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Intercession of Christians is not shameful «: text of the prayer

Prayer «The Intercession of Christians is not shameful»

I have been studying religious literature and prayers for a long time. Today I would like to dwell on one obscure text of the prayer service — “Christians are not shameful.”

I will tell the essence of prayer and how to read it correctly.

What prayers are most often recited

The variety of prayers used by Christians is truly amazing. After all, there is a huge variety of prayers.

Some of them are well known even to those people who are far from religion and do not attend church. These prayers can be safely attributed «Our Father».

Perhaps, in Russia one cannot find a person who would not know the text of this prayer.

Intercession of Christians is not shameful

However, there are some prayers that are little known. And the reason for this is not the fact that they are rarely used. Although, of course, there are those who are rarely used or are known only to a narrow circle of clergy.

For example, a simple Christian is not given to know about those prayers, which are read by the ministers of the church. After all, their text, for the most part, is kept in strict confidence.

But now we are not talking about such prayers, but about «Christians are not shameful.» Surely, this name means nothing to many people.

Based on this, we can make one important conclusion — the sacrament of communion is alien to them. The fact is that this prayer is only a part of a certain rite.

This ceremony is performed at the moment when a person takes communion.

What does prayer help?

Immediately it is necessary to make one important clarification. This prayer is not used by a person to achieve any goal. This is its main difference.

If you think carefully, then almost all prayers, known to Christians, they say, to ask about something to heaven. By itself, this action is not unacceptable. Because the scriptures say that prayer is a way to communicate with the Lord.

In addition, it can also be used to appeal to patron saints, martyrs, guardian angel.

Intercession of Christians is not shameful

But specifically in this case, the purpose of the prayer changes somewhat. Because here we are talking about the grace of the Virgin Mary. It was she who decided to offer the “Shameless Christians Proclamation”.

By grace it is commonly understood here.

Turning to the Virgin Mary, a person in his heart can pray for different things:

  • about deliverance from the great tribulation — sometimes it happens that a strong longing and sorrow dwell in the soul of a person. They are so destructive to a person that he himself begins to resemble a living dead. If nothing is done, it can end very sadly. It is for this reason that the clergy insist that at the time of the tribulation a person should be closer than ever to the church;
  • About solving needs — the material need for a person is the worst punishment. And it is with this that the Lord bequeathed to his creatures never to chase material well-being. Therefore, asking for money, offering prayers, it is impossible. The only thing that a person can do if he is in a difficult financial situation is to ask heaven to save him from great need;
  • about healing from ailments — it is believed that Christians most often turn to the Creator with a request for healing. Of course, today medicine has reached unprecedented heights. However, this does not mean that doctors can try on the role of the almighty Lord and give life to someone. And today, many people die from various diseases. Only the Lord can take or give life. And therefore, if one of the relatives is sick, it is better to turn to the Mother of God and ask her for intercession;
  • about the health of children — it is noteworthy that pregnant women also offer the prayer «Christians Prosecution». Because this prayer provides an opportunity to appeal to the greatest of mothers and beg her health for the unborn child.

Please note that not only those who need help, but also their relatives can read this prayer. In other words, the representation here is quite possible.

Moreover, it is not prohibited. As it is known, there are such prayers that are allowed to be pronounced only to people who have encountered difficulties. But in this case, this rule does not apply.

And this is quite normal, since such texts have tremendous power. Therefore, if for any reason a person cannot independently offer a prayer, his immediate relatives should do it for him.

It is noteworthy that even today, disputes around the question of whether people who are relatives of atheists or simply unbaptized apostates can use this prayer have not subsided. Indeed, sometimes the answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. After all, all prayers should be offered only with faith in the heart.

If the person who is in trouble and his relative or friend is not praying, one cannot say for sure whether the heavens will hear the prayer or not.

This can be explained by the fact that every problem is a test. And this test is sent to the people by the Lord. If the severity of the test could not affect the apostate, then heaven can send an even greater curse on him.

That is why there are no guarantees that heaven will not leave a request unfulfilled. This must be taken into account when offering a prayer. There should be no assurance in the heart of the prayer.

It must be filled exclusively with faith in the justice of heaven.

Where to read a prayer?

This is the second important question, the answer to which worries people. After all, if a person has set a goal to offer a prayer, he will try to do it according to the canons of the church.

As is well known, even in the holy scripture those elementary rules are indicated that must be followed during the reading of prayers. Of course, the priests insist that the main thing is sincerity and faith.

In other words, prayer, ascended according to all canons, but devoid of sincerity, cannot be heard by heaven. While sincere appeal under any circumstances will be heard and executed.

And at the same time it does not matter at all whether a person stuck to the established rules or not.

Intercession of Christians is not shameful

However, this should not be taken as permission not to follow the rules. Rather, it is possible in exceptional circumstances. For example, when a person is faced with danger.

Indeed, at such moments, he really cannot think about how to offer a prayer correctly. Moreover, in such cases, most often, they use the well-known prayer “Our Father”. But when it comes to reading «The Intercession of Christians is not shameful,» you should still follow certain rules:

  1. It is best to read the prayer, standing in front of the icon of the Virgin «Healer». Immediately it should be noted that this, of course, cannot be called an absolute requirement. In the event that there is no such icon in the house, you can read a prayer before any icon of the Mother of God.
  2. This prayer must be read with others. To clarify which prayer is best to use, you should talk to the abbot and tell him about your intentions. It is extremely important to clarify what a person wants to receive and why the thought to offer a prayer is ripe in his head. Since it is the motivations by which the person was moved that have a great influence on the choice of attendant prayers.
  3. It is necessary to offer prayer not at the moment when difficulties came to life, but every day. Only in this way can a person beg for mercy from the Virgin Mary and prove that he is worthy of her. Of course, reading prayers is not a duty, but it allows a person to approach the Lord.

The story of the emergence of prayers

In order to understand why the clergy recommend to offer a prayer through holy communion just before the icon “The Healer”, you should recall the history of its writing. Long ago, one of the Moscow priests became ill. His illness was so serious that a man could hardly walk.

He suffered terrible pain, to get rid of which did not help any of the known drugs. To cope with the pain and continue to perform the duties of a spiritual mentor, the man decided to ask for help from heaven. He offered a prayer to the Virgin.

At the moment of reading the prayer, an angel appeared next to him. And also bowed his head in prayer.

After that, the Virgin Mary herself appeared. She healed the unfortunate man.

This was the impetus for writing this icon.

Since then, practically in all churches there is an icon «Healer». There are always lit candles near it, as hundreds of parishioners attend church to light a candle and pray for the health of their loved ones and relatives.

They remember the miracle that the Mother of God performed. Moreover, it is believed that this icon itself is a subject that can work wonders.

Therefore, some parishioners are asking for permission to touch her in order to feel her power.


  1. This prayer is an appeal to the Virgin Mary.
  2. It is necessary to read it, following certain canons.
  3. To prayer was heard, it is recommended to read it every day.
  4. It is best to offer a prayer in front of the icon of the Healer.

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