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Luke Krymsky’s prayer for healing or before surgery

Luke Krymsky’s prayer for healing or before surgery

Diseases have not given rest to humanity throughout its history, and our times are no exception. Modern people prefer to trust their physicians to cure one disease or another. Believers also trust in the help of higher powers, pray furiously to God and the saints.

One of these saints is Luke of Crimea, which is usually addressed with a prayer for healing, as well as before the upcoming operation.

The text of the prayer to Luka Krymsky about healing and health

Luka Krymsky devoted his whole life to saving people. The Lord God himself placed this great responsibility on him, endowing the saint with a wonderful gift of healing and vision.

The text of the Prayer for Healing and Health addressed to Luka Krymsky reads as follows:

Luke Krymsky's prayer for healing or before surgery

This prayer can be uttered before any surgical intervention. The main thing is to do it with deep faith in God, representing the successful outcome of the operation.

Prayer will help to harmonize the state of mind, calm, give faith in recovery.

It should be noted that quite often the surgeons themselves turn to the help of St. Luke of Crimea before the upcoming difficult operation. They believe that this prayer will strengthen the hand and help minimize potential complications.

A portrait of a saint or his icon is often prominent in medical offices.

How to pray to Luka Krymsky for healing and before surgery?

Luke Krymsky's prayer for healing or before surgery

A prayer for healing, addressed to Luka Krymsky, must be pronounced not only by the patient himself — it’s good if his family and close people do it. You can call to the help of the saint anytime and anywhere, but it is best to do it at home, in front of his icon, in the light of a lit candle (you can buy them in the church).

  • In order to cure a disease, prayer is pronounced at least 3 times a day, every day, until recovery.
  • If the patient is to undergo an operation, it is recommended to read the prayer on the eve of the appointed day, kneeling before the image of the saint. It is allowed to utter words out loud or silently, the number of repetitions is 40 times. The best effect will be achieved if you read the prayer service, while inside the walls of the temple, or at the relics of Luke the Crimean.

Prayer rite

If the condition of the sick person does not allow him to pray on his own, then his relatives should do it for him. They may also conduct a special prayer ritual, in which the food and drink of the afflicted person begin to speak. The essence of the ceremony:

  1. Pour running water (approximately 0.5 liters) into a glass container, place the container next to 7 lit candles, in front of the icon of Luka Krymsky. Candles must be purchased during a church holiday!
  2. Say “Prayer of the Lord” 3 times (“Our Father”), after it — prayer to Luka Krymsky.

Conspiracy water needs to water the patient three times a day and add a few drops to the food. If a sick person cannot eat or drink for health reasons, his hands, feet and head should be washed with water, and after the procedure, apply the sign of the cross three times on him.

A few hours before the operation, it is recommended to read the above prayer on the clothes and bed of the sufferer so that the outcome of the medical intervention is favorable.

From the life of Luke Crimean

Luke Krymsky's prayer for healing or before surgery

Luka Krymsky (years of life: 1877 — 1961) — a representative of the XX century, a saint who deserved the glory of his lifetime. This is a person who, in his life example, was able to combine incompatible phenomena — medicine and religion.

In the world, St. Luke of Crimea was known as Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky. He was born in Kerch, in an impoverished family of noble birth.

He was a talented man in many ways. Initially, the young man received an art education, graduating from an art school, and also studied painting in Munich.

However, Valentin Feliksovich found his true vocation in serving the people. After graduating from the medical faculty of Kiev University, he began his career as a genius surgeon and a talented world-famous scientist.

On his account — a lot of complicated operations, during which even hopelessly ill people were cured, as well as numerous medical works that convey his invaluable experience of healing.

The main part of the life of Voyno-Yasenetsky fell on a politically unstable and difficult time. In the 1920s, he was charged with espionage and sent to Siberia. But also in exile he continued surgical activity and helped sick people.

In addition to his knowledge, he used the sacrament of prayer in his work — before each operation, Valentin Feliksovich prayed and painted a cross on the patient’s body, and there were always icons in the surgical department.

After a long stay in the cold lands of Voyno-Yasenetsky, whose health was already significantly undermined, they were sent to the Crimea. There he continued to write medical works, which later received worldwide recognition.

Later, the surgeon and scientist took holy orders and took monastic vows with the name Luke, and in 1946 became the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea. His holy name — Luke of Crimea — appeared precisely because of this fact.

Wherever Valentin Feliksovich was, the flow of patients to him did not stop. God gave him not only medical talent, but also the gift of miracles. We know a lot of his lifetime miracles.

So, for example, with the help of an operation and prayer, he was able to heal a young man who was blind from birth, restored his eyesight to the whole family, saved the patient’s feet with boiled water, healed the child from a large tumor, praying for several days about his health, and much more.

By his old age, Luka Krymsky was almost completely blind, but in this state he continued to advise his young colleagues. This amazing man died on June 11, 1961.

His grave became a place of pilgrimage for many people who came here and prayed for health. Luka Krymsky continued to help the suffering, and after his death.

In 1995 he was canonized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and in 2000 he was canonized and the Russian Orthodox Church. His relics were transferred to Holy Trinity Convent, located in Simferopol.

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