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Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

The lack of decent and paid work often confuses a person and even leads to a deep depression, because it is work that most often serves as a source of livelihood. In such moments, in no case should not give up — it is better to remember about God and the holy heavenly patrons, to appeal to them with prayer. Numerous examples from life suggest that sincere prayer, indeed, can radically change life for the better.

If problems in the sphere of employment have firmly settled in your life — it’s time to use the Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in your work.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

How to ask for help in the work of the Holy Matron of Moscow: texts of prayers

Prayer Matrona Moscow “About work”

The prayer to the blessed old woman Matrona “About work” will help you quickly find a job, moreover, to get a position such that both the work was to your liking and the wages of your pocket pleased you. The text with which to refer to the Holy Matronushka is the following:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

This prayer is very strong. The fact that it works and leads to a remarkable result — on its own, quite a few people, whom Matrona helped transform from the status of unemployed into transition to the status of employed and successful citizens, were convinced.

Asking with this prayer is possible not only for oneself. You can read it when you want to help your loved one or loved one.

The main thing is to say these words sincerely, from a pure heart, with faith and reverence in your soul — Matrona Moskovskaya will surely heed your request and bring it to the Lord.

Universal prayer to the Holy Matron “For Help”

If you already have a job, but it doesn’t bring satisfaction due to any troubles (problems with the team, unjust and picky boss, lack of career growth), then read the universal prayer to the Matrona of Moscow, known as the “Help” prayer. It is universal, as it will help to achieve improvement in all everyday affairs, including work. It sounds like this:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

Short prayers to the Matrona of Moscow for help in work

Two short prayers can be attributed to the category of universal prayers of the Blessed Old Matrona, helping to find a solution to the problems encountered in life. You can use them in situations related to the world of work.

First prayer words:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

The text of the second prayer:

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

Prayer Preparation

If you have any difficulties in the field of labor or material, definitely contact the Matrona of Moscow for help. Prayers for help in work, addressed to the blessed old lady, are strong by themselves, but their effectiveness can be increased many times if they are combined with some actions:

  • Try as far as possible to go to the Pokrovsky Monastery — Matronushka’s relics have found their refuge there. Bow to them and pray to Matrona, asking her to help you.
  • You can go to the grave of Matrona of Moscow, located on the Danilovsky cemetery. Be sure to take fresh flowers with you — Matron herself bequeathed this shortly before her own death. Ask for help in finding a good job. Be sure: she will hear your request.
    Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work
  • If you do not have the opportunity to go to the relics of the blessed old woman or to her grave, you can write a letter, expressing your request in it, and send it to the Pokrovsky monastery. Through the clergy, your letter will go to Matronushka.
  • Pray daily at home, buying an icon with the image of a saint, and you will see that soon all problems with your work will be solved.

Before turning to Matronushka, remember about good deeds, mercy and compassion. Matron is an intercessor for orphans and homeless people. Therefore, by all means help some orphanage (donations, clothes, toys, and just sweets).

Give alms to those in need, make donations to the church, feed abandoned and stray animals. Your kind and selfless deeds will not pass by Matrona — she will certainly appreciate them and reward you with the fulfillment of your desire.

When can I ask the Matron of Moscow for help in working

Any professional activity has its heavenly patron. Blessed old woman Matrona of Moscow can be prayed by representatives of absolutely all professions.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for help in work

Prayer is something that should not be shy or afraid. It is necessary to pray sincerely, with lit church candles.

You can kneel down by expressing with this gesture respect for the saint and the purity of your intentions. Matronushka, even before her death, promised to help all those who suffer and ask, and she still keeps her promise to this day.

When can I ask a matron for help in working? Feel free to contact her if:

  • for a long time you can not find a job, despite all the attempts made;
  • fell under the reduction or dismissal;
  • career growth has stopped on the spot, and you see no prospects;
  • the money earned is not enough to feed the family;
  • salaries are often delayed, money is not stable;
  • complex relationships with the work team or with the head;
  • position seems to be hard labor.

If you have problems in your work, first of all, with the material side, do not ask Matronushka about easy money (winning the lottery, gambling, inheritance) — believe me, money that is so easy will not lead to good. Moreover, requests of this kind can anger the holy patroness and the Lord himself.

Praying to the Matron for help in the work, do not place all hopes only on the prayer. Do not sit idle, act, look for possible solutions to the problem.

Only then, having seen your diligence, Matronushka will assist you and provide all support.

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