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List of sins for confession for women

How to make a list of sins for confession for women

In this article I will give a list of sins for confession for women, so that you know what to talk to the priest during the sacrament. I myself often go to church to repent of my transgressions, to clear my soul and ease the burden of negative thoughts, words and actions.

After the confession, you feel incredibly easy, so I believe that this ceremony is necessary for everyone.

How to confess in church

There are certain rules of confession that must be followed. You must know what the priest is talking about and how to behave in the church.

List of sins for confession for women

The first stage is preparation. What is required of you:

  1. Understand what sins you will enumerate at confession, realize them and honestly admit them to yourself, repent.
  2. Feel a sincere desire to be free from moral gravity and to obey before God.
  3. Understand and believe that repentance will help your soul to take off the burden of sins, to be cleansed in order to live more easily and freely, without repeating your misconduct, negative thoughts and actions.
  4. Important: it is necessary not only to know in what sins to repent at confession, but also to sincerely feel remorse. Only then can a church rite help you.

If you are going to confession for the first time, you should know how the ceremony will take place. Important points:

  1. Understand that no matter what bad deeds you have committed, the door to the church is always open for you. Do not be afraid of condemnation or accusation — they will not, in the church they are ready to joyfully meet with repentance any sinner.
  2. If you do not know what to do and say, simply contact the priest. He will help and explain, give advice and guide you along the right path.
  3. Confession is common and individual. In special cases, the priest may come home. But only to seriously ill people or those who are dying.
  4. Communicating with the priest, it is not necessary to talk in detail about his sins. Briefly and concisely just list your sins. Do not blame others for them, do not look for an excuse for yourself, take full responsibility for the accomplished.
  5. Your voice must come from the heart. Even if you express your language, you are confused in words and you are not sure that you express your thoughts quite clearly, nothing terrible. God hears everyone, and the priest is only his mediator.

Here are some recommendations that may be useful to you at a confession:

  1. Consult with relatives who attend church and can explain everything about the peculiarities of confession. Refer to grandparents.
  2. If you are worried and worried that you will forget about the name of a sin for excitement, just make a short list of sins in advance for confession, in your own words, it is not necessary to look for exact formulations.
  3. At the very first confession, the transfer of sins should be started from the earliest — committed from the age of six. During subsequent rites, it is not necessary to do this, call those sins that are repeated, or new ones.

Important: Some of your offenses may not be so. In this case, you will deal with the priest, why “sin” is so troubling you, and how to solve the problem.

What sins to say at confession

“Male” and “female” sins at confession may differ. Consider an example of what a woman can talk about during repentance.

List of sins for confession for women

In total in church lists there are more than four hundred sins. A complete list and sample text for confession can be found in special manuals that are sold in church shops.

I will tell you about the most basic.

Here are the most important sins that a woman should repent of:

  1. She forgot about God: rarely or never she prayed, did not come to the temple and lost contact with the divine.
  2. During the prayers, she did not concentrate on turning to God, but thought about extraneous things, read the sacred text mechanically, without a soul.
  3. I had sex before marriage, had a large number of sexual partners.
  4. She made an artificial interruption of pregnancy, incited other women to abortions. As for the use of contraceptives, this should be discussed with the priest in order to understand whether this should be attributed to sins.
  5. She was unclean in her thoughts and desires. Suppose she did not commit wrongdoings, but she thought about them, doubted: why not succumb to temptation.
  6. I watched pornographic films or read relevant literature.
  7. Gossip, discussed and condemned other people, lied, envied, offended, lazy.
  8. She wore too revealing clothes, deliberately exposed the body to attract the attention of men.
  9. She was afraid of death, old age, wrinkles, were suicidal thoughts. This also includes any injections of beauty and plastic surgery in order to improve the appearance, “rejuvenate”.
  10. Was or is depending on alcohol, drugs, sweets, cigarettes. Gluttony or dependence on communication with a specific person are included here.
  11. She practiced esoteric «dark» practices, turned to fortunetellers, magicians, esoteric instead of praying to God.
  12. Believed in omens and superstitions.

Watch the video on what to do if you don’t see your sins:

Approximate confession text

I believe that it is not at all necessary to memorize a finished text that you will begin to pronounce in front of a priest. He is only a mediator of God, and your sincerity is important to our Creator, and not the memorized formulations.

Therefore, the most important thing is that your voice comes from the heart, you are sincere, even if you speak tongue-tied and confused in words.

List of sins for confession for women

As an example: “I confess to God in all my sins: from the moment of conception and birth, to Baptism and the present tense. I repent that I broke the following commandments (list). I sinned in thoughts, words and actions (list).

I repent and regret, I wish to repent, to receive your forgiveness, God, and henceforth not to commit sins. ”

I still recommend making your own text, simply by building it in the following sequence:

  1. Turn to God, express a sincere desire to repent.
  2. Call your sins.
  3. Denote that you are sincerely willing to repent and regret the perfect.
  4. To apologize.

This is enough for God to hear you and you deserve forgiveness. The final verdict will give the priest.

In exceptional cases, he can impose penance — a punishment that can be expressed in fasting, prayers and other restrictions necessary for the purification of your soul.

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