was their surprise when she started talking about how she was worn out with a cow.

Moreover, the blessed began jokingly reproaching the children for not believing in her power. And she even scolded her older brother.

After all, it would take only a few days to restore the documents, and the man because of this trifle wanted to take his own life.

Matrona of Moscow prayers for all occasions

As soon as it became known about this story, many people no longer had doubts that Matrona was lying and did not possess any special abilities. Since then, even more people have reached for her.

Moreover, people began to offer prayers to the Matrona of Moscow, because everyone understood how strong the Blessed One was.

Remarkably, after the death of the body of Matrona for a long time was in the burial, which was located near a small monastery. Matrona herself chose the burial site.

In her testament, she said that she wanted to listen to the services in the monastery even after death. And only many years later her body was reburied.

Since then, believers offer her prayers for all occasions.


  1. Matron Blessed still in life was a man who fully devoted himself to serving God.
  2. She never refused to help people who asked her about the service. Therefore, the Orthodox believe that it is necessary to pray to this very patron saint. After all, if she helped all those who suffer in life, then after death she would not refuse.
  3. All prayers to the patroness must be sincere. If a person is sinful, then he must first repent. And only after that you can turn to the Matron with prayer.

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