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Matrona of Moscow prayer and marriage, the strongest

Matrona’s prayer for marriage and relationships

I have been a clergyman for a long time and I try to help people every day. I am often approached with problems of marriage and personal life.

So today I’ll tell you who to pray with to find true love.

The problem of finding the second half

The modern course of life is fundamentally different from what our grandparents are used to. The development of the Internet has greatly expanded opportunities.

In addition, thanks to communication in social networks, it became possible to keep in touch with relatives living far away, and even find a soul mate. It would seem that now there should be very few single people.

After all, everyone had a unique opportunity to find their own destiny, even if the chosen one or the chosen one lives on the other side of the world.

Matrona of Moscow prayer and marriage, the strongest

However, all is not so rosy. Since today statistics remain extremely sad.

The number of successful and long marriages is not so great. Moreover, only a small part of citizens are married. Most can not even find a soul mate.

But even those who are lucky enough to find their love are in no hurry to file an application to the registry office. They are worried that marriage may be unsuccessful.

And therefore they prefer to build relationships in a civil marriage.

The church of this kind, of course, does not approve. Since the relationship between a man and a woman must be legitimized. Moreover, it is extremely important that this marriage be concluded in heaven.

That is, the spouses must necessarily hold a wedding ceremony in the church. But it is not hard to guess that few would venture to take such a step. Spiritual mentors are sure that this problem can be solved.

But for this, believers need to seek help from the Matrona of Moscow. The priests believe that it is the matron of Moscow prayer for marriage that can help people find happiness in their personal lives and come to the Lord.

Short biography of Matrona of Moscow

In the world, this patroness was better known as Matron Nikonov. She was born in a poor family.

Both parents had to work hard to feed the family. In addition to Matron, the spouses had three more children.

Therefore, it cannot be said that her birth was desired. The situation was significantly aggravated by the fact that the girl was born blind.

The doctor, who took birth, immediately told the parents the bad news and warned that it would be impossible for the girl to return the sight.

As soon as the couple learned that they had a sick child, they seriously thought about the need to abandon it. Because they knew that they could not provide the baby proper care. In addition, the appearance in the family of a child with special needs imposes certain obligations on absolutely all family members.

And so the parents decided that it was better to give the girl to a shelter, where they would take care of her.

But in the end, the father and mother decided to leave the baby. The reason for this strange dream, seen on the eve of the mother Matrona.

In her dream, the woman saw a beautiful bird with a white plumage, which sat on her chest. The dream seemed to her familiar from above.

And so the woman flatly refused to identify the daughter in a shelter. Her decision was so categorical that her husband had to accept.

At first, no one approved the decision that the woman made. Even the villagers were against it. They saw how disastrous the situation of the family was.

And so it was not difficult to guess that for them the fourth child was a burden. Indeed, in those difficult times, large families did not live, but survived. But it soon became clear how badly people were wrong.

Because this child was a blessing from God.

Divine gift

When rumors spread around the district that the girl possesses a divine gift, people reached out for her. It is noteworthy that a young girl could only reason with a single person, direct him on the right path. She never refused to help sinners.

Seeing that a person suffers from the sin committed by him, Matrona tried to tell him how to act, how to beg forgiveness from the Almighty.

Matrona of Moscow prayer and marriage, the strongest

Moreover, she herself prayed for the souls of sinners. It is for this reason that the priests consider her the intercessor of all people, which is especially favorable to them.

And therefore, priests always recommend sinners who are seeking repentance to offer prayers to Matrona.

Quite often, single women came to the healer. They asked for different things:

  • about a happy marriage;
  • about returning an unfaithful husband to the family;
  • about personal happiness.

And the healer did not just hear all these requests. She tried to find a way to help the suffering.

To everyone who addressed her, she always recommended offering prayers to the Lord and praying for mercy. After all, only by his will can you change the destiny of a person for the better.

Quite often the Matron offered these prayers to those women who came to her and asked for happiness in her personal life. And therefore it is now accepted to consider Matron the patroness of women, who, staying in heaven, continues to help those who turn to her.

Which prayer is correct?

People who have just recently turned to faith may find such a question very strange. However, church ministers hear it often enough. The reason for this is the desire of people to turn to the patron saint through prayer.

It would seem that in this desire there is nothing shameful or wrong. But the root of the problem is that some people considered themselves to be something like a messiah and decided to invent a text of the prayer addressed to the Matron.

Of course, this is completely unacceptable and is criticized by the church. There is only one version of the prayer, which was compiled strictly according to Christian laws. This is a strong prayer, which is considered canonical.

That it will be presented in the article.

It must be used in the event that a person wishes to make a request to the Matrona of Moscow. However, it is important to remember that each person is free to speak to the patroness in her own words.

The only requirement is the sincerity of the worshiper.

You can contact the patroness with a variety of requests:

  • about marriage, which will bring only joy;
  • about a successful love that lasts until death;
  • about giving a child if a woman cannot become pregnant for a long time, but dreams of becoming a mother;
  • about the health of relatives and relatives, who suddenly picked up the ailment.

It is noteworthy that the priests recommend that all women who for one reason or another cannot become pregnant also offer prayers to the Matrona of Moscow. Because it is her intercession that can help pacify the Lord.

Of course, you can not ask her about anything bad. For example, about punishment for enemies.

After all, man is not the Lord God. And therefore it is not given to him to choose punishment for offenders.

In this case, he can only beg for mercy in order for the Most High to protect his evil people and bad thoughts directed at him.

How to read a prayer addressed to Matron?

Few people think that there are certain canons of the ascension of prayers. And the clergy insist that they must be observed.

Since this will clearly demonstrate how seriously a person takes a patron, how much he respects him and believes in the power he possesses.

  1. It is possible to read a prayer addressed to the Matrona of Moscow at any time of the day. But it is important to remember that prayers should be read in the days of the abiding moon. After all, the waning moon can only take away, and not to bestow.
  2. It is better to pray, standing in front of the holy face. This is an unspoken rule to follow. Of course, if a person does not have the opportunity to come to church, he can limit himself to reading a prayer before an icon.
  3. The prayer for marriage and the private life of the Matron is a very strong amulet. And so at the time of the special needs of the Matron necessarily help.
  4. For prayer to gain strength, a person must believe that heaven really helps him. Indeed, without faith, there can be no talk of any prayer being heard.

Prayer text

Before you begin to read a prayer, it is important to get rid of extraneous thoughts. Therefore, it is recommended not just to go into an empty room and immediately begin to read a prayer, but to sit for a few minutes, think about your request.

And only by fully concentrating, can a person read the text of a prayer addressed to the Matrona of Moscow.

Matrona of Moscow prayer and marriage, the strongest


  1. The prayer offered by the Matrona of Moscow is considered a very strong amulet. And so it can be safely used and those who dream of a happy marriage.
  2. Each person can pray to the patroness, but at the same time his thoughts must be pure.
  3. Ask the patroness of the punishment of enemies is impossible. Such a request will not be heard.
  4. If a person needs patronage, then about him and you need to ask.
  5. To speak with the patroness, you must use the canonical prayer. Also, the clergy are confident that a person can refer to the Matrona of Moscow and his own words. The main thing that they were sincere.

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