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Life-changing prayer

Life-changing prayer

Prayers console Orthodox Christians in trouble, help to strengthen their faith and not to go out of the way given by the Lord. However, few people think that with a strong prayer to God, you can completely change your life.

Each of us at least once in his life wanted to change his destiny and get the desired benefits. There are many rituals and rituals that help fulfill cherished desires, but according to the priests, life can be fundamentally changed only with the help of faith and prayers.

How to pray correctly

In order for your prayer to be heard, you must follow several rules prescribed by the Church. And if for the daily prayer rule it is enough to adhere to the Commandments of God and strive for a righteous way of life, then to completely change your earthly path you need to bring yourself to a special state of mind.

By reading a life-changing prayer, you need to prepare with the help of a three-day fast. That is why Lent is the best time to change your destiny. It is necessary to choose a time when you can be completely alone: ​​even close relatives should not be aware that you are going to read a special prayer rule.

First of all, try to let go of all unnecessary thoughts and look at your life path from the side: rethink all past actions and think about what exactly you want to change, what you would like to get rid of and what to bring. A good help in achieving the desired mood will be the burning of incense and the flame of a church candle.

When the feeling of the desired state of detachment comes, you can start reading the prayer:

“Lord, help me to correct myself, help me find my essence, help me find my true path and save me from the evil one! Cross the earth and the heavenly to me, indicate, indicate with your hand, so that I can understand what is sin and could turn this sin away from me. In repentance to you I resort, repentance my life is full.

The Guardian Angel descends from heaven to me and brings your will to me. Holy God, Holy Immortal, I appeal to You, Your true servant. Thy will be done, and my edicts be with me, and I follow thy Son, and I will praise thy name in prayers. Amen.»

Read the prayer three times and leave the candle to burn out. We should not forget that completely changing your life is possible only with time: with the help of God, the obstacles that hinder you will collapse, and your Destiny will go the other way.

Short prayers for good luck can help you achieve what you want and avoid trouble. We wish you peace of mind and a happy life. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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