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Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

The blessed old woman Matron of Moscow — one of the most revered newly appeared saints — everyone knows. Her grave, now located on the territory of the Pokrovsky Monastery in the Russian capital, does not stop a continuous stream of people.

People come to her with all sorts of problems, but most often they ask Matronushka about healing — themselves or their relatives.

The prayer to Matrona of Moscow for healing from illness and health is a miracle cure, the effectiveness of which has been proved by a considerable number of real-life examples. She is able to create the unbelievable, to lift up even the seriously ill, whose doctors even refused to cure.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

Preparing to say prayers to Matrona of Moscow

A person who appeals to the blessed old woman Matrona should do this with humility in her soul, sincerity and unshakable faith in her help. Before you begin a prayer, it is recommended to help all those in need, give alms to those who ask, make donations to the liturgical institutions.

If a patient is undergoing medical treatment, you should not refuse him while reading the prayers of the Matrona of Moscow. It is better to combine medication with healing prayer.

It is necessary to do this simply if only because sometimes Matronushka helps the suffering through other people.

The text of the prayer to the matron of Moscow for the healing of the disease

The most famous prayer, addressed to the Matrona of Moscow, asking her for healing from the ailment, the text reads as follows:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

People usually use this prayer when they visit the grave of Matrona of Moscow. The blessed old woman bequeathed to those who would ask at her grave, shortly before her death.

She said that she would hear the prayers of any truly praying person and would definitely ask for him before the Lord. Matrona of Moscow kept her promise: she never refuses people in their requests, helps to cope with the misfortunes that happened in their lives.

Strong prayer ritual on health

In addition to the prayer mentioned above, there are several other prayers with which the Matron of Moscow can be asked for health. Moreover, you can pray both for yourself and for a loved one who is captured by any ailment.

To recover from the disease with the help of these words, it is not at all necessary to go to the grave of Matrona of Moscow. The ritual of healing occurs in 2 stages:

  1. Visit the temple.
  2. Appeal to Matrona with a prayer at home (three-day rite).

The work of these 2 prayers is based on repentance, which helps to relieve pain, to get rid of suffering, to purify from carnal sins.

First of all, the patient himself or his close relative should visit the temple and submit a note “On Health”. Then you need to put on 3 of the most simple church candles in the images of Jesus Christ, the great martyr Panteleimon the Healer and the Matrona of Moscow herself. At the Matronushka icon, you need to whisper in a whisper:

“Blessed Matron, cleanse my soul, cleanse my body so that the first does not cry, the second does not hurt. Amen!»

After this, one should cross several times and leave the temple, having bought 36 candles and icons of the saints listed above in the church bench, and also collect holy water.

The second stage of the prayer ceremony is done at home. Having retired at any convenient time, it is necessary to put on the table all 3 icons, next to place a decanter with consecrated water, a cup and light 3 candles in each image. Then the prayer of the Lord is read 12 times (“Our Father”).

After pronouncing “Our Father,” you should diligently be baptized and drink holy water from a decanter.

Next is the visualization, during which you need to imagine yourself or a sick person recovered and feeling well. And only then one of the following prayers is read many times, depending on whether you need to recover, yourself or a loved one who is close to you.

Any of these prayers to the Matrona of Moscow must be pronounced with sincere faith and purity in the soul.

Prayer Matronushka about the health of himself

The text of the prayer is as follows:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

Prayer Matrona for healing a sick person

To heal another person, you need to pronounce these words:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

Prayers should be read as long as the candles are lit. At the end you need to cross over and drink holy water several times. At the end of the ritual of candle stubs are put in the trash, and the icons are removed in a closed cabinet.

In total, this rite is performed with home Orthodox prayer for 3 days in a row, without interruption.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for the healing of a sick child

There is no worse test for the sensitive mother’s heart than the disease of the native and beloved offspring. However, in this situation, you can turn to Matronushka and ask her for a cure for your child, because sometimes it is a sincere mother prayer that creates a miracle.

The mother can also say a prayer for the healing of a sick child at home. A necessary condition for this is the presence of an icon in the house with an image of a blissful old woman. It is also possible to speed up the healing process, and simply protect your child from negativity and disease, with the help of an amulet with the face of Matrona of Moscow.

Her (amulet) must either be placed in the bag of a child, or sewn up with the lining of the clothes that he wears everyday.

Matronushka’s prayer for the healing of a child should be read before the icon of the old woman. Its text is as follows:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

The same words at home can be pronounced as part of the prayer rite described above. The actions that a mother must take are similar. The only difference is that when visiting the church a note “On Health” is submitted in the name of the sick child, and before the image of the Matronushka the following words are pronounced:

“Blessed old woman Matrona, heal my aching child, do not punish him for the sins of generations. Amen!»

Home also need to buy candles and icons of Jesus, Panteleimon and the Matron. The second part of the ceremony is also practically no different.

The ritual is performed in a calm and peaceful state. After all the necessary preparation has been done (icons, candles and holy water are set), mothers should be pronounced instead of “Our Father” (these words serve as a kind of spiritual bridge from the praying parent to the Lord):

“The Trinity of the One God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen!»

Then the text of the above-mentioned prayer about the healing of a child, or a prayer in this version, is pronounced repeatedly:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for sickness and health

These prayers, addressed to the Matrona of Moscow, have a powerful force. They must be read until the children are completely cured.

Be sure to give the child holy water: just to drink, add to food and drinks.

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